Gajim - 2017-03-23

  1. singpolyma Hello! Does gajim use the "merge request" feature on -- do I need special permissions to be able to create a fork to make MRs from?
  2. profus2 hi everybody, how can I troubleshoot 'your client doesn't support OMEMO' message in gajim und er Linux?
  3. cuc u probably miss some python packages
  4. cuc like python-axolotl
  5. profus2 @cud: did install it
  6. cuc what distro?
  7. profus2 debian based solydxk
  8. cuc also try to run gajim in a terminal so u get potential error messags
  9. profus2 @cuc: pyton-qrcode or dependencies of it, are not available when running from terminal
  10. profus2 sry, complete message reads: gajim.plugin_system.omemo pyton-qrcode or dependencies of it, are not available
  11. profus2 will try to install python-qrcode and report back
  12. cuc how did you install omemo plugin?
  13. cuc is this debian testing?
  14. profus2 no
  15. profus2 AFAIK
  16. profus2 ran it from the terminal now, without any error messages
  17. cuc what does /etc/debian_version say?
  18. Akasch have you checked that the plugin is activated, I had the problem that after some upgrades the OMEMEO Plugin was just disabled
  19. cuc u could also run gajim with: gajim -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  20. cuc this should give more hints
  21. profus2 cat /proc/version Linux version 3.16.0-4-amd64 ( (gcc version 4.8.4 (Debian 4.8.4-1) ) #1 SMP Debian 3.16.39-1+deb8u2 (2017-03-07)
  22. cuc there is also:
  23. cuc,-what-should-i-do%3F-%28Linux%29
  24. profus2 @akasch: omemo plugin is activated
  25. profus2 @cuc: thx for the link, will try it out
  26. Akasch The packet gajim-omemo for debian testing depends on: gajim (>= 0.16.5-1), python-axolotl (>= 0.1.35-1), python-cryptography, python-pkg-resources
  27. cuc kernel 3.16 is jessie not stretch
  28. cuc but you could install the packages from testing i guess
  29. cuc dunno about your distri
  30. profus2 @akasch: all dependencies of your last postings are met
  31. profus2 @cuc: if i run gajim with debug command there doesn't seem a problem in the first place, but there is as GtkWarning message
  32. profus2 does not seem to be related to OMEMO
  33. cuc mh
  34. profus2 thx for your help for the time beeing
  35. profus2 will try it out with my contacts, who are offline now and report back at some later stage
  36. profus2 really appreciate both of you taking the time (Y)
  37. contrapunctus Will OMEMO decryption issue be fixed anytime soon?
  38. contrapunctus * the OMEMO ** file decryption
  39. lovetox i dont think so contrapunctus
  40. lovetox you can setup
  41. lovetox as a browser in gajim
  42. lovetox and it should decrypt you every link
  43. lovetox profus2, the message only means that gajim couldnt decrypt the message
  44. lovetox but this must not be a gajim problem
  45. lovetox if you contact simply doesnt encrypt for your device, we cant do anything against it
  46. lovetox you should check if your contact has trusted your fingerprints
  47. lovetox and if you see the fish symbol in chat
  48. lovetox you dont have to look for errors, omemo is working
  49. profus2 lovetox: thank you for explaining
  50. contrapunctus lovetox: Does that work for Windows?
  51. lovetox no
  52. SaltyBones test
  53. SaltyBones *sigh*
  54. contrapunctus lovetox: That's the trouble, I'm working with someone who just has a Windows desktop, and a Symbian smartphone (so no Conversations).
  55. contrapunctus SaltyBones: pong
  56. lovetox SaltyBones, can i help you :)
  57. SaltyBones lovetox, actually no
  58. SaltyBones serverside problems :)
  59. lovetox contrapunctus, maybe in the future for small files it will work
  60. SaltyBones lovetox, how common are exceptions in gajim and also exceptions during exception handling?
  61. SaltyBones I am looking for something in my debug output but don't know what to look for. :p
  62. lovetox on normal use you should not see exceptions
  63. contrapunctus lovetox: can I read about the details of this issue somewhere? The ticket doesn't say much...and you said that it's "too much work in the current UI" is that?
