Gajim - 2017-03-19

  1. lovetox and the error would be?
  2. lovetox also please use another OS
  3. Akasch lovetox: my rooster problem has not happened again after changing the show_self_contact setting to never
  4. lovetox thats good to know, im working on fixing that problem
  5. lovetox also its a roster, a rooster is this
  6. lovetox
  7. Akasch if there are more thinks to test i am happy to do it
  8. Akasch i know, but somehow i write it wrong most of the time
  9. lovetox just report me anything that you see whats not ok in your mind :)
  10. Akasch will do
  11. mrDoctorWho lovetox, is there any reason for the image preview plugin not loading about 30% of encrypted images?
  12. lovetox you mean displaying?
  13. lovetox click on the image
  14. lovetox it should show full
  15. Marzanna mrDoctorWho, do you experience this problem only with encrypted images?
  16. mrDoctorWho Marzanna, I dunno, maybe not only
  17. mrDoctorWho lovetox, I mean it just doesn't download them or fails to decrypt
  18. lovetox how do you know?
  19. mrDoctorWho probably I didn't make myself clear
  20. mrDoctorWho ok, here it is. I've been sent a couple of images in an omemo conversation. The images were sent with Conversations. First time they appear as links, which is fine. After a couple of seconds one of images appeared and the another one didn't. It's still just a link
  21. mrDoctorWho Conversations shows both of them
  22. lovetox do you have python-cryptography installed?
  23. mrDoctorWho yes, of course
  24. mrDoctorWho well I suppose if I didn't, none of images would appear
  25. lovetox older versions didnt need this package
  26. lovetox to decrypt
  27. lovetox what version do you have installed?
  28. mrDoctorWho 1.8.1
  29. mrDoctorWho extra/python2-crypto 2.6.1-5 [installed] Collection of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, implemented for use from Python 2. extra/python2-cryptography 1.8.1-2 [installed] A package designed to expose cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers
  30. lovetox no i mean which version of the plugin
  31. mrDoctorWho oh, sorry
  32. mrDoctorWho 0.9.9
  33. lovetox hm no idea then, run gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.url_image_preview=DEBUG
  34. lovetox and look at the log when it happens again
  35. lovetox are you sure all links are pictures?
  36. lovetox also we dont support all picture types
  37. mrDoctorWho of course I'm sure
  38. mrDoctorWho those all are .png ones
  39. mrDoctorWho 03/19/2017 17:15:33 (I) gajim.plugin_system.url_image_preview File size (4955160) too big or unknown (zero) for URL:
  40. mrDoctorWho ok then, I'll change the limit in the settings and try again
  41. mrDoctorWho it's ok now, sorry
  42. lovetox hm didnt think of that config option aswell ^^
  43. lovetox Ge0rG, is this normal
  44. lovetox i send a message to my other resource, and get a carbon copy aswell?
  45. lovetox why would the server send me a carbon copy of a message i just sent
  46. mrDoctorWho sounds much like xmpp for me
  47. lovetox server knows from which resource the message came, and still sends a cc to the same resource
  48. lovetox its sending server delivers the <message/> according to RFC 6120 and RFC 6121, and delivers a forwarded copy to each Carbons-enabled resource for the matching bare JID sender, excluding the sending client.
  49. lovetox is it because we add ourself not to the "from" tag?
  50. lovetox this doesnt happen when i send a message to another contact
  51. mrDoctorWho well actually standard says the resource that sent the message should be excluded
  52. lovetox yeah this is true for messages to other contacts, but it does not seem to work if i send a message to another resource of myself
  53. mrDoctorWho but for example we get a copy for the message we sent in a muc
  54. lovetox thats because muc works differently
  55. lovetox you send messages not to contacts, you send it to the muc
  56. lovetox the muc replays the message to all participants
  57. mrDoctorWho yeah, but why it sends the message back to me?
  58. lovetox that way you know the message reached the muc
  59. mrDoctorWho how about urn:xmpp:receipts in a muc for such thing?
