Gajim - 2017-03-28

  1. andrey.g lovetox, (Add extension point for hyperlink handling) in gajim_0.16 breaks gajim for me. Once I copy a link in a chat window, gajim freezes. Even the console output freezes altogether with bash. Reverting this patch makes gajim work again.
  2. contrapunctus ~/.local/share/gajim/logs.db unencrypted? o_o
  3. Link Mauve contrapunctus, what would encryption give you?
  4. Link Mauve You are aware that you would need to have the decryption keys available to be able to use it?
  5. arune contrapunctus: you should probably encrypt your home drive on os-level instead of trusting each application to to that for you
  6. thorsten Paris Meetup
  7. contrapunctus arcade, ah, fair.
  8. contrapunctus err, arune ^
  9. contrapunctus (I also forgot for a second that all IRC logs are usually unencrypted too)
  10. test33333 Hello, I experienced a critical bug in gajim. On my Debian 8 box with gajim running that wasn't closed since a week or two I talked with people that have the newest version of Conversations on their Android phones. The issue is that when I wrote a message and then press enter, it's not sent to the recipient nor displayed in the chat window in my gajim. When someone sends me a message, it doesn't arrive to my gajim (but the sender has the 'tick' sign visible indicating that the message was delivered). No error messages in both cases. No sign of these messages in the gajim chat history. Restarting the computer fixes the issue (not restarting gajim), but not permanently, few days/weeks pass and the same problem occurs. I sent very important messages to people and they didn't know of that, caused me troubles.
  11. test33333 Another issue is that someone sent me a pdf encrypted with omemo and it couldn't be decrypted in gajim, but that may be fixed already (not sure about that).
  12. test33333 set the topic to lol
  13. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *eeeb9e46* <> [regex_filter] Improve the rule swap mechanism *2c985341* <> [regex_filter] Update manifest.ini *8fe370d7* <> Merge branch 'regex-filter-improved-rule-swap-mech' into 'master' [regex_filter] Improve the rule swap mechanism See merge request !34
  14. lovetox yeah zak, python2 doesnt support this unicode range on windows
  15. lovetox at least the installed python on the buildplatform we use
  16. zak But when I click on the character on Linux, nothing happens, and no error occurs.
  17. zak So I would expect there should not happen anything on Windows as well.
  18. lovetox as i just said, python2 on windows doesnt support that unicode range
  19. lovetox yeah they are different
  20. lovetox ‎andrey.g: i cant reproduce your problem
  21. zak On Linux I see a unicode box as well, so it doesn't work there, too. But nevermind. Just wanted to know if it is known.
  22. lovetox it works on linux
  23. lovetox your font just cant display the symbol
  24. lovetox you have to chose another font
  25. lovetox on windows python2 doesnt even know what that is because in its mind there are only 16 bit unicode symbols
  26. zak Ah... Okay then.
  27. Link Mauve zak, ttf-symbola, ttf-ancient-fonts or noto-emoji are good fonts for that.
  28. lovetox test33333, upgrade to the newest omemo version, than you can decrypt every link
  29. zak Link Mauve: Thanks I try them tonight.
  30. vflyson lovetox: thanks for granting me rights to maintain the plugin... I'd like to ask if you think it might be a good idea to get rid of the text commands the regex_filter plugin currently has? (since the UI provides the same functionality and more, e.g. re-ordering) I have in plans to extend the functionality (e.g. case-insensitive flags per rule, etc) so the cli would not be able to provide those tweaks due to the complexity of the input it'd require from the user. The concern I currently have is that some users may be using the message text interface and be too comfortable with it for me to just take away.
  31. lovetox vflyson, can you not just leave them, and they dont have the extended features?
  32. lovetox or will your features break those commands?
  33. lovetox andrey.g, does it happen with every link? i suspect a problem with the image view plugin, could you try without
  34. vflyson lovetox: I think that leaving them is the right thing to do, but if I optimize/simplify the current code more for the UI in order to avoid a mess or bugs, it may change the output of the /list_filters a bit, since the plugin was designed to store rules within an object rather than array (that's the reason why I had to revamp the swap_rules() mechanism in the first place). E.g. currently if the user does /list_filters, he/she will get an output like this: 0: lala -> blabla 1: foo -> bar 2: blah -> whoa but once I switch to arrays, there will be no more gaps in the order, so the user may run `/remove_filter 0` and then `/remove filter 1` but what'll get removed is actually "lala" and "blah", so "blah" gets removed instead of "foo"... that's different from what it currently is, where rules retain their keys even when previous rules get removed and create "gaps".
