Gajim - 2017-03-17

  1. jh Hi, unfortunately i get the restore in the muc with OMEMO not correct? I have now 200 and 0 but get nothing displayed?
  2. lovetox look at your history
  3. lovetox its working differently then in 1:1
  4. lovetox in muc if you set it to 200, that does not mean we load the last 200 messages from the db and display it
  5. jh history is correct
  6. lovetox it means we request 200 messages from the server
  7. lovetox though omemo messages can only be decrypted once per definition
  8. lovetox so everything you get on second join are invalid messages and are not displayed therefor
  9. lovetox there is no workaround right now to show you the history in the chatwindow in a muc
  10. lovetox i hope soon i can add it though
  11. lovetox till then you have to look into history window
  12. jh Okay, so it is an error. This is good to know. When will you can solve it?
  13. lovetox its not an error
  14. lovetox gajim just doesnt display history in the chatwindow
  15. lovetox it displays it in the history window
  16. lovetox so if you look for chathistory look into the history window
  17. lovetox an error would be if the message is neither in the chatwindow nor in the history window
  18. jh It is therefore a requirement or a desire.
  19. jh Because in the Chatfanster No 200 lines represented. I would like to many rows from the entire course. How would then be setting the muc_restore_ history? I have tried with 0 and 1. Unfortunately without success. Or is it the server muc_Mam?
  20. jh chatwindow
  21. jh 0 and -1
  22. lovetox you seem to misunderstand me
  23. lovetox ‎[16:37:00] ‎ gajim just doesnt display history in the chatwindow
  24. lovetox gajim doesnt do what you want
  25. lovetox Ge0rG
  26. lovetox is this unicode nick thing actually supported by recent servers?
  27. lovetox if i try that i get Bad value of attribute
  28. lovetox do i have to escape this somehow before sent to the server?
  29. Ge0rG lovetox: yes; no.
  30. Ge0rG lovetox: it's valid according to PRECIS, and works in prosody
  31. Ge0rG lovetox: if your server doesn't like it, it should prevent me from joining this MUC ;)
  32. lovetox i didnt test it here until now but i try now
  33. lovetox no
  34. lovetox i can rename myself
  35. lovetox i cant rename myself
  36. lovetox but i think it has to do with how its put into the stream
  37. lovetox should it be utf-8 encoded?
  38. lovetox i guess o
  39. Ge0rG lovetox: yes, utf8
  40. lovetox can you rename yourself for test :)?
  41. 🤦 Face Palm FTW!
  42. 🤦 lovetox: you can not change your nick with MSN
  43. Flo How do I disable the notification that a message by a contact not in my roster has been ignored by gajim?
  44. Flo The notification is just as spammy.
  45. Ge0rG I'm back as myself
  46. lovetox im currently working on it Flo
  47. Flo Any workaround until then?
  48. lovetox
  49. lovetox you can try this
  50. lovetox Akasch
  51. lovetox can you try to go to the advanced config editor
  52. lovetox and set "show_self_contact"
  53. lovetox to never or always
  54. lovetox better set it to never
  55. Akasch I will set it and report tomorrow if it happen again or not
  56. lovetox thanks
  57. Akasch the update for the Flashing Keyboard plugin is working by the way, I will try to set it to an other LED for testing, but until now it does good with the gtk3 version