Gajim - 2017-03-13

  1. rougerabbit mimi89999: are you talking about the Dino client or something else?
  2. mimi89999 rougerabbit: The version of Gajim in the main branch. The one in Python3 and GTK3.
  3. mimi89999 How are voice calls encrypted in that version?
  4. rougerabbit Ah, oki :)
  5. SaltyBones 1. Is the translation list at up to date? 2. Can I somehow install the nightly builds alongside a normal install? I want to keep a working version. :p
  6. Ge0rG SaltyBones: maybe you could use the portable?
  7. SaltyBones I remember that it exists but I cannot find a link. :)
  8. Ge0rG SaltyBones:
  9. SaltyBones ah...yeah I'm on linux right now
  10. Ge0rG SaltyBones: run it in a windows VM. problem solved :D
  11. andrey.g SaltyBones: or just using Wine.
  12. SaltyBones Actually my experiences with the windows version were a bit meh
  13. mimi89999 How are voice calls encrypted in the Python3 GTK3 version (the main branch)?
  14. mimi89999 ‎lovetox: In Gajim 16.10 when I try to enable OMEMO, I get: 13/03/2017 15:03:08 (E) gajim.plugin_system.omemo invalid syntax (, line 848)
  15. mimi89999 I do have python3-axolotl. I don't understand where is the problem...
  16. SaltyBones 16.10? is that git?
  17. SaltyBones mimi89999, ^
  18. mimi89999 Yes git
  19. SaltyBones which os are you using?
  20. SaltyBones and how did you install the plug-in?
  21. mimi89999 Debian Stretch
  22. mimi89999 git clone {gajim plugin repo} -b gtk3
  23. mimi89999 SaltyBones:
  24. SaltyBones mimi89999, and you're using it with the gtk3 branch from the main repo?
  25. mimi89999 SaltyBones: Gajim git main, plugins gtk3
  26. mimi89999 *gajim git main branch
  27. lovetox hm
  28. lovetox would be interesting where comes frm
  29. lovetox i never saw it
  30. lovetox probably a problem again with protobuf
  31. mimi89999 I have it from the Debian repo (as dependency of python3-axolotl)
  32. mimi89999 lovetox: What version of protobuf is known to be working for that setup?
  33. SaltyBones well the wiki says something about downgrading for some systems
  34. lovetox just install python-protobuf again
  35. lovetox maybe the python-axlotl package is somehow wrong packaged
  36. lovetox invalid syntax seems a hard error, like python2 / 3
  37. lovetox but check that really python-protobuf for python3 is installed
  38. lovetox also downgrading is not necessary anymore on debian
  39. lovetox gajim-omemo package should work out of the box
  40. lovetox but thats only for gtk2 available
  41. SaltyBones what s the connection between these low-level protocol things and the gtk gui version?
  42. lovetox its not
  43. lovetox gtk2 is python2
  44. lovetox gtk3 is python3
  45. lovetox its the python versions
  46. lovetox i used gtk2 synonym for python2 :) of course gtk2 could used with python3 but gajim doesnt do this
  47. mimi89999 So I need python3-protobuf, right?
  48. lovetox yes
  49. mimi89999 So that's what I have from Debian testing.
  50. lovetox then i guess report it to debian bugs
  51. lovetox because i cant do something against an invalid syntax in protobuf
  52. lovetox but did you reinstall the newest version? or did the axolotl package install it
  53. lovetox you should really try to get the newest version
  54. mimi89999 lovetox: I do have the version from the testing repo -- the latest version
  55. lovetox which is?
  56. lovetox on git master protobuf there is nothin in line 84
  57. lovetox maybe get not the one from testing?
  58. lovetox install stable protobuf 3
  59. SaltyBones bah
  60. SaltyBones pip3 search protoubf
  61. SaltyBones gives me
  62. SaltyBones protobuf3 protobuf (3.2.0) protobuf-py3 python3-protobuf lightprotobuf pyprotobuf
  63. SaltyBones which all sound sort of possibly correc
  64. mimi89999 SaltyBones: 😂👍
  65. SaltyBones well it's not protobuf because that wants protobuf 3.2.0 and my system only has 2.6.1 :)
  66. SaltyBones protobuf-py3 seems to run but now the omemo plugin says cannot import name 'symbol_database'
  67. SaltyBones which occurs nowhere in the code according to grep
  68. SaltyBones and now my python interpreter crashed
  69. SaltyBones holy shit :D
  70. SaltyBones might mean that the protobuf version is too old according to the internets
  71. lovetox i run omemo on ubuntu without problems, i can look which version it uses
  72. SaltyBones lovetox: i'm trying to run the git version
  73. jh Hello, I have two clients: Conversations and Gajim with priority 0. Gajim shows me after switching on not all messages in conversations I see. This is normal. The keys are up-to-date.
  74. SaltyBones jh, yes, this is normal
  75. SaltyBones not great, but normal
  76. SaltyBones gajim only shows mam messages in the history
  77. jh SaltyBones‎: ok, What happens when 2 clients with prio 0? If one is off and later on?
