Gajim - 2017-04-08

  1. pep. hi there, what's this request made for exactly? "(W) gajim.c.resolver Could not resolve host: No DNS record of the requested type for ''" Audio/Video?
  2. pep. Also when I'm trying to send a file from another account on my server
  3. pep. I am trying to setup http_upload though, and I know I'm getting it wrong, but this doesn't seem to be in play in this traceback is it
  4. lovetox_ pep, its for audio/video support
  5. lovetox_ i dont know how big your film is
  6. lovetox_ but httpupload is for smaller things, like < 100 mb
  7. lovetox_ i need the stanzas that you receive to see why jingle is not working
  8. lovetox_ so open xml console in gajim and send something
  9. lovetox_ also where do you try to send something?
  10. lovetox_ if its to yourself this can and will never work
  11. lovetox_ you have to send to another computer on the network
  12. lovetox_ pep.
  13. pep. oh, well then that's why
  14. pep. and I was just trying to send a random text file
  15. pep. I linked the _stun line but it's unrelated
  16. lovetox_ yeah for smaller files use httpupload, it doesnt depend on your contact supporting anything
  17. pep. yeah, I need to fix my setup first
  18. pep. But hmm
  19. pep. I can tell gajim "use http_upload" right?
  20. pep. Will it use it by default if it's setup?
  21. lovetox_ you will see a second upload button in the chatwindow
  22. lovetox_ just use that
  23. pep. ok
  24. lovetox_ drag and drop support will come soon
  25. pep. I can't use drag & drop for files :)
  26. pep. Tiling WM is not really helpful here
  27. lovetox_ ah ok then thats not an issue :)
  28. pep. Or rather, terminal/shell
  29. pep. Is there a way to make gajim not join bookmarked rooms?
  30. pep. As much as I appreciate the effort, I'm just using it to debug stuff atm and I don't want to be bothered
  31. lovetox_ of course
  32. lovetox_ go to the bookmark menu
  33. lovetox_ click to on the bookmark and uncheck join on start
  34. pep. no you don't understand
  35. pep. At normal times I would want to, I just want a global check "Do not join bookmarked stuff"
  36. lovetox_ no, just dont debug with your main accont?
  37. lovetox_ is there a reason you have to?
  38. pep. Not for testing this particular feature no, I could create yet another test account
  39. pep. Although, I do like the ability to be able to shut off bookmarked stuff
  40. pep. All at once
  41. pep. Or rather, "autojoin" stuff
  42. lovetox_ i really see no reason to test something with your main account, its just unpractical, its not only bookmarks, also you have a ton of contacts, also you cannot chat good during that time when you are going constantly off and on online
  43. pep. I have other clients
  44. pep. poezio in this case
  45. pep. So I'm not going on and off
  46. pep. And I don't have tons of contacts :p
  47. michael Good morning! I need an explanation to make a chatroom more restrictable only for users which are users of I have seen, that there are four options in Gajim to restrict members in Gajim. The last option is to type the name of the server, but in my case it has no effect. Servername for any member of should be "example" - right ???
  48. pep. michael, you won't be able to do this with your client
  49. pep. (short answer)
  50. michael pep: why?
  51. pep. because who can connect to the chatroom is up to the muc component, on the server
  52. michael Ok, so I have to restrict this in the server config file (in my case prosody) ?
  53. pep. If anything has to happen it's probably there, or another module, I don't know how to do that with prosody. If is your domain, maybe you can just deactivate server to server connections on this component
  54. michael pep: Yes, exactly you are rigtht. There is an option in prosody to decline domain names. Thanks for answers! I have to investigate in the prosody documentations ;-)
  55. michael pep.: Once again. I don't understand the function in Gajim. Why should I be able to type a Servername, when it has no effect? When it takes no effect, than the offer of the last two options are nonsense.
  56. pep. I don't know gajim that much sorry
  57. pep. Not sure of what feature you're talking about
  58. michael pep.: hey, some minutes ago you wrote me to that issue
  59. michael need some coffee?
  60. pep. I answered to "I need [..] to make a chatroom more restrictable only for users which are users of"
  61. michael yeh
  62. pep. And that's it, not the last part of the question :)
  63. michael I only want to understand, why Gajim offers to select a servername when it has no effect and the configuration has to be done in the config file of the server software.
  64. michael that not logical
  65. pep. Maybe, but I'm sorry I won't be able to answer that, I don't know
  66. michael Ok
  67. michael Let's drink a coffee or a beer :-)
  68. pep. heh
  69. michael Thanks and good bye
  70. lovetox_ michael, i dont see a option "server" in the config dialog
  71. lovetox_ there are 4 options, memberrlist, ownerlist, adminlist, and banlist
  72. lovetox_ ah now i know what you mean
  73. lovetox_ yeah you can type the domain in there and add it
  74. lovetox_ but you have to make the room "members only"
  75. lovetox_ the member list has no use if your room is public
  76. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 6 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *d344c24a* <> Pass EventObject around instead of many vars This makes it much easier to read and modify *28a3a58e* <> Refactor encrypting PGP Message - Add a _encrypt_message() and _finished_encrypt() method - Handle Fallback body text in _on_continue_message() where we build the Stanza *caba5e17* <> Rename _on_continue_message() _build_message_stanza is a better fitting name *298ba4d9* <> Fix Last Message Correction for PGP messages *bbb5c0f5* <> Simplify sending message - Dont use callbacks, they have no gain in that situation and make the code hard to read - pass the whole object to a new Event instead of many vars *8a789763* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' Sending Message Refactoring See merge request !80
  77. lovetox_ Link Mauve, does it make sense to catch a exception and reraise the same exception in the exception handler
  78. lovetox_ without modification
  79. lovetox_ from my understanding i could just not do this and the exception would propagate
  80. lovetox_ except exceptions.PysqliteOperationalError as e: raise exceptions.PysqliteOperationalError(str(e))
  81. Link Mauve lovetox_, in this case, it doesn’t really make sense indeed.
  82. Link Mauve Note that you can simplify the second line as “raise”, which will do what you want.
  83. Link Mauve The case where it does make sense is if you want to execute some code before reraising it.
  84. lovetox_ yeah i thought so, thanks