Gajim - 2017-04-16

  1. Martin @jo-so: Unfortunately, jingle is broken in Gajim on Debian, currently, AFAIK.
  2. Martin If I'm not mistaken, this is because "farstream" has been removed from Debian and Gajim still uses it.
  3. Martin Instead of using python-farstream, Gajim should use gir1.2-farstream-0.2, but I'm not sure, if this is already done.
  4. Link Mauve Martin, it is, just update to the master branch.
  5. Martin Ah, very good. So it is in the next release? Or in the current one?
  6. Link Mauve Next one I guess.
  7. Martin OK, so jingle is broken in Gajim with the upcoming Debian release, but we will provide backports of the newer release as fast as possible. Gajim users who need/want jingle will have just to use the backport. But at the moment, it's broken. Sorry!
  8. lovetox Martin, you are talking about jingle Audio/Video Sessions
  9. Link Mauve Yes.
  10. lovetox whats broken is the Audio/Video lib
  11. lovetox not jingle
  12. lovetox and jingle is also used for filetransfers
  13. Link Mauve Uh?
  14. Link Mauve Last time I checked, a few weeks ago, it was working after a few attempts.
  15. lovetox broken means the libs are missing like Martin said
  16. Link Mauve Just the python2 binding.
  17. lovetox i just dont want someone to say, jingle is broken
  18. Martin It's only broken in Debian :~( Just because the necessary library went out of release.
  19. Martin And, yes, only for audio/video.
  20. lovetox yeah Martin, we want to release the master branch
  21. lovetox i just have to get Asterix online to do a package
  22. Link Mauve Martin, no, ArchLinux also removed farstream0.1 and python-farstream from their archive.
  23. Martin Ah, good, we are not the only bad guys :~)
  24. 5gf I have not worked a spell check.There is gtkspell and aspell aspell-*lang*. :(
  25. 5gf In English works.
  26. lovetox stp, how many contacts with omemo do you have?
  27. lovetox just send everyone a message to upgrade
  28. 5gf
  29. 5gf plugins :/
  30. lovetox yeah gajim doesnt support all chars in nicknames
  31. lovetox but this will change with 0.16.8
  32. lovetox as for plugins, where did you get gajim from?
  33. mdosch Hello, is there any docu which mam version Gajim 0.16.7 is using or can someone tell me?
  34. lovetox not the latest
  35. lovetox mdosch, mam:1
  36. lovetox oh not even that
  37. lovetox 'urn:xmpp:mam:0'
  38. mdosch thx, lovetox. Is a newer version already in nightly?
  39. lovetox no, but why do you need a newer version?
  40. lovetox there was nothing changed that should have any impact on your mam experience
  41. pep. Why was mam ever updated then
  42. lovetox because it was enhanced in a way that makes it easier for developers
  43. lovetox to maybe provide features in the future
  44. lovetox also namespace bump 0 -> 1, i think its just because the xep got offically accepted
  45. lovetox 0 is maybe some experimental version number
  46. lovetox so i guess we could update gajim to 1
  47. lovetox but the question is, why do you need that? is your server not supporting it?
  48. lovetox which server distribution is that then?
  49. pep. there's no harm in wanting to update, is there, if software is supporting it
  50. lovetox it makes no sense if nothing is to be gained from it
  51. pep. I think the earliest it is done the less painful it will be
  52. Link Mauve lovetox, no, :tmp is the version pre-standard, :0 is the first approved one.
  53. lovetox Link Mauve, can i see the diffs of the xep versions?
  54. Link Mauve Also MAM :2 fixed one of the biggest issues in :1 and :0, which was that a sending client couldn’t match an outgoing message with its stanza-id.
  55. Link Mauve lovetox, sure, it’s all in
  56. Link Mauve There is also a changelog at the end of the spec.
  57. lovetox the changelog is often useless
  58. lovetox for someone not deep into xmpp, and knowing what was talked on the list
  59. Link Mauve In which case, you should point that out, possibly with a patch.
  60. lovetox also a changelog item should refer to a number in the document
  61. lovetox something like: Switch the sentinel message back to the iq result.
  62. lovetox Link Mauve, i dont see a single stanza changed from 1 -> 2
  63. lovetox why is this a namespace bump
  64. lovetox so server adds a stanza-id element
  65. lovetox it does that no matter on what mam version the client is
  66. lovetox client can just ignore it if he doesnt know what to do with it
  67. Link Mauve lovetox, uh, no, :2 made it a MUST.
  68. Link Mauve So that if you implement :2, you know you can rely on it being present.
  69. Link Mauve Previous versions didn’t use stanza-id.
  70. lovetox hm ok i understand
  71. Link Mauve Asterix, I think lovetox wanted to ask you something.
  72. 5gf I have an empty list of plugins. Has anyone experienced this?
  73. Asterix 5gf, maybe because you have no plugin installed?
  74. 5gf >Asterix‎
  75. Asterix 5gf, yes, maybe you have no plugin installed. Where did you get Gajim from? You're under linux?
  76. 5gf Linux, fedora 25.
  77. 5gf Mate, in xfce no problem.
  78. lovetox what version of gajim are you running?
  79. 5gf lovetox, 0.16.7
  80. lovetox go to .local/share/gajim/plugins
  81. lovetox and extract
  82. lovetox restart and try again
  83. 5gf this directory does not exist, create? /plugins
  84. 5gf Did it! Works!
  85. 5gf helped with the spelling. Gajim checks using hunspell, need hunspell-*lang* Fedora25
  86. 5gf Work!
  87. lovetox nice :)