Gajim - 2017-04-07

  1. andrey.g With a person using ChatSecure I've got now the following: status has been changed: "... is now Away", but on top still: "... is paying attention to the conversation" and only after some time changed to "... is doing something else".
  2. arune lovetox: yes, focus on gtk3!
  3. mammut Hey everybody. I running ubuntu 16.04 - following the instructions for "Distributions without a package" on failed. Plugin-Manager is stating "Warning: You are missing the Setuptools package. " while apt is quite shure it is installed. Is there anything I've done wrong?
  4. arune mammut: which version of gajim are you running?
  5. mammut 0.16.7
  6. mammut arune: 0.16.7
  7. lovetox mammut start gajim with "-l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG"
  8. lovetox to get a more detailed error message
  9. lovetox but this has to be a problem with setuptolls
  10. lovetox its not enough to have any setuptools installed
  11. lovetox you need a fairley newer version
  12. lovetox like version 22+
  13. mammut lovetox, understood