Gajim - 2017-03-09

  1. Link Mauve I know, not every shikigami kitsune has a shikigami too. :p
  2. ran I even have a jabber bot named "shikigami".
  3. Link Mauve Should have named her Chen.
  4. ran Her avatar is Chen of course!
  5. ran This name just reflects a "programmed" nature of bot. I thought it's funny.
  6. ran > It was published with Conversations mimi89999: does Gajim support PEP avatars which Conversations uses?
  7. mimi89999 ran: No, but those can be easily changed on the server side...
  8. SaltyBones Ge0rG: cool
  9. SaltyBones Which chat systems have those?
  10. SaltyBones I mean stickers in general...
  11. Ge0rG SaltyBones: no idea. But I'm working on scaling up smileys in yaxim according to the number of smileys in the message.
  12. Link Mauve SaltyBones, XMPP I guess, since XEP-0231.
  13. Link Mauve But this term didn’t exist back then, it used to be called “smileys” back in the MSN days.
  14. SaltyBones I'm just curious what kind of stickers exist besides emoji.
  15. Link Mauve SaltyBones, I think the concept is to send a custom image that looks like a smiley but generally is different.
  16. SaltyBones Between images and emojis it seems pretty useless
  17. Link Mauve People seem to want that, back in the MSN days, and now as well.
  18. SaltyBones And why did my conversations not load that image by Ge0rG?
  19. SaltyBones That s why I was looking for a chat that has it.
  20. Link Mauve I think Conversations still uses its own proprietary method for image loading.
  21. SaltyBones I thought maybe I ll get it if I try x)
  22. Link Mauve Namely looking at if there is only an URL in the message, and then considering that an image.
  23. Link Mauve SaltyBones, I think Movim supports that.
  24. SaltyBones Maybe it only loads them if there is nothing else in the message.
  25. Link Mauve That’s what I just said.
  26. Ge0rG Link Mauve: my take is that you can emulate 99% of the stickers use case by displaying smileys in a huge font
  27. SaltyBones Link Mauve: typing on a phone!
  28. SaltyBones Slow!
  29. Link Mauve SaltyBones, I’m sorry for you. :x
  30. Link Mauve Ge0rG, probably, yeah.
  31. Ge0rG
  32. Ge0rG Made the smiley size adaptive now :>
  33. Link Mauve Oh, it’s a bitmap font? :/
  34. Link Mauve Why is nobody using vector art for things that clearly got designed that way? /o\
  35. SaltyBones What makes you think it is a bitmap font?
  36. Ge0rG SaltyBones: the largest smiley looks pixelated
  37. Ge0rG and it's not jpeg artifacts, it's there in the original image
  38. Link Mauve SaltyBones, everything looks terrible.
  39. Ge0rG Link Mauve: don't speak so badly about yaxim :D
  40. Link Mauve Ge0rG, I’m speaking about that OS it runs on. :p
  41. SaltyBones Does conversations exist for ios?
  42. Link Mauve No.
  43. Ge0rG SaltyBones: no. The least horrible client for iOS currently is ChatSecure 4
  44. SaltyBones who is mateusz and why are his plug-ins in the git repo?
  45. SaltyBones and why is there no plug-in manager? :)
  46. lovetox SaltyBones, what?
  47. SaltyBones When I run the git version of gajim I only get plug-ins by mateusz and no plug-in manager :)
  48. lovetox yeah thats because its a def version and the plugin manager is in the plugins repo
  49. lovetox though why are you running the git versioN?
  50. lovetox there is a gajim-nightly package that has everything included
  51. lovetox git version would only be necessary if you plan to commit changes to git :)
  52. SaltyBones lovetox, maybe I will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  53. SaltyBones lovetox: i was mostly surprised that there were other plugins not that the manager was missing
  54. lovetox these other plugins are examples for devenlopers
  55. lovetox i never used them till now
  56. SaltyBones should they be in the main tree?
  57. Link Mauve lovetox, Error loading css: %s [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/share/gajim/data/style/gajim.css'
  58. xfkexqwgf2zbzekd How does Gajim verify the authenticity and integrity of plugins downloaded by the plugin downloader ? is there any certificate pinning for https or is there is there a signature for packages ?
