Gajim - 2017-04-22

  1. Askesis Hello. Well, mucs work heh.
  2. Askesis Is there any way to move the tab bar to the sides?
  3. Link Mauve Askesis, in the advanced configuration editor (Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Open), write left or right instead of top in tabs_position.
  4. Askesis Link Mauve, I tried that, but it keeps resetting to top.
  5. Askesis Oh no, there we go.
  6. Askesis Thanks. :-)
  7. Askesis Ok, now I've got an odd one. I'm using gajim on desktop, prosody as the server. I've tried conversations and xabber on mobile, and in both cases messages sent from gajim don't get sent to the mobile clients, but messages sent with the mobile clients show up fine in gajim. Have I misconfigured something somewhere? XD
  8. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *15d83402* <> use 'reverse DNS' convention for desktop and icon files see *25f40386* <> Merge branch 'reverseDNS' into 'master' use 'reverse DNS' convention for desktop and icon files See merge request !84
  9. arune Askesis: you'll need carbon copies
  10. Askesis arune, carbons are on, otherwise it wouldn't work between the other clients anyway :-) or is there something extra I have to do in gajim for it?
  11. Askesis Oh, it's only with encryption on. Which shouldn't matter because I'm using omemo
  12. arune Askesis: you probably have to add fingerprints for your own devices
  13. Askesis Ahh, possibly.
  14. Askesis That's exactly what it was, thank you arune :-D I'm new to the whole omemo thing, it's why I came back to xmpp after so long. :-)
  15. Askesis And I forgot how much of a pain some of the transports can be to set up on my server XD
  16. Askesis Is there a way to make PMs from mucs open automatically?
  17. contrapunctus o/ "It seems the SSL certificate of account has changed or your connection is being hacked." What am I supposed to do here? o.o
  18. Link Mauve lovetox, when I try to send a file from Gajim to my test application, I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 1520, in on_dialog_response else: File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 308, in on_ok if self.send_file(account, contact, file_path, desc) \ File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 364, in send_file file_props) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 166, in start_file_transfer c = JingleFileTransfer(jingle, transport=transport, UnboundLocalError: local variable 'transport' referenced before assignment
  19. Link Mauve I guess this is because I don’t advertise support for any transport, but Gajim shouldn’t expose JingleFT in this case.
  20. Link Mauve Also, you are still using the ancient :3 version, :5 is the latest one everyone should be using.
  21. 0xAFFE
  22. 0xAFFE Ups
  23. Link Mauve lovetox, also after it receives an unavailable presence, and thus displaying a red notification that file transfer failed, Gajim doesn’t really display it properly in the file transfer window that it failed.
  24. Link Mauve Colouring the row in a light red would be a good idea imo.
  25. Askesis Under what conditions does gajim send chat state notifications? I'm trying to figure out where the problem is between gajim and Conversations - if I get a message, and I read it on gajim, the notification on Conversations doesn't go away (though the author claims it should). Just trying to figure out where the problem might be.
  26. Link Mauve Askesis, probably only when the recipient supports chatstates too, as per the specification.
  27. Askesis You mean, if the other person supports chat states, and I read their message, it'll only be marked as read if they in turn can support that?
  28. Link Mauve Uh, chatstates are about whether you are writing or paying attention to the window, not about whether you read something or not.
  29. Askesis Ah yes sorry, 'paying attention to the window', i.e. tabbing to it.
  30. Askesis But those are only dealt with if the sender of the message to me supports it in their client
  31. Link Mauve Yes.
  32. Askesis Link Mauve, thanks a lot. I didn't realise it relied on them. :-) It's a shame because I have so many contacts on transports heh
  33. lovetox Link Mauve, thats correct, normally we dont expose jingle, so you advertise something that makes it work
  34. lovetox do you advertise the normal jingle filetransfer namespace?
  35. lovetox if so, what for if you neither support IBB or Socks5
  36. lovetox is there something else you could use?
  37. lovetox the button is only visible if we receive either this
  38. lovetox urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:3
  39. lovetox or this
  40. lovetox granted this can be done better on gajim side
  41. lovetox contrapunctus‎, what gajim version are you using
  42. lovetox this is a message that the cert has changed on your server
  43. lovetox in earlier versions of gajim this would show, even though the new cert was perfectly valid
  44. lovetox in newer versions you should not see this anymore