Gajim - 2017-04-20

  1. lovetox Hiker, try running this
  2. lovetox and what version gnupg do you have
  3. lovetox i mean python-gnupg
  4. m Good morning :) Now without github-bridging im still getting this error when trying to push to the GitLab: You are not allowed to write to this project's wiki.
  5. mrDoctorWho well maybe you are not allowed to write this project's wiki :)
  6. m mrDoctorWho Alright. Who is responsible for the permission management? I would like to add something to the docs.
  7. mrDoctorWho lovetox
  8. jo-so Request for Review: I've added support for systemd-networkd to get notifications about network link changes. Could someone have a look and tell me, if the changes are fine? I would rebase them on origin/master then.
  9. Hiker -> lovetox - - GnuPG version is 2.1.19
  10. lovetox jo-so, nice could you please register at (new account, not via github) fork the current gajim repo and supply your patch as a MR?
  11. Hiker Hi lovetox - on Win GnuPG version 2.x is still called gpg.exe. Under linux it is gpg2.
  12. lovetox hm not for me for some reason
  13. lovetox it only works with gpg2 for me
  14. Hiker which version?
  15. lovetox 2.1.18
  16. lovetox no sorry
  17. lovetox apperently i have 2 versions installed
  18. lovetox gpg is 2.1.18
  19. lovetox gpg2 is 2.0.30
  20. Hiker hmm - and you installed it from ?
  21. lovetox i cant remember anymore, the 2.0.30 came with gpg4win i think
  22. Hiker and which one of these are called?
  23. lovetox gajim calls the one that is available
  24. lovetox it test first gpg2 then gpg
  25. Hiker and where it searches for them?
  26. lovetox but thats besides our problem
  27. Hiker Yes, of course ;-)
  28. lovetox it doesnt search, gnupg calls on command line
  29. lovetox so it has to be in path
  30. Hiker Yes exactly. But the main problem this error message I think: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf3 in position 27035: inval id continuation byte"
  31. lovetox thats because your console doesnt allow for utf8
  32. lovetox so it cant print
  33. lovetox but we dont need that actually
  34. lovetox i hoped it failed before print
  35. lovetox hmm
  36. lovetox we do nothing different, we call list_keys, why does it fail in gajim but not in the script
  37. lovetox ..
  38. lovetox hm
  39. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  40. lovetox where that traceback happens
  41. lovetox Hiker,
  42. Hiker which version? Please wait a second
  43. Hiker Gajim-0.16.7-2017-04-11
  44. lovetox hiker try that
  45. lovetox
  46. Hiker Result:
  47. lovetox try adding
  48. lovetox gpg.encoding = 'latin-1'
  49. lovetox under line 3
  50. lovetox Hiker
  51. Hiker Almost same result:
  52. lovetox where are you from?
  53. lovetox russia?
  54. lovetox gnupg cant decode the output from your gpg
  55. lovetox for whatever reason
  56. lovetox is your keyfile utf8 encoded?
  57. lovetox puh this makes no sense to me
  58. lovetox you should report this minimal example to the gnupg project
  59. lovetox
  60. lovetox or wait i found a issue
  61. lovetox
  62. lovetox gpg.decode_errors = 'ignore'
  63. lovetox add this aswell
  64. lovetox please Hiker
  65. Hiker Just a second ;-)
  66. Hiker No change
  67. lovetox oh yes
  68. lovetox this is a change
  69. lovetox no we have that fingerprint collission
  70. lovetox so infact this is not a problem in gajim
  71. lovetox it is either with your keyfile that contains a key more than once
  72. lovetox or with gnupg that has a bug
  73. lovetox did you check that you dont have duplicates in your keyfile?
  74. Hiker Hmm - deleted the "dublicate" key of yesterday - and now it is another one. I don't think there are more dublicated - but I will check.
  75. lovetox how many keys do you have in there?