  59. blabla Ge0rG: is just a blue fork of conversations?
  60. Ge0rG blabla: no idea, I'm just using their picture server
  61. blabla Ge0rG: it seems to be
  62. Ge0rG "open" and "free" variants.
  63. zuglufttier Pix-art will just add a "standard" server for easy usage.
  64. zuglufttier Just enter a user name and you're ready to do. A bit like this:
  65. Ge0rG and zom is a whitelabel fork of chatsecure. Which is actually holding back chatsecure as an XMPP client.
  66. zuglufttier Why is that?
  67. Ge0rG zuglufttier: because developer time is limited, and zom makes efforts to not look like XMPP, or so I heard
  68. zuglufttier Ge0rG‎: I see, makes sense... Even one more project. And the server uses miss quite some features.
  69. lovetox_ ‎xfkexqwgf2zbzekd: yes we have https pinning
  70. lovetox_ but only in the plugin_installer 12.2
  71. lovetox_ i made a try at a new chatcontrol
  72. lovetox_
  73. lovetox_ does this look more "modern"
  74. arcade ENOTENOUGHCSS
  75. lovetox_ obviously icons and formatting could be changed to anyones liking with css :)
  76. arcade As a former fan of Tkabber I rather see no reason in duplicating everything and extra icons. But I must say it looks good.
  77. lovetox_ what do you mean with duplicating?
  78. lovetox_ the messages of one and the same contact would be merged, the avatar would only show once
  79. arcade Ah.
  80. lovetox_ but for displaying purposes i showed it like that
  81. arune lovetox_: cool work!
  82. Br0nek looks good.
  83. zuglufttier
  84. zuglufttier I'd love to see it behave a bit more like Conversations or WhatsApp like this.
  85. zuglufttier Less icons and easy to see who wrote what. A bit alignment to the left or right.
  86. zuglufttier But looking pretty good already!
  87. zuglufttier And maybe move that lock just to the top? Not next to every message but the whole window?
  88. lovetox_ left and right alignment is for smatphones i think
  89. lovetox_ on desktop you have a bigger window
  90. lovetox_ messages are to far apart from each other
  91. lovetox_ depending on how big your window is
  92. lovetox_ but i will try to see how it looks
  93. lovetox_ lock icon is a per message information
  94. lovetox_ one message can be encrypted, the next not
  95. lovetox_ it seems you dont use encryption in conversations, or you would see the same
  96. lovetox_ but the good think about the new thing is
  97. lovetox_ that everyone could easily style it like they want
  98. lovetox_ for example what you see now is this
  99. lovetox_
  100. lovetox_ everybody can move around the items either in xml, or with a designer like glade
  101. lovetox_ we could even include some "message" styles and let the user switch
  102. zuglufttier lovetox_: You're right regarding the icons :D I think it's just that they are a bit prominent in your screenshot. Maybe a light shade of grey would be nice. Regarding the aligment of the messages: That really is a problem. I already about it and it won't work nicely on a big screen. The real problem is too much space, unused... How to fill that?
  103. zuglufttier thought
  104. lovetox_ there is no way to fill that, you could blow the window up to fullscreen :D
  105. lovetox_ desktop will just look a bit different than smartphone
  106. lovetox_ btw: that screen was me just adding some icons fast
  107. lovetox_ thats not in any way a design choice i really thought about
  108. lovetox_ but i have to first make a lot of changes in the back
  109. lovetox_ to style how the message is displayed is really not work at all
  110. arune Can't we remove the ugly green guy? ☺ He feels like he's from the 90ties
  111. SaltyBones arune, and replace it with what?
  112. arune SaltyBones: probably anything, or nothing