Gajim - 2017-03-06

  1. arune
  2. arune lovetox, why is vflysons text in smaller font?
  3. Link Mauve arune, probably because they were always sending delayed messages.
  4. Link Mauve Not sure why they were doing that.
  5. Link Mauve Gajim probably does that so that you know the timestamp might not be accurate.
  6. lovetox Link Mauve, thanks thats a good clue
  7. lovetox we had reports of people sending muc messages with delayed timestamps
  8. lovetox it seems a bug somewhere, but i dont know why it is happening just now
  9. arune vflyson, maybe you know more? what client and server were you using?
  10. vflyson oh, I'm using Kadu for this chat instance
  11. vflyson I'm also very weird in person, that may be why my font looks different online
  12. lovetox :D
  13. lovetox vflyson please write another message
  14. vflyson Quick brown fox jumps over lazy something something I don't remember
  15. lovetox damnit had the wrong window open
  16. lovetox again please
  17. vflyson Quick brown fox jumps over something something again
  18. lovetox <message from='' to='' type='groupchat'> <body>Quick brown fox jumps over something something again</body> <active xmlns=''/> <delay xmlns='urn:xmpp:delay' stamp='2017-03-06T10:04:59.803Z'/> </message>
  19. lovetox indeed
  20. lovetox there is a delay tag
  21. vflyson why would it be there? :(
  22. lovetox is your system clock showing the correct time
  23. vflyson yeah, quite correct, sir
  24. lovetox then maybe make a bug report with Kadu
  25. vflyson Kadu's too bugged at this point that I think having a delay tag sent to a group chat is somewhere on the bottom of the list of things that are wrong with this IM client'
  26. vflyson I might be the only person using it in this room
  27. testik lovetox‎: yes, I did look into the history window. If this is caused by plugin being disabled, you should do something about it, so that plugin doesn't get disabled by itself.
  28. lovetox you said it disabled itself when updating?
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *caf0b4e0* <> [plugin_installer] Replace deprecated warn() *8c3aa973* <> [plugin_installer] Replace deprecated render_icon()
  30. testik lovetox, it didn't work, then I updated it, restarted the pc and then checked and it was disabled
  31. lovetox ok i looked into it
  32. lovetox please oberserv it when you update the plugin next time and report it if it happens again
  33. lovetox if someone wants to checkout the "endless history in chatwindow"
  34. lovetox
  35. arune lovetox: cool, does it not download the whole mam history at first connect?
  36. lovetox its called mamscrolling, but it does not have to do anything with mam for now
  37. lovetox its only loading the history into the window
  38. lovetox but thats the next step to query mam if there is no history anymore to be loaded
  39. zak lovetox: There is no maximum? What if there are 10.000+ lines?
  40. lovetox your computer will explode
  41. zak :-O !!
  42. lovetox and you spend one year scrolling upwards to get 10000 lines
  43. zak devious
  44. lovetox because on each scroll only 5 lines are loaded
  45. lovetox :)
  46. zak Ah okay, I thought it loads all the lines...
  47. lovetox its like on the phone now
  48. lovetox only that it not querys mam for now, only your local db
  49. arune lovetox: I think conversations loads more then 5 messages from SQL when scrolling to the top ☺
  50. arune But I assume that is a small change ☺
  51. arune Nice work indeed
  52. lovetox you forget something
  53. lovetox who scrolls one tick on the mouse ever?
  54. lovetox every scroll tick is 5 lines
  55. lovetox on one usual scroll you probably get 20-30 messages
  56. lovetox just try it :)
  57. lovetox its flawless, you dont even know that its loading
  58. lovetox its just there when you scroll upwards :)
  59. lovetox actually you will think that its always there and not loaded :D
  60. Holger lovetox: That sounds really awesome.
  61. lovetox yeah please someone try it already :D
  62. Holger lovetox: If some chat windows are open while starting up Gajim, and Gajim then queries MAM, the open windows won't be updated once the MAM request is completed I guess?
  63. lovetox no not currently, but its a matter of 10 minutes to make that happen :)
  64. lovetox but first i want to fix that we do not load mam at all at start
  65. lovetox only when scrolled in the chatwindow
  66. lovetox or on a new account, when we first open the chatwindow
  67. lovetox of course there will be a "sync all" button somewhere
  68. Link Mauve lovetox, I scroll one tick at once on my trackpoint. :p
  69. lovetox of course you are my worst case test on anything i implement :D
  70. Link Mauve But you receive a number of ticks from GTK+, so you can count more than that.
  71. Link Mauve lovetox, thanks! :D
  72. Link Mauve I’m glad to be helpful!
  73. Link Mauve I should have become a QA guy. :D
  74. Link Mauve I’ll test your branch on Wayland after work. :)
  75. lovetox i remember back when i fixed the profile window in gajim, i joined the gajim muc to test and click on the profiles on each of the users, and only your fox picture made gajim crash :D
  76. Link Mauve It’s SVG, I put it there exactly to make sure other clients would get it right. :)
  77. lovetox thanks Link Mauve :)
  78. gandogar Hello, is there a way to delete chat-history after a mount of days?
  79. lovetox automatically ? no
  80. gandogar @lovetox: I thought automatically. But I found the "history manager" (in german language "Verlaufsmanager"). That's what I was looking for. That fits my needs. Thank you.