Gajim - 2017-04-11

  1. Hiker In version 0.16,7-1 - GnuPG issue really solved?
  2. lovetox Hiker, no and it never will, because this version was released in february, we cant turn back time
  3. lovetox you can user nightly or wait for 0.16.8
  4. Simon I have a noob-question: what do I have to do, to get my new messages in a popup-window? I think, I already tried like everything :/
  5. Simon ...Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit, Gajim 0.16.5...
  6. lovetox go to preferences -> advanced -> advanced config editor -> search for popup maybe
  7. Simon everything there is activated.
  8. lovetox_ Simon, you have to activate the "autopopup" config value
  9. lovetox_ and this works for me, of course only if no other window is open
  10. lovetox_ it depends on your windowing mode
  11. lovetox_ also, see preferences -> General
  12. lovetox_ and test a bit around
  13. Simon thanks... I tried to activate autopopup and I tried every possible combination in the notification-tab but it just doesnt seem to work. I have literary no idea what else to do, thats why I wrote here. ...seems like it works for you.
  14. lovetox_ i tested this now on windows and linux
  15. lovetox_ with gajim 0.167
  16. lovetox_ 0.16.7
  17. lovetox_ and it works on both if i just set it to "popup" on the first option in notifications tab
  18. Spirali Hello. I can't send files to some other clients like Conversations. But Conversations does by uploading to or something (and then sends a link).
  19. Spirali Can I configure Gajim to send files this way?
  20. lovetox_ yes
  21. lovetox_ go to the plugin manager and download httpupload
  22. lovetox_ Spirali,
  23. lovetox_ activate it, afterwards you have a second upload button in the chatwindow
  24. Spirali lovetox_: Thanks a lot.
  25. Hiker Got notice that issue is fixed - But there is no new compiled Win version?
  26. lovetox_
  27. Hiker Stop - there might be a problem with the requested link
  28. lovetox_ ?
  29. Hiker If I klick the link above I get this waring message
  30. lovetox_ there is no link
  31. lovetox_ maybe you should turn of the url shortener plugin
  32. Hiker
  33. lovetox_ i really dont care if has a problem with links
  34. Hiker ok turned off - can you please send me the link again. Thanks.
  35. lovetox_
  36. Hiker ok - will install it and see if it works with GnuPG 2.1.20.
  37. lovetox_ please do so
  38. Hiker Ok I am back - startup with key entry seems to work with GnuPG 2.1.10 - great /strong . Will do tests with GnuPG encrypted communication, too.
  39. lovetox_ thanks :)