Gajim - 2017-05-04

  1. isAAAc o/
  2. isAAAc hi all, i 'm looking for how to mask join/part messages in a gajim's chan , i dont se the option in the prefs, could someone help me please ?
  3. isAAAc someone please ? :/
  4. anotheragency isAAAc:Settings / notifications→visual notifications > notify me when *
  5. isAAAc anotheragency, thx, i believed it was for popup notification
  6. lovetox isAAAc, in the bookmark menu
  7. isAAAc anotheragency, your solution don't work , i still have join/part notif in the chan /
  8. anotheragency isAAAc: i dont know, maybe a plugin has the functionality
  9. isAAAc that sux
  10. isAAAc lovetox, the bookmark menu ?
  11. lovetox Aktion -> join chatroom
  12. lovetox saved chatrooms
  13. lovetox or bookmarks
  14. lovetox i dont know what language you use
  15. isAAAc there is an item there to mask join/part messages in the chan ??
  16. lovetox yes
  17. isAAAc i don't have it
  18. isAAAc looks again
  19. lovetox do you see your chatroom listed there?
  20. isAAAc yep
  21. lovetox so click on it, then the last dropbox
  22. lovetox show status
  23. isAAAc oh ok
  24. isAAAc set it to none
  25. isAAAc thx lovetox
  26. isAAAc ;)
  27. lovetox =)
  28. isAAAc added this chan address in the freenode's #gajim chan
  29. arune isAAAc‎: there is some setting in the advanced config editor for joins/parts in mucs
  30. isAAAc thx arune ;)
  31. isAAAc was already desactivated, lovetox solution seems to work for now
  32. arune mimi89999: didn't you ask the same?
  33. mimi89999 arune: The join/left messages? Ages ago...
  34. d3vid is anyone else getting timeouts trying to git clone from
  35. d3vid eh, tried again and now it's nice and speedy, oh well :)
  36. lovetox Link Mauve, gnome libs have so many stuff but not one example code on the whole net
  37. lovetox really depressing :/
  38. Link Mauve Open a ticket to them then?
  39. lovetox
  40. lovetox here ?
  41. Link Mauve Yeah.
  42. Link Mauve Anything you wish they had documentation for, really.