  60. mrDoctorWho sometimes I wonder why xmpp was made this way
  61. lovetox you can solve this in multiple ways but what would you gain
  62. mrDoctorWho less data to send or receive of course
  63. lovetox but you have way more complexity
  64. lovetox on the server and the client
  65. mrDoctorWho how so? The client has to dedup the message, instead of just receiving the “delivered” stanza. The server just has to send it. That's how I see it
  66. lovetox why i have to dedup something?
  67. lovetox i only display something i get from the muc
  68. lovetox there is nothing to dedup
  69. lovetox also you have the problem of identifiying the message for which you received a "receipt"
  70. mrDoctorWho oh, sorry, that is true. Anyways, I could get to see it immidiately and then just get the receipt
  71. mrDoctorWho how so?
  72. mrDoctorWho why do all the stanzas have an ids?
  73. lovetox yeah but are those unique ids?
  74. mrDoctorWho well I see gajim uses uuid or something that looks like it
  75. lovetox in your example the Client chooses the ID
  76. lovetox the server then tells the client this ID has reached me
  77. lovetox but xmpp does not force its users to use unique ids
  78. mrDoctorWho if clients chooses non-unique id, it's not the protocol fault
  79. lovetox it is if it depends on users choosing non unique ids, but doesnt force them too in the protocol description
  80. mrDoctorWho it's not users who set ids, it's their softrware
  81. mrDoctorWho how would you identify which stanza is which if, say, you queried jabber:iq:version for several users?
  82. mrDoctorWho please don't tell nicknames :)
  83. lovetox i dont know what you are getting at, clients can use non unique ids with all xeps
  84. lovetox gajim actually did this, a year ago
  85. mrDoctorWho hmm as gajim is based on xmpppy (which is now nbxmpp), I suppose there was some kind of a counter that was incremented each time stanza sent, is it so?
  86. lovetox of course
  87. mrDoctorWho so it might be considered unique
  88. mrDoctorWho for a session
  89. lovetox but you cant do that in a muc
  90. lovetox because everyone has there own counter which may be at the same number :)
  91. mrDoctorWho because muc made like that, but we are talking on how it could be done differently, aren't we?
  92. lovetox it is already done differently
  93. lovetox see MIX
  94. mrDoctorWho yeah I'm aware of MIX
  95. lovetox but unique stanzas and receipts gain you nothing in this case
  96. mrDoctorWho I'm talking on how it could be done in muc, when it was created
  97. lovetox its just more elegnat maybe
  98. contrapunctus o/
  99. mrDoctorWho there's another part of this, the jid which the “delivered” was sent to, so considering this, the id can be unique for this only user
  100. mrDoctorWho nevermind
  101. lovetox yeah i guess you could do a receipt
  102. mrDoctorWho let's wait when everyone will throw away muc and use mix
  103. lovetox but i stand by it, its more complex
  104. lovetox then just displaying what you get from a muc
  105. lovetox i dont have to care about receipts :)
  106. mrDoctorWho yeah, because we have unlimited bandwidth on our phones as well as on computers
  107. contrapunctus 1. I uploaded a PDF file to a conference using HTTP Upload - the upload completed, but the file didn't appear there at all (neither in Gajim, nor in Conversations) 2. I uploaded a PDF file to another conference, using HTTP Upload - it succeeded, Gajim shows me a link, but when I click that link it opens in the browser (Firefox) and it says "This PDF document might not be displayed correctly", even though I'm able to open it successfully on my phone (Conversations).
  108. lovetox gajim cant decrypt files
  109. mrDoctorWho contrapunctus, is your room OMEMO/OTR encrypted?
