Gajim - 2017-03-21

  1. librejoker Hi, short question: Is XEP-0280: Message Carbons working in Gajim? Messages I send in Gajim are not synchronised to Conversations
  2. Holger For that to work it must be enabled in Conversations (and supported by the server). But yes Gajim supports them as well.
  3. Holger Maybe the messages were end-to-end encrypted?
  4. librejoker yes they are encrypted with omemo
  5. librejoker hm but vica versa it works fine. Messages from Conversations are synched to Gajim
  6. librejoker I think it is enabled by default in Conversations
  7. Holger librejoker: And I guess it works for unencrypted messages?
  8. Holger librejoker: If so I guess the problem is that you didn't verify the Conversations key in Gajim.
  9. librejoker yes I had to verify my own key from the other client, now it works :) thank you Holger
  10. Flow I'm updating gajim's live ebuild in my gentoo overlay. am I correct that gajim's master requires python 3.5?
  11. jo-so Is it possible to show the saved chat rooms next by the saved contacts?
  12. lovetox jo-so what are saved contacts?
  13. lovetox your roster?
  14. lovetox yes click in the chatroom on the settings button and choose minimze on close
  15. lovetox then close the chatroom
  16. lovetox Flow, the master build of Gajim is not officially released, but if you still want to package it
  17. lovetox python 3.5 would be a good choice
  18. jo-so Yes, I mean the roster.
  19. lovetox also please include pyopenssl as a dependency
  20. jo-so lovetox: And how about not opened chat rooms?
  21. lovetox no you have those in your bookmarks
  22. jo-so Yes, they are in my bookmarks. I would like to see the bookmarks like the roster.
  23. lovetox right click on the row where your account name is for easy access
  24. jo-so In the settings dialog of MUCs is a selection list »show status«. Where can I define the value of »standard«?
  25. lovetox jo-so dont get what where you find this setting
  26. lovetox is this your muc?
  27. jo-so (translated from german) action -> chat rooms -> saved rooms -> one of the saved chat rooms -> right side above the buttons
  28. jo-so I found a setting in the advanced settings dialog: print_status_in_muc
  29. lovetox you cant define the value of standard
  30. lovetox but you can set a global value with the setting you found
  31. lovetox in that dialog you could set it per chatroom
  32. lovetox but if you use the config setting, this will probably have no meaning anymore
  33. lovetox also what you were looking at is the boomark dialog
  34. lovetox not the muc settings dialog
  35. jo-so I was looking for the global setting for all mucs
  36. lovetox then you found it
  37. lovetox :)
  38. jo-so Fine :-)