Gajim - 2017-04-19

  1. m Hello. :) I would like to edit the docs inside the repository gajim/ But git tells me: "GitLab: You are not allowed to write to this project's wiki." Is there some role/permission needed and if yes, could someone give it to my account ("maltris" at
  2. mrDoctorWho I suppose you are logged in through github, aren't you?
  3. m mrDoctorWho: Yes I am. But I set a password and added my SSH-Key on the
  4. mrDoctorWho I remember there were some problems with github user accesses
  5. m I see. Could you delete my account so I can recreate it without the Github-Connection.
  6. mrDoctorWho you should wait for lovetox or Asterix
  7. kevin I am having trouble to compile / start gajim from Git. It says "missing parantheses in call to 'print': i have python 2.7.6 and 3.6.1 installed
  8. kevin When i start the file
  9. Kevin is Anyone here ? i need help installing Gajim on Linux
  10. mimi89999 Kevin: What distribution?
  11. Kevin Elementary Os (Ubuntu)
  12. mimi89999 Kevin: sudo apt-get install gajim
  13. Kevin there is only a very old version in the Repo
  14. Kevin so i wanted to use the latest Git version
  15. mimi89999 apt-cache policy gajim
  16. mimi89999 What version is it?
  17. Kevin 0.15.4-2 0
  18. Kevin i already upgraded Python to v 3.6.1
  19. Kevin but it does not compile
  20. Kevin mimi89999 can you help me ?
  21. mimi89999 Give me a minute...
  22. mimi89999 Kevin: Put: deb unstable main In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim
  23. Kevin "N: Ignoring file 'gajim' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has no filename extension"
  24. mimi89999 What commend did you use?
  25. Kevin sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim
  26. Kevin and pasted the deb part
  27. mimi89999 ls /etc/apt/sources.lists.d
  28. Kevin agronick-relay-trusty.list openshot_developers-ppa-trusty.list canonical-chromium-builds-stage-trusty.list paolorotolo-android-studio-trusty.list colingille-freshlight-trusty.list patches.list djcj-screenfetch-trusty.list relan-exfat-trusty.list dolphin-emu-ppa-trusty.list skype-stable.list elementary.list sonic-pi-ppa-trusty.list elementary-os-os-patches-trusty.list elementary-os-stable-trusty.list spotify.list falk-t-j-qtsixa-trusty.list steam.list gajim texlive-backports-ppa-trusty.list maarten-baert-simplescreenrecorder-trusty.list ubuntu-toolchain-r-test-trusty.list mkusb-ppa-trusty.list ubuntu-wine-ppa-trusty.list modycz-heimdall-trusty.list wine-wine-builds-trusty.list openjdk-r-ppa-trusty.list
  29. Kevin so i have to add .list ?
  30. mimi89999 yes, so: sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim.list
  31. Kevin GPG error: unstable InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 9A569BF2B79EE905
  32. mimi89999 Give me 5 min...
  33. arune Kevin, ?
  34. arune but you don't need to install nightly, I think you can just install gajim from that repos and get the latest release
  35. mimi89999 arune: Yes. That repo has gajim.
  36. mimi89999 Kevin: curl | apt-key add -
  37. arune mimi89999, or apt-get install gajim-dev-keyring like it says right on that page?
  38. mimi89999 arune: Also...
  39. Kevin eah its doint weird things :/ ->
  40. Kevin it somehow tries to install gajim and does failures
  41. arune But an old version of gajim
  42. mimi89999 sudo apt-get remove gajim
  43. mimi89999 sudo apt-get install gajim
  44. arune Is that from your earlier attempts?
  45. Kevin i think so... i tried to compile it by myself
  46. mimi89999 Oh my...
  47. arune Kevin: which​ client are you using now?
  48. Kevin Demo Xmpp webclient From :D
  49. Kevin okay.. now gajim seems to be installed, but it does not start :
  50. mimi89999 arune: Gajim repo has Gajim 0.16.7
  51. mimi89999 What?
  52. mimi89999 Type gajim in your terminal
  53. Kevin gajim Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 45, in <module> import gi File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gi/", line 39 print url ^ SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'
  54. mimi89999 python2 doesn't need them.
  55. Kevin i dont know whats wrong
  56. mimi89999 Is /usr/bin/python Python3?
  57. Kevin its installed
  58. mimi89999 python
  59. mimi89999 What version does it say?
  60. Kevin 2.4...
  61. Kevin python3 --version Python 3.6.1
  62. mimi89999 Aren't we at 2.7?
  63. mimi89999 Kevin: umame -a
  64. Kevin Linux rams-Latitude-E6230 4.10.0-041000-generic #201702191831 SMP Sun Feb 19 23:33:19 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  65. Kevin maybe my sources are a little outdated... i upgraded the Kernel manually
  66. Kevin so ill try to upgrade Python 3
  67. Kevin python2 sorry
  68. mimi89999 Kevin: Maybe just install Debian testing.
  69. Kevin give me a minute. python 2.7 is compiling
  70. pep. that's python3 code trying to run with python2
  71. mimi89999 pep.: print url That's python2
  72. pep. Ah right, the opposite
  73. mimi89999 pep.: Exactly what I said some time ago...
