Gajim - 2017-03-10

  1. vflyson I vote for an 80s-style guy: white pants, pink shirt and pitch-black sunglasses
  2. vflyson with neon lights in the background
  3. vflyson I have a question
  4. vflyson here I'm triggering a command "/-" which I define for that plugin to output a line of 130 dashes... is there a way to put a line inside the current chat window without using commands at all? Preferably to make it always scale to 100% width of the chat window.
  5. lovetox no, as the chatwindow is a textview
  6. lovetox you can put in text
  7. lovetox text will not get bigger with scaling the window
  8. vflyson that's not the end of the world, I'm cool with using text for that separator
  9. vflyson what would you say is the easiest way to inject raw text into the text view?
  10. vflyson I've tried to follow the flow of the code that renders blue outputs from commands but it seems to be a bit too deep in the code, I get lost before I find out where it is
  11. vflyson the problem with send_message() is that when used, it wipes the value of the input field without any way to get it back
  12. lovetox vflyson, what do you want to achieve
  13. lovetox if you just want to print something use print_conversation_line()
  14. lovetox its a method of the chatcontrol
  15. lovetox there are helper function that can get you the active chatcontrol from a jid
  16. lovetox for example
  17. lovetox send() would really send a message, i dont know if you want to do that
  18. Cicada 3301 hello ppl out there I am trying to learn how to setup an omemo encrypted room with gajim where everybody can join... so if you like to learn/help
  19. Link Mauve Cicada 3301, that’s not possible.
  20. Link Mauve And would totally defeat the point.
  21. Cicada 3301 which point?
  22. uc Cicada 3301: only people you invite can join. It must be a non anonymous and private muc.
  23. Cicada 3301 ‎Link Mauve: yes.
  24. Cicada 3301 well having a temporary identity within an encrypted chatroom that can chat encrypted is non anonymous...
  25. uc Cicada 3301: non anonymous here means all the participants can and should see your jid.
  26. Cicada 3301 Maybe I have an error in reasoning
  27. uc Cicada 3301: But you were having problem with enabling omemo right?