  35. vflyson having an object instead of an array complicates the code, makes the plugin slower (not by much, but still) and makes it more complicated to develop the config UI further
  36. vflyson but I wouldn't want to switch to arrays and trick users into thinking they're removing the rule_id they think they're removing...
  37. vflyson I thought of outputting the list of rules after every remove command, that might be a solution, although it'd flood the chat window if the user has a lot of rules defined
  38. vflyson or I could try to work around non-integer keys in the list and we'll keep the command interface intact, but the code internally will look messier than it should
  39. andrey.g lovetox, it is just an html link. UrlImagePreview plugin is disabled.
  40. lovetox tell me the link so i can try it
  41. lovetox the commit you mentiond isnt touched when we post a link to the chat
  42. lovetox its in the click handler, its only executed on clicking of the link
  43. andrey.g Yes, I did right click to copy the link.
  44. lovetox so can you reproduce it or not? i post a link i right click it i get a menu, on encrypted it downloads the picture
  45. lovetox does it happen on every link for you?
  46. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *75052806* <> [omemo] Add file decryption *7984d6b9* <> [omemo] Update CHANGELOG & manifest.ini *a412b3f9* <> Merge branch 'gtk3' into 'gtk3' OMEMO Version 2.1.0 See merge request !32
  47. de-facto nice i think the latest update from the nightly repo for 16.10 fixed the plugin installer, thanks :)
  48. lovetox yes if you installed nightly
  49. andrey.g Cannot reproduce it anymore. BTW, I hope if I right click on an encrypted-like link it will not be auto-downloaded but I will be asked, whether I'd like to download it?
  50. lovetox in gtk2 branch it will be autodownloaded
  51. lovetox in gtk3 branch nothing will happen you get shown a menu
  52. lovetox but this was not intentional in gtk2 branch i just saw it today
  53. lovetox it due to different implementation
  54. lovetox also you will never be asked if you want to download
  55. lovetox as a click on a link suggests to me that you want to see this which implies download
  56. uc lovetox: a gsoc student!
  57. lovetox i saw uc :)
  58. uc I didn't see :)
  59. andrey.g On a right click a menu is shown with a possibility to copy link (which is what one expect to see by right-clicking). Would be very nice instead of autodownload to add an appropriate entry for "download-and-decrypt". Since current "auto"-behavior is not privacy aware enough.
  60. lovetox as i said i didnt check which button on mouse was clicked, so any click will trigger the handler, which was not intentional
  61. andrey.g So an entry for download-and-decrypt should appear (now only in gtk3 branch)?
  62. lovetox but right click -> download makes no sense, if you see a link, and you left click on it this means "show me whats behind the link" and this implies in this case download and decrypt
  63. lovetox why would you first right click then select a menu
  64. andrey.g Because on left-click, I suppose the link will be opened in a browser, which not what I'd like. So for such links instead of opening in a browser only download and decrypt happens?
  65. lovetox you cant open a encrypted file in a browser
  66. lovetox did you try it?
  67. andrey.g Yes, it could be only uselessly downloaded.
  68. andrey.g No, I have no encrypted links in a chat window.
  69. andrey.g With rather small files (< 100 KB).
  70. lovetox
  71. lovetox you click it, it downloads, and asks you if you want to open
  72. lovetox thats for me what i would expect when clicking on a link, that this thing is opening behind the link
  73. andrey.g Thanks! Now I see, how it works. On gtk2 right click works exactly as left one: so for this link no chance to get right-click-menu.
  74. lovetox yes thats not intended, a bug i will fix
  75. lovetox what could maybe be an idea is to display on right click a "download to.." with a save dialog
  76. andrey.g OK. Yes, this would be useful.
  77. andrey.g If I click on Cancel the error is "Upload Aborted" which should be "Download aborted". Hm, the exception's name is UploadAbortedException. Strange.
  78. lovetox haha fuck, because i copied it over from httpupload
  79. lovetox good catch :D
  80. andrey.g Aha, now I see "raise UploadAbortedException".