  110. mrDoctorWho or maybe even gpg
  111. contrapunctus mrDoctorWho, yeah
  112. mrDoctorWho so that's the reason then
  113. contrapunctus lovetox, wait what
  114. contrapunctus why on earth? :(
  115. lovetox only pictures :)
  116. mrDoctorWho ‎[10:11:18 PM] ‎lovetox‎: gajim cant decrypt files that's a shame
  117. lovetox would be too much work in the current ui
  118. mrDoctorWho https://url (open decrypted version)
  119. mrDoctorWho thanks lovetox for a nice talk, but now I have to go sleep
  120. contrapunctus Another thing do I correct my last sent message? I've just not been able to figure it out o.o'
  121. lovetox ctrl+uparrow
  122. contrapunctus I see, thanks. (that's kind of hidden away, isn't it?)
  123. lovetox yeah
  124. jh Hello, I would like to change the plug-in link. I find under ubuntu but no adjustment for this?
  125. jh ah okay thanks
  126. alex Hi, is it possible to display the chat history in the main chatbox after closing and opening it? Like in Conversations. Maybe with a plugin. Thanks!
  127. kalkin alex: afaik no
  128. alex kalkin‎: is there a plan to realize this? Maybe with settings like "last 150 messages" or "last week"?
  129. kalkin alex: no idea.
  130. alex kalkin: Ok. Thanks a lot!
  131. lovetox alex
  132. lovetox its possible
  133. lovetox go to the advanced config editor
  134. lovetox search for "restore_line"
  135. lovetox set it to whatever you like
  136. lovetox also set "restore_timeout" to 0
  137. lovetox you should use gajim 0.16.7
  138. lovetox kalkin ! :)
  139. alex lovetox: Yeh, big thanks. That's what I 've searched for.
  140. lovetox alex, this will not work in MUCs though
  141. alex lovetox: But I can change this in the room config
  142. lovetox with muc_restore_lines, you tell gajim how many messages are requested from the server on join
  143. lovetox but you cant tell gajim to load messages from the db
  144. lovetox like in 1:1 chat
  145. alex lovetox: and what is the meaning of max number of history returned by room?
  146. lovetox its when you open the room, you can set a limit on the messages the room will provide to new users that join the room
  147. lovetox but the server only provides the messages when we ask for it
  148. lovetox what you do with muc_restore_lines
  149. lovetox and then there is probably a server config limit on the messages also
  150. alex lovetox: Are the room messages stored in history db?
  151. lovetox yes
  152. alex lovetox: ok, I understnd. Is this a bug? or changeable for the future
  153. kalkin lovetox: ohh nice to know
  154. lovetox its not a bug, i hope we can change it in the future
  155. alex lovetox: Thank you very much for your info. I will wait for future releases.
  156. alex lovetox: one last question. Is there a max number recommended for 1:1 chats that gajim could handle?
  157. lovetox i think its capped with 500
  158. lovetox but to be honest
  159. lovetox you dont want to search your history with scrolling through 1000 messages
  160. lovetox display the last 100
  161. lovetox if you need to go further back use the history window
  162. lovetox it provides a search
  163. lovetox and the date is selectable
  164. alex I set up 1000. Because of pictures
  165. lovetox pictures are saved to your harddrive
  166. lovetox its faster to search in the folder
  167. alex If the url preview plugin worked in the history too, it is perfect
  168. alex which folder?
  169. lovetox click on a picture
  170. lovetox then it opens from harddrive
  171. lovetox or search for a folder called "downloads"
  172. lovetox in .cache/Gajim
  173. lovetox i believe
  174. alex i use windows. it's in the appdata/roaming folder
  175. alex Is it configurable?
  176. lovetox no
  177. lovetox but you can make a link to it and place it on your desktop ^^
  178. alex Pity! yeah the link was my next idea
  179. xfc I have not worked a spell check says that there is no dictionaries. How can I fix it?
  180. xfc aspell aspell-*lang* gtkspell Installed ://
  181. JTL f
  182. JTL Oops
  183. JTL Anywyas. I'm running Gajim from Git under OS X 10.11.5. The gotr plugin is not being loaded with the error "gajim.plugin_system Plugin gotr not loaded, plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: > 0.16.9". Any help here?
  184. JTL THanks
  185. lovetox otr is not compatible with this version
  186. lovetox install gajim 0.16.7