Gajim - 2017-03-16

  1. librejoker Hi, I got just a short question. Is it possible to activate omemo in muc?
  2. librejoker Or does Gajim not yet support omemo in multi user chats?
  3. mrDoctorWho the room shouldn't be anonymous and all participants should be in each other's roster
  4. mrDoctorWho then omemo should work
  5. zuglufttier Also, look here:
  6. zuglufttier "Groupchat works only in rooms that are non-anonymous members-only works only with contacts that you have in your roster "
  7. librejoker thanks, if it works in conversations, does it mean it should work in gajim as well?
  8. mrDoctorWho yes
  9. librejoker i think all requirements are met, but the omemo-fish is still greyed out
  10. librejoker in coversations i can activate omemo and it works fine
  11. librejoker hm is there a trick? I already restarted gajim (this sometimes works magic :D ) with no success
  12. mrDoctorWho maybe debug logs could help
  13. librejoker hm how do i do this?
  14. mrDoctorWho librejoker: what os are you on?
  15. librejoker ubuntu
  16. mrDoctorWho I think it's gajim -v
  17. librejoker thanks I'll try
  18. librejoker ok it was my fault (ir lets say ubunuts fault for having outdated packages) I still used Gajim 0.16.5, just compiled 0.16.7 and it works :)
  19. librejoker thanks all for helping you both
  20. Skyrider Hi all
  21. Skyrider I was hoping someone could help me.
  22. Skyrider How can I set up a log site like this one?
  23. Skyrider I see multiple sites using it.
  24. SaltyBones Skyrider, that is usually a service that the server offers not the client.
  25. SaltyBones Skyrider,
  26. Skyrider I am aware :), thanks.
  27. Skyrider That will make it look like the log pages? or do things needs adjusting still.
  28. SaltyBones I don't know what the default style is. ;)
  29. Skyrider Guess I'll give it a try.
  30. Skyrider Isn't prosody a xmpp server though?
  31. Skyrider Need some kind of html page chat logger from the client side, rather than server.
  32. SaltyBones Well, you didn't specify and the link you provided is almost certainly created by the server as I said before.
  33. SaltyBones But unfortunately I also have no solution for your problem then.
  34. zuglufttier ls
  35. zuglufttier ls is not working in gajim...
  36. zuglufttier The focus was still on gajim and I was hacking away in a terminal :D
  37. zuglufttier But regarding a logger: The chats are in a sqlite database: On linux in ~/.local/share/gajim/logs.db
  38. zuglufttier If you had one instance of gajim running all the time, you might just use that file.
  39. Akasch or write an simple bot, with for example sleekxmpp
  40. SaltyBones zuglufttier, what is not working?
  41. zuglufttier SaltyBones‎: The ls command... I typed it by accident in gajim. The focus was not on the right window. I was trying to type in a terminal...
  42. SaltyBones oh
  43. SaltyBones that looked like "Is" to me... :p
  44. SaltyBones you seemed to stutter xD
  45. zuglufttier :D
  46. Skyrider zuglufttier, yea, I run the client 24/7 as of right now. The DB file is also created
  47. Skyrider But I have no server application that runs the db file into a viewable log page per day.
  48. lovetox Skyrider, you want your private client logs published on a http server?
  49. lovetox thats sounds to me like you are going at a problem the wrong way
  50. lovetox maybe you should tell us what the goal of that should be
  51. lovetox then someone can suggest a better solution
  52. zuglufttier He wants to provide a chat log online like this: But without running his own server.
  53. zuglufttier At least that's what I gathered....
  54. lovetox yeah and to provide this, it seems he turns on gajim 24/7
  55. zuglufttier No, he isn't doing it right now. It's just that his gajim is running all the time anyway.
  56. lovetox instead of running gajim 24/7, you can just install prosody and run it 24/7 and provide the MUC
  57. lovetox where does he let it run? on the server
  58. lovetox ?
  59. lovetox on a client he could never guarantee that he doesnt drop out of the muc
  60. lovetox and misses chat history
  61. lovetox thats just not the right way to go about this problem
  62. lovetox if you want to log a muc you should host the muc
  63. lovetox everything else is error prone and only a band aid solution
  64. Akasch lovetox: I have activated and deactivated the "show offline contacts" option, it does not really change anything, only two offline contacts are added.
  65. Akasch At the moment I have only ~5 contacts shown left (online and offline), and some of them multiple times
  66. Skyrider lovetox, The thing is, one of the servers I have been invited to doesn't keep chat logs (hipchat), at least.. to a certain extend.
  67. Skyrider I'd like to fix that by using my client on my server as a chat log instead. Doesn't have to be 100% accurate, as sure.. clients may happen to crash, disconnect, etc.
  68. Skyrider While I can use any client to keep logs, I'd like the logs to display (as zuglufttier mentioned) like
  69. lovetox yeah but thats not possible, because thats a server addon, and has nothing to do with a client
  70. lovetox you have to write this software yourself because it doesnt exist
  71. lovetox you can take the logs from the db and then publish it
  72. lovetox you could rewrite that python script to get you the logs
  73. lovetox
  74. lovetox ooooor, you just setup your server and change to a new groupchat on your server :)
  75. lovetox you could also add a bot to the channel that catches every message and publishes it
  76. lovetox but you probably have to code some things yourself there as well
  77. Skyrider how so?
  78. lovetox
  79. lovetox for example
  80. lovetox maybe there even exists a plugin that does what you want
  81. Skyrider mmmhhh
  82. Skyrider btw
  83. Skyrider
  84. Skyrider File "", line 3 import sys IndentationError: unexpected indent
  85. ssweeny I'll occasionally get a popup that says gajim ignored a message from an invalid jid. Is there any way to get more info on that (other than keeping the XML console open forever I guess)
  86. zuglufttier ssweeny: You are not alone.
  87. Akasch lovetox: the problem with the roster seems to begin after wakeup from standby
  88. lovetox ssweeny this is probably because in some muc a user is with a unicode symbol in his nick
  89. lovetox i work on supporting this in nicknames
  90. ssweeny lovetox, I do have an IRC transport running too, so I was wondering if it was coming from there
  91. lovetox i dont think so
  92. ssweeny I guess at least being able to see the jid somewhere would be helpful
  93. lovetox i will provide a patch on the weekend, then you can use HEAD to circumvent this
  94. ssweeny cool
  95. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *26f393e8* <> [omemo] Remove unused timestamp column
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