Gajim - 2017-03-07

  1. mrDoctorWho It seems gajim doesn't rejoin rooms after reconnect
  2. Flow Once in a while gajim opens a window and tells me that a message from an invalid JID was received. But it doesn't show me the message or at leats the JID. I'd suggest to change that. Nothing is more frustrating for the user if he gets presented with an error message but is unable to do anything about it. Either show more context about the error, or don't show an window at all.
  3. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 5 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *432ec7ff* <> Fix usage of logger constants in command system The definition of various constants was refactored to use enumerations in commit 2fbadc91e9dc. One reference in the command system was not changed to use the new enum, however. *f1ee561b* <> Fix broken command system by importing CommandContainer modules ChatControlBase was split from ChatControl into its own module in commit 80221afc2ccb. With this split the import of the CommandContainer modules was removed as well, likely because their members are not referenced anywhere. However, importing these modules even when they are not used directly is crucial because the contained CommandContainers are only registered with the command system when their definitions are evaluated. Import the modules with CommandContainers in to fix the command system. Also add a comment stating more clearly why the imports need to be kept around. *ceb7772b* <> Correct some typos in command system comments *01893054* <> Fix grep command in chat window Commit d75ebd95e5e3 modified the return value of's method get_search_results_for_query by appending another component to the tuple. Because of this unpacking the tuple in the command system's grep command failed. *205f5f30* <> Merge branch 'command-system-regressions' into 'master' Fix various regressions in the command system See merge request !63
  4. DarkDog hello?
  5. DarkDog hello?
  6. vetetix Hello
  7. DarkDog :-D
  8. DarkDog :-D
  9. sergio Hello, is gajim connecting to when you init session?
  10. DarkDog ?
  11. sergio I can see logs in my prosody server trying to connect to and I was wondering me if the cause is gajim
  12. DarkDog mabye or mabey not
  13. DarkDog Do you have any other chat rooms?
  14. sergio only one room outside my server
  15. lovetox yes serio
  16. lovetox you can probably disable this in the advanced confg ediotr
  17. lovetox search for "proxy"
  18. zak Hi. Can I put python-nbxmpp somewhere within the gajim directory für linux so that they are found automatically?
  19. Link Mauve sergio, I think it used to be in very old Gajim versions, but this server has been dead for years.
  20. Link Mauve Doesn’t prevent Pidgin and probably a bunch of other clients from trying it, instead of the server local one.
  21. lovetox its in the default gajim config
  22. sergio lovetox, Link Mauve, thanks
  23. Link Mauve lovetox, still? :o
  24. lovetox,,
  25. Link Mauve Ugh…
  26. lovetox but i dont know if it actually uses this over the local server one
  27. Link Mauve Is any of these still working? /o\
  28. lovetox i dont have an idea
  29. Link Mauve lovetox, is perfectly dead, seems to establish s2s properly, seems to allow incoming s2s (with an invalid certificate…), but doesn’t answer back.
  30. Link Mauve I haven’t tried the actual functionality of though.
  31. Link Mauve My advice would be to wipe this configuration, and always use the local proxy.
  32. lovetox kk
  33. sergio lovetox, I dont know how to disable the proxy
  34. sergio the option global_proxy is empty
  35. sergio and the proxy option on my account is empty too
  36. lovetox go to accoutns
  37. lovetox -> General tab
  38. lovetox uncheck "use filetransfer proxies"
  39. Link Mauve lovetox, err, are you sure?
  40. Link Mauve You actually want to use proxies, just not these three ones.
  41. Link Mauve I guess emptying the list would make it use your local proxy instead.
  42. lovetox hm you are right
  43. lovetox then go to the advanced editor
  44. lovetox preferences -> advanced -> editor
  45. lovetox and search for "proxies"
  46. sergio lovetox, and I have to emptying the list, right?
  47. lovetox if its empty i can guarantee you that not gajim is querrying
  48. lovetox if it takes your local fileproxy then is another story
  49. lovetox but i thought your goal is to not query the url
  50. lovetox empty it and try it i guess :)
  51. lovetox you could also fill in your own proxy url
  52. sergio lovetox: thanks
  53. sergio It would be nice that it takes the proxy for the account server