  64. lovetox but if your console is not utf8
  65. lovetox you would get a lot of exceptions
  66. lovetox contrapunctus, its that people dont want autmatic download, they want to click, but on click something has to happen so you have to programm a window that downloads the file and give you an indication on how long it needs, something we dont have to do with pictures, because they are small, and basically instantly loaded
  67. lovetox its not too much work
  68. lovetox its just work i have not time currently
  69. contrapunctus I see...
  70. SaltyBones lovetox, does this mean anything to you STDERR: Thu 23 Mar 19:21:05 CET 2017: <message from='' to='' id='6e64a888-e0ca-479e-a117-ce7a25547998' type='error'><error type='cancel'><not-acceptable xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/></error></message>
  71. SaltyBones I cannot send to that muc in gajim atm.
  72. lovetox show me the message stanza you sent to the room
  73. lovetox are you in the room with another client?
  74. lovetox does this happen with all mucs or only on certain mucs?
  75. SaltyBones unclear, restarted the server and it couldn't connect at first
  76. SaltyBones sec i ll get the stanza
  77. lovetox what server is it?
  78. SaltyBones STDERR: Thu 23 Mar 19:21:05 CET 2017: <message xmlns="jabber:client" type="groupchat" id="6e64a888-e0ca-479e-a117-ce7a25547998" to=""><body>test3</body></message>
  79. SaltyBones ejabberd
  80. lovetox so can you not just join the room
  81. lovetox later when it happens see in the server logs
  82. lovetox what happened?
  83. lovetox did you get kicked?
  84. SaltyBones how do I know I'm not in the room?
  85. lovetox no i mean join a room where only you are in
  86. lovetox then just wait there till it happens
  87. lovetox then see in the server logs what the server did
  88. SaltyBones Oh I know why it happened...
  89. lovetox why?
  90. SaltyBones I restarted my server with incompatible ciphersuites and then tried to send something to the room while it connect s2s.
  91. SaltyBones Then after reenabling the other ciphersuites it somehow didn't recover.
  92. lovetox ok but you told me this happens regulary to you or not?
  93. SaltyBones Yeah, but this is the first time I did something to make it happen. :)
  94. lovetox yeah gajim will not test and wait on the server to come up again and then join
  95. SaltyBones It did for this channel. :)
  96. lovetox no thats different
  97. lovetox gajim will try to connect to your account of course
  98. lovetox and then resumes all sessions with stream management
  99. lovetox but if in that moment where gajim resumes connection to your server, the muc is not available then it will never try to rejoin it later
  100. SaltyBones I see....even if the window is left open?
  101. SaltyBones And then it will behave weirdly if I try to use that window? :)
  102. lovetox yes even then, and i think thats the problem, there are cases when we dont use streammanagement or the resume fails
  103. lovetox then gajim doesnt join channels
  104. lovetox resume fails means do a full new connect
  105. lovetox gajim doesnt rejoin channels in generel
  106. lovetox with streammanagement the server joins you to the room itself
  107. lovetox gajim doesnt do anything for it
  108. SaltyBones somehow this doesn't really work
  109. lovetox just test this join a room
  110. lovetox turn off your network adapter
  111. lovetox turn it on again
  112. lovetox wait until gajim connects and see if the problem occurs
  113. SaltyBones That usually works.
  114. SaltyBones I mean I use wifi so...
  115. lovetox because of stream managment
  116. SaltyBones okay let me try
  117. SaltyBones Yeah, works.
  118. lovetox ok so the question now is, why does the server NOT resume sometimes the session after a connection loss
  119. lovetox can you tell me what you have for your server in the advanced config under "connection_types"
  120. SaltyBones uh..where do I find this?
  121. lovetox advanced config editor
  122. lovetox under preference -> advanced
  123. SaltyBones tls
  124. SaltyBones But what about the current situation? Clearly I am somehow not connected to the conversations muc anymore. Can't gajim just close the window in this case?
  125. SaltyBones I mean it's just implying to me that it is still connected it is even asking for confirmation on disconnect.
