Gajim - 2017-04-17

  1. 5gf Every time this error at startup.
  2. cuc hm - it would be nice to have a changelog or "whats new" on plugin updates...
  3. cuc also updating omemo plugin needs a restart - it just throws an error dialog and i cannot send anything to this muc anymore
  4. cuc nothing major, just nitpicking :)
  5. mrDoctorWho How come gajim's URL image preview doesn't handle aesgcm:// urls?
  6. lovetox mrDoctorWho, it does in the latest version
  7. lovetox cuc, care to share the error? i dont have that problem
  8. lovetox 5gf, i told you already that gajim doesnt support unicode nicknames
  9. lovetox which probably includes russian alphabet
  10. mrDoctorWho lovetox, ok, thank you
  11. lovetox mrDoctorWho, but that gajim even recognizes that as a link that some other plugin can handle
  12. lovetox you have to install latest omemo
  13. lovetox cuc, you can always look on the changelog in our wiki
  14. lovetox the link is in the plugin description in gajim
  15. cuc hm does it log those errors somewhere? i already restarted :(
  16. lovetox no, next time, im sure it was not the last error :)
  17. cuc :)
  18. darkh3lm3nt Test
  19. viq Hello, I'm trying to figure out which version of MAM namespace gajim supports, anyone knows or knows where should I look?
  20. viq Would it be ?
  21. Link Mauve viq, yes, someone should update it to :2 quickly though.
  22. Link Mauve Because some servers are now incompatible with this version.
  23. viq yeah, like my prosody :P
  24. Link Mauve That could be a nice first contribution!
  25. viq Would be useful to stop being programming illiterate first ;)
  26. Link Mauve Fair enough.
  27. Link Mauve I donā€™t know of any ETA though, lovetox is currently pretty much the only contributor.
  28. viq Right, thanks.
  29. viq Though from quick looking through code of Conversations it doesn't seem like much is needed, only some detection whether server supports :0 or :2..
  30. viq Ah, seems nbxmpp side only defines the namespace and actual code is in gajim
  31. viq And both would require changes, most likely with support for both namespaces and detection of them...
  32. viq And me knowing protocol and python would help immensely with it :P
  33. viq Alas, it's enough for tonight.
  34. viq At least I kinda have an idea where to look