  76. Hiker There are about 300
  77. lovetox you can use "gpg2 --list-keys --with-fingerprint"
  78. lovetox that gives you a list with all fingerprints
  79. lovetox then you could just search through the file
  80. Hiker Sorry I have to leave - coming back later or tomorrow ;-)
  81. jo-so I've tried to for fork gajim on, but I've got the message "Limit reached Personal project creation is not allowed. Please contact your administrator with questions"
  82. lovetox whats your username
  83. lovetox jo-so,
  84. jo-so Yes, jo-so
  85. lovetox ok should work now
  86. jo-so lovetox: it worked. Thanks
  87. jo-so I've created the merge request:
  88. lovetox thanks i have a look these days
  89. lovetox and will test it
  90. lovetox am jo-so
  91. lovetox you are 1500 commits behind on your fork
  92. lovetox ah no you made the MR against master
  93. lovetox but the code is from gajim_0.16 branch i think
  94. jo-so I've used gajim-0.16.7 the base
  95. lovetox ah ok
  96. lovetox i changed it in the MR
  97. lovetox you can select there the target branch
  98. lovetox for the future
  99. jo-so Oh, whats the devel branch?
  100. lovetox we have two dev branches, one for gajim_0.16 thats python2 version
  101. lovetox and master is python3 version
  102. lovetox its a bit weird now
  103. lovetox how can you be so much behind
  104. lovetox did you not clone the fork you made?
  105. lovetox did you push the github clone?
  106. jo-so Do you plan to release the master (py3) branch at some point?
  107. lovetox yeah we want to release a alpha version in the next days
  108. jo-so Yes, I've pushed the github clone.
  109. lovetox yeah please for the future delete the github clone, its just a mirror, but its not correctly mirroring anymore
  110. lovetox or actually it does
  111. lovetox its pretty up to date
  112. lovetox you probably cloned a long time ago
  113. Joseph When I start up Gajim on Mac, I get several errors on the plugins: (W) gajim.plugin_system Plugin omemo not loaded, plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: > 0.16.9
  114. lovetox Joseph did where did you get plugins from?
  115. Joseph git clone
  116. lovetox ok then do a "git checkout gtk3"
  117. Joseph Done, I have to restart Gajim, brb.
  118. Joseph lovetox: I could've sworn I tried that last time I tackled this, but it was very late that night... Most of the plugins work now, including the one I wanted. Thank you!
  119. lovetox Joseph in generell its better you just download
  120. lovetox extract it to the plugins folder, and then use the installer to install and update plugins
  121. lovetox cloning the repo really only makes sense when you are developing
  122. Joseph lovetox I'll try it on my system, if it works I'll let you know in 5 min. If it works, then you should update the wiki page for gajim on mac, unless you can give me permission to update this wiki page:
  123. lovetox ah yes i will update that now thanks
  124. Joseph I'm not used to python, what command do I use to start it? lol
  125. Joseph the launcher I mean
  126. lovetox its not python
  127. lovetox launcher is a sh script
  128. lovetox browse to the folder then
  129. lovetox ./
  130. Joseph sorry, I mean the installer. I used ./ to start gajim which I am now using.
  131. lovetox no the installer itself is a plugin
  132. lovetox you extract it to the plugin folder
  133. lovetox then open the Plugin menu
  134. lovetox from inside gajim
  135. lovetox and activate it, afterwards there should be a new tab
  136. lovetox where you can download plugins
  137. Joseph Ah, I see it in the plugins already. It is activated.
  138. lovetox did you encounter any other problems when using the wiki to install?
  139. Joseph All I remember is a minor gripe: The part where it says "Run and ./configure, there should not be any errors if you install all things" should be a pre class="code" like the other commands
  140. Joseph I'll be installing it on a fresh mac system soon, I'll come back when I do if I notice anything else.
  141. Joseph lovetox Why not just have the installer plugin on a default install?
  142. lovetox there is no default install on mac, what you are doing is essentially setting up a dev enviroment
  143. lovetox and running gajim from git
  144. lovetox on windows and linux, we package the plugin_installer with gajim
  145. lovetox so its there from start
  146. lovetox until now nobody was found that has the time and knowledge to create a mac installer
  147. Joseph Gotcha, well if I have any updates for the wiki I'll come back and let you know. I'll also look at homebrew, maybe it's easier than I think it is to create a brew package for mac. We already have the commands, it can't be too hard. I'll let you know.
  148. lovetox that would be really welcome :)
  149. Joseph apparently there is no brew install python-axolotl, which is needed for the omemo plugin. Oh well, I'll build from source for that. For gajim, it looks like this is what I need to do:
  150. Joseph Seems like I just need to set the dependancies in the homebrew formula, then run the commands for python-nbxmpp and gajim. It shouldn't be much longer than the wiki page.