  126. lovetox hm no it should not
  127. lovetox if gajim loses connection
  128. lovetox the input box should turn grey
  129. lovetox and you should not be able to write messages
  130. lovetox i dont think gajim should close the windows
  131. lovetox it could be a willingly initated disconnect for some reason
  132. lovetox with the intention to just connect in a minute again
  133. SaltyBones You mean like getting kicked?
  134. lovetox no your mixing up too many different things
  135. SaltyBones huh...can you even manually disconnect?
  136. lovetox of course just hit the status button and select offline
  137. SaltyBones Well, yeah but that's different. In that case my client is offline but my client is online I am just not in the room.
  138. lovetox yeah exactly
  139. lovetox gajim should on reconnect
  140. lovetox ping the mucs of the open windows
  141. lovetox and act on the response
  142. lovetox either do nothing when the muc answers
  143. lovetox or rejoin if it doesnt
  144. SaltyBones Yeah, that would be good.
  145. SaltyBones But what happens when it tries to rejoin but cannot?
  146. lovetox the same when you join a new channel and you cannot
  147. lovetox you get probably a error popup with a message
  148. SaltyBones Hm...I wonder how I could test this. :)
  149. lovetox why do you think its different
  150. lovetox there is no difference in joining and rejoining
  151. lovetox its the same process
  152. lovetox the errors would be shown the same way
  153. SaltyBones Well, all I know is that I don't get errors and I get useless windows.
  154. SaltyBones I don't quite know how or why yet. :)
  155. lovetox you dont get errors, because gajim doesnt rejoin the channel
  156. lovetox if we not doing something there will be no errors
  157. SaltyBones but shouldn't gajim be pinging to see if it works?
  158. lovetox we should rejoin
  159. lovetox but its not implemented
  160. lovetox but could you run gajim with -l .nbxmpp.smacks=DEBUG
  161. SaltyBones :o what's that
  162. lovetox im more interested why your stream resumption fails
  163. SaltyBones I already run -v
  164. lovetox -v is way too much info to get something useful
  165. SaltyBones but can't you grep for the important stuff in the result or something? :)
  166. SaltyBones well, whatever you say boss ^^
  167. SaltyBones oh that s new
  168. SaltyBones now it looks like I am alone in
  169. lovetox i dont get what you are testing, are you restarting the whole time your server and look how gajim reacts?
  170. SaltyBones no
  171. SaltyBones just now I only restarted gajim with -l .nbxmpp...
  172. SaltyBones and it seemed to rejoin the ejabberd room but somehow not really
  173. SaltyBones it seemed to be empty except for me
  174. SaltyBones I just have the weirdest problems. :p
  175. SaltyBones Rejoining helped, of course. ;)
  176. lovetox just let it run with this settings a day or so
  177. lovetox lets see if we get a Session resumption failed
  178. lovetox SaltyBones
  179. lovetox could you use nbxmpp from git
  180. lovetox it uses stream management 3 and has more debug output
  181. anotheragency something is wrong on the norwegian translation
  182. anotheragency *with
  183. psYchotic Hey everybody. I was using Gajim today, and I noticed my keyboard layout with dead keys isn't working right: I can't type double quotes normally, as I end up with an umlaut. Is this something you guys are aware of?
  184. anotheragency is fully translated, yet there are very few translations in the new gajim
  185. anotheragency psYchotic: what layout would that be?
  186. psYchotic anotheragency: us international with dead keys
  187. psYchotic It's something I've experienced before in GTK+ apps in Windows
  188. psYchotic So I went looking to see if there's been any work to fix the issue, and I found this:
  189. psYchotic Unfortunately, it doesn't mention which commits contain the fix, nor in what version we could expect the fix to land, but I thought it was interesting
  190. anotheragency what is the name in setxkbmap?
  191. anotheragency I could try it and see if it works here
  192. anotheragency I got MATE Desktop Environment 1.18.0 on this, quite new
  193. psYchotic I'm reasonably sure it'll work in your environment, whatever the equivalent name of the layout would be, but I'm having this problem specifically on Windows