Gajim - 2017-04-28

  1. ok89 hello guys, just a question. What kind of files can we OMEMO-encrypt/decrypt in Gajim nowadays? URL Image Preview flawlessly previews OMEMO pics sent via HTTP Upload. I read something changed with the 1.2 version to this plugin as to attachments
  2. lovetox ok89, you can decrypt and encrypt any files you want
  3. lovetox you dont even need URL Image Preview anymore
  4. lovetox just install version 1.2, and click a httpupload link
  5. lovetox URL Image Preview is only needed if you want to show pictures inline
  6. lovetox Link Mauve
  7. lovetox mistery solved
  8. lovetox look what ejabbered sends as invite to amuc
  9. lovetox
  10. lovetox dont look at the jids i did replace them without keeping them correct
  11. lovetox ejabbered sends a body
  12. lovetox gajim displays the body in the roster
  13. lovetox as a message
  14. lovetox can not join then anymore
  15. Link Mauve :|
  16. Link Mauve Although, I guess it makes sense.
  17. Link Mauve If the client supports the invitation protocol it should ignore the body, if it doesn’t support it it will display the body instead.
  18. lovetox but Link Mauve
  19. lovetox does it makes sense to send a mediated invite
  20. lovetox with a fallback
  21. lovetox if someone uses MUC
  22. lovetox does that not mean we should think he supports invites
  23. Link Mauve How would the MUC service know they support invites?
  24. Link Mauve How would the MUC service know all of their resources support invites?
  25. lovetox because they are joined the MUC and support 0045 which defines invites?!
  26. Link Mauve They are not, though.