Gajim - 2017-04-24

  1. mdosch When I activate the function to use file transfer proxies i get the following message everytime I start Gajim: [18:42:10] Establishing a secure connection from to failed. Certificate hash: 6f63ad6f89cb93a92407e0f72bd3295a9adf855f. Error with certificate 2: self signed certificate in certificate chain.
  2. mdosch So it seems like Gajim is trying to use which doesn't provide a valid certificate. I think it would be better to choose a proxy with a valid certificate.
  3. SaltyBones mdosch, where does one activate that?
  4. mdosch I don't use the english version so I'm not sure about the terms. It's in the account settings in common (second tab last option)
  5. SaltyBones cool, never noticed this before
  6. mdosch
  7. mdosch Seems to habben here
  8. mdosch It's also present in and
  9. Link Mauve Ugh, that one is still there…
  10. Link Mauve This option should be removed, and instead Gajim should discover which proxy the server is proposing.
  11. mdosch If I deactivate it, it will discover it?
  12. Link Mauve I don’t know if it can do that.
  13. Link Mauve Make sure your server provides one already.
  14. mdosch I also configured http-upload so no problem...
  15. mdosch yeah it does, I'm running my own
  16. Link Mauve As a workaround, you can change this option in the advanced configuration editor to point to your own proxy, for now.
  17. mdosch Ah ok, thx
  18. MattJ It's bad, as it leaks your JID to remote servers that you otherwise have nothing to do with
  19. mdosch Is the wiki page linked in the topic left empty intentionally?
  20. RonUL_ hello, has anybody successfully used HttpUpload with set tor proxy?
  21. lovetox RonUL_ you should not do that
  22. RonUL_ lovetox: why?
  23. lovetox Gajim is not a TOR save Application, you can use TOR Proxy but gajim will leak DNS requests
  24. RonUL_ lovetox, my host has .onion address
  25. lovetox and yeah httpupload does not work with TOR in gajim
  26. lovetox if you know what you are doing i guess its ok, just a warning, only because you set TOR as a proxy in gajim it will not make dns requests over that proxy
  27. RonUL_ lovetox, my box redirects all dns requests via tor
  28. lovetox then i guess also httpupload should work
  29. RonUL_ lovetox, i think so, but httpupload cannot work with proxy setting :(
  30. lovetox what problem do you encounter?
  31. RonUL_ lovetox, it doesn't work
  32. lovetox what doesnt work
  33. RonUL_ lovetox, it tryes to connect to domain via port 5028
  34. RonUL_ proxy is set to 9050
  35. lovetox maybe i missing something here
  36. lovetox i thought you box reroutes all to a proxy
  37. RonUL_ gajim connects via 9050 with account
  38. lovetox why would you have to configure a port in gajim then
  39. RonUL_ lovetox, yes, my box...
  40. RonUL_ talk about gajim :)
  41. RonUL_ i have checked netstat...
  42. RonUL_ and I have seen that httpuplod try to use port 5028
  43. lovetox when your box reroutes all internet traffic through a proxy, why would have to set the port in each application
  44. lovetox maybe i dont understand how this works
  45. lovetox setting a proxy i would only do if my box does not reroute all traffic
  46. lovetox then i have to setup the application to connect to the proxy
  47. lovetox if my box reroutes all traffic to the proxy, why would i have to tell my application?
  48. RonUL_ lovetox, :) why does gajim use proxy if set and plugins try to bypass gajim settings
  49. lovetox Because plugins are plugins and developed by other people often
  50. lovetox also because python does not make it easy to use proxys
  51. lovetox thats why i told you, Gajim is not a save Tor application
  52. lovetox neither does the project have the human resources to make the application NSA save :)
  53. RonUL_ lovetox, the question is why does gajim have tor settings(proxy) if it is not safe?
  54. lovetox because you might want to reroute your xmpp traffic through a tor proxy
  55. lovetox and because someone at somepoint in time thought thats something he wants to implement in gajim
  56. RonUL_ lovetox, ok, but you claim that it is not safe... weird
  57. lovetox its not safe if you are depending, that gajim reroutes ALL traffic it generates through TOR
  58. RonUL_ lovetox, maybe gajim should inform users: You can set tor proxy but it is not safe :)
  59. RonUL_ lovetox, what kind of traffic it reroutes?
  60. lovetox xmpp
  61. RonUL_ ok, but httpuploads is the part of xmpp
  62. lovetox only partly, over xmpp the server is asked for a upload slot
  63. lovetox the file upload is a standard file upload between client and server, and has nothing to do with xmpp
  64. lovetox so if you tell me you box reroutes all traffic through a proxy
  65. lovetox then it also would reroute this file upload
  66. RonUL_ lovetox, ok, thank you
  67. lovetox you would not need to set a port or configure it
  68. RonUL_ but I think GAJIM should inform that proxy doesn't work with plugins
  69. RonUL_ lovetox, my box has open only port 443
  70. lovetox Link Mauve,
  71. lovetox also gajim chooses the server provided proxy
  72. lovetox only if you specifically set gajim in the account details to another proxy, it uses that
  73. Link Mauve lovetox, oh?
  74. Link Mauve So mdosch shouldn’t have any issue?
  75. lovetox it seems his server provides no proxy
  76. Link Mauve lovetox, shouldn’t you add an updater for old values?
  77. lovetox actually its not true what i said
  78. lovetox you can only activate/deactive proxy use
  79. lovetox but it uses your server proxy if one is there
  80. lovetox otherwise it checks the others
  81. lovetox yeah i should do that before release
  82. lovetox problem is
  83. lovetox people may have set other things there
  84. Link Mauve You can check for this current value.
  85. Link Mauve And if it’s different, do nothing.
  86. lovetox true
  87. Link Mauve I remember Asterix doing that for some other config option, check the history.
  88. mdosch > ‎lovetox‎: it seems his server provides no proxy Actually I have set up a proxy
  89. lovetox then its not advertised correctly
  90. lovetox or it doesnt let itself resolve
  91. mdosch Hmm, will have to try if it works. So far I always used the http upload
  92. lovetox or something else is wrong
  93. mdosch The conversations compatibility test shows proxy support and in my prosody logs I don't see any warnings
  94. lovetox did you actually transfer a file?
  95. mdosch Not yet, as I always use the http upload
  96. lovetox gajim resolves all possible proxys at start
  97. lovetox so i think the certificate error was about that resolve
  98. lovetox gajim will use your server one when transfering a file
  99. lovetox if not please tell me :)
  100. lovetox in any case you should delete these old proxys
  101. lovetox search for file_transfer_proxies
  102. lovetox in the advanced config and delete everything
  103. mdosch already replaced them with my own one as suggested here by Link Mauve ;)
  104. mdosch When transferring a file will i be able to see in the xml console which proxy is used?
  105. lovetox mdosch dont set any proxy in this config setting
  106. lovetox this is only for alternative proxys
  107. lovetox your proxy should be discovered on login, and added automatically to an internal list you cant modify
  108. lovetox and yes you can see that in the xml console
  109. lovetox and on your serverlogs i guess
  110. mdosch ok removed. and the setting in account settings? should i tick the box for using proxies or will it also detect the proxy automatically
  111. lovetox no let it ticked
  112. lovetox or else we will not use proxys at all
  113. mdosch alright
  114. mdosch may i try sending you a file?
  115. lovetox yeah add me
  116. jere The History Manager doesn't work on Linux (cloned repo, gajim_0.16 branch)
  117. jere The problem is the last commit (Start HistoryManager with confug path argument) But "git checkout" to the previous commit (of the same day) is a workaround.