  78. SaltyBones I think you will only receive messages on the online client. Not actually sure, though.
  79. jh Then switch back on i immediately mam
  80. jh thx :-) (Y)
  81. lovetox jh, SaltyBones
  82. lovetox if you have a server which supports CarbonCopies
  83. lovetox priority has no effect at all
  84. lovetox every device will always get all messages
  85. lovetox also its not true that you cant display mam messages in the chat window
  86. lovetox search in the advanced config editor under preferences
  87. lovetox for "restore_lines"
  88. lovetox and set it to 100 or how much messages you want to display in your window
  89. lovetox also when you are on gajim 0.16.7 set "restore_timeout" to 0
  90. SaltyBones lovetox, how does the server know which clients exist?
  91. lovetox because you have to log in and establish a connection
  92. jh Ok, I must look but i think i have this setting so
  93. jh lovetox: -1, -1 no limit
  94. lovetox no
  95. lovetox you are on muc_restore_lines
  96. lovetox thats the wrong setting
  97. lovetox restore_lines
  98. jh This is the translation does not
  99. jh ok i testing
  100. SaltyBones ‎[17:15:56] ‎SaltyBones‎: lovetox: i'm trying to run the git version <-
  101. lovetox run with -c PATH switch
  102. lovetox that sets a config dir in another place
  103. lovetox so your gtk3 git version dont uses the gtk2 config
  104. lovetox this should be totally separate
  105. SaltyBones lovetox, yeah I have that...I do run the gtk3 branch of the plug-in with the master branch of gajim
  106. lovetox yeah so whats the problem?
  107. SaltyBones ‎[16:47:35] ‎SaltyBones‎: protobuf-py3 seems to run but now the omemo plugin says cannot import name 'symbol_database'
  108. lovetox wait
  109. jh lovetox: I have stayed a night not in written and Gajim conv was, after switching on conv was nothing is displayed. joke 2000 and 0
  110. jh lovetox: I have written a message in gajim and conv was, after switching on conv was nothing is displayed. joke 2000 and 0
  111. lovetox what+
  112. lovetox you wrote a message in gajim
  113. lovetox and it is not displayed in conversations?
  114. jh yes
  115. lovetox does this happen when both devices are online?
  116. jh working
  117. lovetox then your server lacks MAM support
  118. jh Ok, the salty has also thought
  119. jh I will now again and test
  120. lovetox do you run your own server?
  121. jh yes prosody
  122. lovetox then activate or install mod_mam
  123. jh Yes I had until recently
  124. Ge0rG I wonder why some people always have <delay> elements in their messages
  125. lovetox which one?
  126. lovetox i know of a client that does this
  127. Ge0rG lovetox: all messages by jh have a <delay> in them. Must be gajim
  128. lovetox jh which gajim version are you using and which nbxmpp?
  129. jh Gajim 0.16.7
  130. lovetox Ge0rG could this be caused by a server with the wrong time?
  131. lovetox i dont think gajim adds the delay tag
  132. jh nbx? Where is the
  133. lovetox nbxmpp its a python package
  134. lovetox are you on linux?
  135. jh yes ubuntu
  136. Ge0rG lovetox: I can't imagine a server doing that
  137. lovetox dpkg -s nbxmpp
  138. jh no install
  139. lovetox dpkg -s python-nbxmpp
  140. jh no work, no install
  141. jh äh moment
  142. jh dpkg -s python-nbxmpp dpkg-query: Paket »python-nbxmpp« ist nicht installiert und es ist keine Information verfügbar Verwenden Sie dpkg --info (= dpkg-deb --info) zum Untersuchen von Archiven und dpkg --contents (= dpkg-deb --contents) zum Auflisten ihres Inhalts.
  143. jh not found
  144. lovetox how did you install gajim?
  145. jh Ubuntu: If you use Ubuntu universe repository do apt-get install gajim A daily package from git is also built. To use it, remove gajim (apt-get remove gajim), create a file named /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim and add this line: deb unstable main and install it by doing apt-get install gajim-nightly. You can get the GPG key of this package by installing gajim-dev-keyring package from the same repository. Just do apt-get install gajim-dev-keyring.
  146. jh
  147. jh python-nbxmpp
  148. jh Vorbereitung zum Entpacken von .../python-nbxmpp_0.5.3-1_all.deb ... Entpacken von python-nbxmpp (0.5.3-1) ... python-nbxmpp (0.5.3-1) wird eingerichtet ...
  149. jh lovetox: For what is nbxmmp good?
  150. jh with mam is working
  151. mimi89999 lovetox: pip3 install protobuf solved my issue.
  152. lovetox yeah again, please report the problem to debian, as it seems it is a bug in protobuf
  153. mimi89999 OK. Thanks.
  154. mimi89999 I have 2 other questions.
  155. mimi89999 1. Is support for PEP avatars planned? 2. How are voice calls in the GTK3 version encrypted?
  156. lovetox they are not encrypted
  157. lovetox at least i dont think so
  158. lovetox did you try it?
  159. lovetox does it work good? i never tried it
  160. mimi89999 I don't because none of my contacts has that version of Gajim?
  161. mimi89999 > they are not encrypted Too bad!
  162. mimi89999 What about 1.?
  163. lovetox 1.?
  164. lovetox ah pep
  165. lovetox in gtk3 i could look into adding it
  166. mimi89999 lovetox: Then avatars set in Conversations would display in Gajim without the server needing to have pep to vcard module....
  167. arune mimi89999: we want to make the gtk3 version released before adding a lot of new buggy features ☺
  168. arune mimi89999: also, prosody dont have persistent storage of pep, so the avatars will be lost after a server restart
  169. arune Unless using that module I guess
  170. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *c75c45bc* <> Add new Columns to Logs.db *d874676e* <> Merge branch 'sql' into 'master' Add new Columns to Logs.db See merge request !66
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