  74. mimi89999 He has his system messed up.
  75. pep. Or gajim specifying "#!/usr/bin/env python" and assuming it'll be python2?
  76. pep. I don't use gajim I don't know
  77. mimi89999 > Is /usr/bin/python Python3? /me 13:54
  78. mimi89999 pep.:
  79. pep. And he didn't reply
  80. pep. Ah
  81. pep. wait, I don't really get your exchange it's a bit messed up
  82. pep. Anyway I'm not debating what you said
  83. mimi89999 pep.: Maybe you are missing some messages?
  84. kevin Sorry my Laptop is working... Cant even answer while Compiling...
  85. pep. kevin, are you using a regular distribution?
  86. pep. With a package manager and stuff
  87. kevin Yes
  88. kevin Elementary Os (but it seems to be outdated)
  89. kevin Ill try to upgrade Python otherwise ill change my System to a (maybe more stable) Distribution
  90. pep. Well what distribution is stable pretty much depends on your definition of stable
  91. pep. And that's a whole other debate
  92. pep. But that's a whole other debate
  93. kevin Hmm still says "missing parenthesis call to print"
  94. kevin Eventhough Python 2.7.6 is installed
  95. lovetox are you trying to run git code?
  96. lovetox or did you install from our repos?
  97. kevin Yes from the Repo above
  98. kevin Kevin: Put: deb unstable main In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim this One
  99. lovetox ok maybe lets circumvent that problem with installing gajim for python3
  100. lovetox remove the gajim installation
  101. lovetox then
  102. lovetox apt-get gajim-default-nightly
  103. lovetox then try to start gajim
  104. lovetox you also need python3-nbxmpp-nightly from the same repo
  105. kevin Both installed same problem
  106. lovetox hmm how do you start gajim?
  107. lovetox just typed gajim into the console or?
  108. kevin Yes
  109. lovetox yeah it seems there is old code somewhere linked to that
  110. lovetox because gajim nightly doesnt have print without parenteses
  111. kevin So i need another Package?
  112. lovetox no
  113. lovetox it seems when you start gajim, it starts something different then what you installed
  114. lovetox pep., mimi89999
  115. lovetox what happens when you install 2 programs that start with the same command?
  116. lovetox how to differentiate between them
  117. lovetox its probably because you self compiled?
  118. lovetox maybe apt doesnt recognizes that and removes it or something like that
  119. kevin Yes i Think so
  120. Link Mauve Oh, kevin, you probably installed that stuff in /usr/local.
  121. Link Mauve Easiest way to get rid of it is to nuke /usr/local, nothing on the system should depend on it but you may want to do a backup first.
  122. lovetox but before you reinstalling try to start gajim, to check that nothing happens
  123. kevin Ooohkay i removed th gajim folder in. Ust Local
  124. kevin Usr
  125. kevin Now gajim says "no module named cairo"
  126. kevin (After reinstalling)
  127. mdosch What does 'whereis gajim' tell you?
  128. lovetox you need following packages
  129. lovetox python3-gi
  130. lovetox gir1.2-gtk-3.0
  131. kevin Both installed
  132. Link Mauve kevin, I mean, all of /usr/local.
  133. Link Mauve If you installed some other program there, like Python, it will conflict with what your system is expecting.
  134. kevin Hmm :(
  135. kevin Whereis gajim says. : /usr/bin/gajim /usr/bin/x11/gajim /usr/share/gajim /usr/share/man/man1/gajim.1.gz
  136. kevin But it seems as if my System is totally messed up
  137. Link Mauve kevin, and when you launch /usr/bin/gajim, what does it say?
  138. kevin Import error : no lmodule named Cairo
  139. Link Mauve Uh, does Gajim master still use Cairo as a Python module?
  140. Link Mauve Ugh, it still imports cairo not from gi.repository…
  141. lovetox yeah i just see it now
  142. Link Mauve lovetox, I’m at work right now, but you may want to fix that.
  143. lovetox k on it
  144. Link Mauve Great. :)
  145. Link Mauve kevin, in the meantime, you can install python3-cairo or whatever your distribution is shipping it as.
  146. kevin Ahh it starts but is giving errors
  147. kevin "Could not find conversion for foreign struct cairo.conext'
  148. lovetox kevin, try installing pycairo
  149. lovetox see if that changes something
  150. lovetox Link Mauve seems not be that easy
  151. Link Mauve The API probably changed a bit.
  152. lovetox no i cant import it at all from gi repository
  153. Link Mauve >>> from gi.repository import cairo __main__:1: PyGIWarning: cairo was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('cairo', '1.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded.
  154. lovetox i looked at other gtk3 projects, they all do it with import cairo
  155. Link Mauve Do you have /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/cairo-1.0.typelib?
  156. lovetox thats probably because you are maybe on the latest gtk3
  157. lovetox ?
