Gajim - 2017-03-26

  1. lovetox contrapunctus, i have a working plugin for file decryption now
  2. lovetox i hope i can upload it today
  3. contrapunctus lovetox: awesome! looking forward to it!
  4. zuglufttier It would be nice if Gajim had a "recommded plugins" button. Out of the box pretty much everyone will want OMEMO, HTTP upload, inline images etc. Just to get the average user get started with xmpp if the future :D
  5. zuglufttier of
  6. Asterix zuglufttier, that sounds a distribution issue rather than a Gajim issue
  7. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *8a876284* <> [omemo] Add file decryption *e72763ee* <> [omemo] Update CHANGELOG & manifest.ini *6ace7341* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' OMEMO Version 1.1.0 See merge request !31
  8. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *50ac07ce* <> [regex_filter] Add ability to change the order of rules within the config view *6e2b85d3* <> [regex_filter] Check regex to be valid when adding rules through the chat command *94dbb4e0* <> [regex_filter] Update manifest.ini *39c0829d* <> Merge branch 'regex-filter-config-ui' into 'master' [regex_filter] Add ability to change the order of rules within the config view + Additional check for /add_filter See merge request !30
  9. lovetox contrapunctus, you can now try the new omemo plugin version, should decrypt anything on click of the link
  10. maiheu hi, is there a way to use otr with gajim 0.16.10 ?
  11. lovetox no its not ported
  12. anotheragency lovetox: do you know what happened to the norwegian bokmål translations? They are all done, but didnt make it into the release
  13. anotheragency I think what is in there is the resource (no) that got deleted
  14. lovetox what release? there was no release in the last month
  15. lovetox did you look into nightly builds?
  16. anotheragency Not yet, running Gajim 0.16.7
  17. anotheragency "occures" on is wrong, should be "occurs"
  18. anotheragency lists no and nb, when the pootle resource is (correctly) nb_NO
  19. anotheragency
  20. anotheragency Which for some reason is a resource in the nb branch
  21. lovetox im not really into the translation and how to build it into the release, can you please write asterix a email about it
  22. lovetox he reads his mails but is lately not often online
  23. anotheragency ok
  24. anotheragency ty
  25. contrapunctus Does Gajim support sharing files, drag-and-drop style?
  26. arune contrapunctus: not drag and drop
  27. contrapunctus arune, it'd be a nice thing to have :)
  28. contrapunctus (...would that work across the entire spectrum of Linux graphical toolkits, DEs and WMs?)
  29. maiheu lovetox: ok, thy
  30. arune Agreed, I would also like copy paste of an image
  31. bronko contrapunctus: do you want drap and drop using http_upload ? (I added it to this issue as a suggestion:
  32. contrapunctus bronko, that's the issue, I guess - which file transfer protocol to use. I suppose HTTP Upload if available, Jingle if not?
  33. contrapunctus bronko, it'd also be nice to be able to select multiple files to upload, and upload them sequentially.
  34. bronko yes, i would prefer http_upload whenever available
  35. bronko I read throught the http_upload plugin code but I am not a good enough python programmer to figure out where to start
  36. bronko maybe someone can tell me this: should the http_upload plugin 'register' the drag and drop from the chat window or is the better way to tell the gajim core (which handles the drag and drop) to use http_upload instead of the default file transfer ?
  37. lovetox you would have to add a register option for the different filetransfer methods in gajim core
  38. lovetox then you have to add a config setting where the user can choose his prefered filetransfer method for drag and drop
  39. bronko ok, thanks
  40. bronko is there any plugin already doing this?
  41. bronko as a reference
  42. lovetox you misunderstood me
  43. lovetox this is not implemented in gajim
  44. lovetox filetransfer methods cant register
  45. lovetox this has to be implemented first
  46. bronko oh ok
  47. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *7d204b37* <> Add extension point for hyperlink handling
  48. lovetox mimi89999, you can test this out
  49. lovetox but you need current HEAD of master branch, because it depends on it
  50. mimi89999 I see :D
  51. mimi89999 git pull
  52. mimi89999 So many conflicts :P
  53. mimi89999 Got it.
  54. mimi89999 I only need an encrypted file now.
  55. mimi89999 Where are downloaded files kept?
  56. mimi89999 lovetox‎: Works great. Thanks.
  57. mimi89999 > "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?" HAHAHA
  58. arune What's funny?
  59. de-facto test
  60. de-facto dang
  61. de-facto hello
  62. de-facto why cant i send?
  63. mimi89999 Hello de-facto
  64. Akasch de-facto, as i can see your messages, you can send
  65. de-facto an ok now i can see them too
  66. de-facto i have a new installation on another hdd, can i somehow migrate my complete gajim setup easily?
  67. de-facto i.e. is there a complete list of config directories to copy over or such?
  68. mimi89999 Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/DOS/BSD/Conodore/Fridge?
  69. de-facto same ubuntu from very old to newest
  70. Akasch should be $HOME/.config/gajim
  71. Akasch I think it is all in there
  72. de-facto yeah i copied that but after gajim restarting there was nothing new seen by it
  73. mimi89999 .local/sharw/gajim also I would say.
  74. de-facto yes those two i already tried with find ~ -name '*gajim*'
  75. mimi89999 So it should be OK now.
  76. de-facto yes thats what i assumed, yet it does not show any difference
  77. mimi89999 Be careful not to mix 2 .cache/gajim from 2 installs
  78. de-facto oh i just copied it over
  79. mimi89999 Restart?
  80. de-facto so delete the new ones and replace them instead then?
  81. mimi89999 Yes. The 2 and remove the cache from the new install.
  82. de-facto ok let me try agan, see you hopefully soon
  83. de-facto thanks
  84. lovetox mimi89999, thanks for testing, i merge it tomorrow then
  85. mimi89999 lovetox: I thank you for taking the time and adding that.
  86. lovetox i dont know exactly where the files are stored on linux, i think share/gajim/downloads
  87. de-facto ok that seemed to have worked this time
  88. de-facto just nuke the new directories and replaced them with the old ones
  89. de-facto how about python-farstream package for video support? it seems it was deleted from ubuntu repos
  90. de-facto is there a newer alternative to it using gstreamer1.0?
  91. de-facto the features window from gajim tells me it needs python-farstream and gstreamer-plugins-bad
  92. de-facto
  93. lovetox are you on gajim 0.16.7?
  94. de-facto yes the one from the nightly repo
  95. de-facto 20170326-1
  96. de-facto
  97. de-facto ..."These are superseded by 1.0, the 0.10 packages should be removed."...
  98. lovetox hm i think you are out of luck then, but you can use master branch, it uses the newer versions
  99. de-facto which master branch do you mean?
  100. lovetox gajim-default-nightly
  101. lovetox its called in the repo
  102. de-facto ok let me try to install that one instead
  103. de-facto hmm ok audio and video seems to be enabled now, yet it wont see other dependencies the old 16.7 did see
  104. de-facto and the plugins wont download/update for some reason
  105. lovetox hm let me check the plugin installer
  106. lovetox you have to delete all your plugins form .local/share/gajim/plugins
  107. lovetox because they are gtk2 and wont work
  108. lovetox restart gajim and then check the plugin installer again
  109. de-facto ok gonna do that
  110. de-facto thankls
  111. lovetox what do you mean with it wont see dependencies?