Gajim - 2017-04-12

  1. schoppenhauer hi. is it possible to let gajim show and load the whole history from the server, even if a tab is and remains open during suspend/resume?
  2. arune schoppenhauer: lovetox_ is working on that, if I understood your question
  3. schoppenhauer arune, ok. hm. how did you understand my question?
  4. arune schoppenhauer: after offline you want the log from mam to be displayed in the opened tab instead of just in the history viewer
  5. schoppenhauer arune, yes. ok.
  6. schoppenhauer arune, so, in some future release, this might be in gajim?
  7. arune Yes, I think you can already try it with the snapshot of the gkt3 version
  8. lovetox shoppenhauer
  9. lovetox you can display how much history in the chatwindow as you like
  10. lovetox just search in the advanced config editor for "restore_lines"
  11. lovetox and set it to like 100
  12. lovetox if you query server history it will not get written directly to the window in the moment you query it
  13. lovetox but if you close the window and reopen it it will be there
  14. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *54eb1cbb* <> Simplify log_message() - Pass EventObj instead of variables - decrease indent level - check all conditions inside log_message() not before calling - fixed bug where gc private messages where not logged with the correct jid *a51ea32d* <> Refactor exception handling for logger - Handle exceptions inside write() instead of propagating the exception - Add error message to exception - Add dispatch() method in logger
  15. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *a2785ba3* <> Add version check for python-gnupg *78b562f7* <> Make PGP encoding configurable python-gnupg uses latin1 as default encoding because GPG itself uses latin1 as default. We should not override this default with getpreferredencoding, because getpreferredencoding maybe returns something else than what GPG is configured on that system. Example: On Windows GPG is run in default mode with 'latin1' getpreferredencoding returns 'cp1252' The approach would be now to default to latin1 as it is GPGs default. And if the User sets a different ecoding for GPG he has to set it in Gajim aswell.