  158. Link Mauve % pacman -Qo /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/cairo-1.0.typelib /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/cairo-1.0.typelib is owned by gobject-introspection-runtime 1.50.0+1+gb8d92b0-2
  159. Link Mauve No, Cairo is a project external to GTK+.
  160. lovetox hm ok i will check why its not installed for me then
  161. lovetox Link Mauve, i dont find any documentation on cairo introspection
  162. lovetox i found some posts talking about that this is not a true introspection of cairo
  163. Link Mauve Oh.
  164. lovetox it only wraps some enums, and also i cant find what they are
  165. Link Mauve Use autocompletion?
  166. lovetox ah yeah
  167. lovetox ^^
  168. lovetox yeah doesnt seem to include what we need
  169. lovetox i could look into solving it in another way maybe without cairo
  170. Link Mauve But anyway, you should just add python3-cairo to the dependencies of your Debian package.
  171. lovetox not if i can get rid of the 2 cairo imports :D
  172. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *358d410d* <> Get rid of cairo dependency *c5aa507e* <> Remove timeout id after AvatarWindow is shown
  173. marc Hi guys, fixed a bug for gajim. It disables the "password change" button in the accounts dialog if this is not supported by the server. See
  174. marc At the momment, password changing fails silently
  175. lovetox hi, thanks, this looks good at first glance
  176. lovetox could you register at
  177. lovetox and supply it as a MR
  178. marc lovetox, what's MR?
  179. lovetox Merge Request
  180. lovetox just register, fork, clone your fork
  181. marc ah, okay
  182. lovetox apply your patch
  183. lovetox push
  184. lovetox go to the website, and click merge request
  185. marc the patch is against 0.16.7 and not git master because git master doesn't work here
  186. lovetox same procedure just before you apply the patch do
  187. lovetox git checkout gajim_0.16
  188. marc yep, will do
  189. lovetox then on the website choose the correct branches to MR against
  190. lovetox if you need help just ask
  191. marc lovetox, thanks
  192. Link Mauve marc, what is your issue with master?
  193. marc Link Mauve, no sure, the accounts dialog failed for some reason
  194. marc Link Mauve, okay, it also works on master
  195. marc not sure what happend the last time
  196. marc lovetox,
  197. Link Mauve Why are we not getting notifications of MRs anymore, lovetox?
  198. lovetox it was never specifically set up this way
  199. lovetox when we started we got notifications about absolutley everything
  200. lovetox like posts on a issue and stuff
  201. lovetox but i can ask asterix maybe we can get merge requests in it again
  202. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *4d8379f4* <> Disable button if password changing is not supported *14091642* <> Merge branch 'change_password_fix' into 'master' Disable button if password changing is not supported See merge request !85
  203. lovetox thanks marc
  204. marc lovetox, thanks for quick merging
  205. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *c058a1e1* <> zeroconf: string.letters has been removed with Python 3 use ascii_letters which should be sufficient *4725858a* <> zeroconf: 'to' is of type JID and no string use a class method to remove the resource from JID *8e3e9b4d* <> Merge branch 'zeroconf' into 'master' fix python errors in client zeroconf See merge request !82
  206. Link Mauve Btw, 20:11:58 lovetox> Link Mauve, as you often mention the importance of namespaces within tags 20:12:08 lovetox> why is there no namespace in the new archived tag 20:12:14 lovetox> that the mam adds now
  207. Link Mauve I don’t know any element in XMPP that has no namespace, can you point it to me?
  208. lovetox wtf
  209. lovetox i think i was browsing the attic xeps again Oo
  210. Link Mauve Even there, stanzas are in the jabber:client namespace, so you will always at least inherit this one.
  211. lovetox
  212. Link Mauve Yeah, that looks like jabber:client.
  213. Link Mauve That was the :tmp version, you shouldn’t implement that.
  214. lovetox í tell you once these days i will implement a oboslolete version because i browsed the attic again ^^
  215. Link Mauve ^^'
  216. Hiker I have a little glitch with GnuPG 2.1.19
  217. lovetox and does this error result in a problem?
  218. lovetox like not able to encrypt messages or such
  219. lovetox i think i have an idea of the problem
  220. lovetox gajim only uses a short description of the key
  221. lovetox something like 3E925AF8
  222. lovetox if you have a bigger key file, the chance that there are multiple keys inside with the same short key id could happen
  223. lovetox so we should probably switch to long key ids
  224. mdosch that's recommended anyway
  225. Hiker Ok, thanks for your answer
  226. Hiker I will check the keyring if this is really the case with two idendical "short key ids".
  227. Hiker I couldn't test the signing with these keys - this was only the error/warning message with pops up from time to time.
  228. Hiker And an other detail: The key given in the error message is the very first key in the public key ring.
  229. lovetox would be great if you could confirm that
  230. lovetox i cant think of another reason why we would have a collision
  231. lovetox what also could be that for some reason you have a key 2 times in it
  232. lovetox maybe because the file was manually edited or something
  233. Hiker I exported this key and deleted it in the ring - I will restart gajim now and see what the result - I am back soon.
  234. lovetox im off now, i look into it tomorrow
  235. Hiker Oh I see, lovetox left - but also after deleted this key I get the error message again - with an other one. So the problem seems not to be to similar "short key ids"
  236. Hiker bye