Gajim - 2017-03-03

  1. bot Vincent Flyson pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/regex-filter-config-ui_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *3f47af4d* <> Add UI view to edit replacement patterns for regex_filter
  2. ivucica Quick report: It looks like, after the switch to git, Download->Source page has only partially been cleaned up. There's a reference to "hg pull && hg update".
  3. gandogar Hello, I use gajim on different devices (notebook and desktop-pc). I can't see my own messages which I sent from my other device. Is it possible to manage this problem?
  4. Link Mauve gandogar, yes, you have to use a server providing Message Carbons.
  5. gandogar Hello, how can I do that? I have no idea what to do ... :-(
  6. Link Mauve Check the server features, I don’t think Gajim has any user-friendly way to do that though.
  7. Link Mauve If it’s there, check for XEP-0198:
  8. Link Mauve If it’s there, check for XEP-0280:
  9. Link Mauve Otherwise, ask your system admin to enable it.
  10. gandogar @link Mauve: Thank you. I will check the server, now knowing for what I am looking for ...
  11. gandogar The server has this feature: XEP-0280, which is needed for Message Carbons. How can I use/activate this feature?
  12. ssweeny gandogar, in the advanced configuration editor make sure "enable_message_carbons" is activated for your account
  13. gandogar @ssweeny: ok, I will look for this feature in de configuration editor ...
  14. ssweeny ah it looks like at least in v0.16.6 there is a checkbox for this option in the "general" tab for the account too
  15. ssweeny this wasn't there before
  16. gandogar @ssweeny: That option is activated in configuration editor for my account. Must this option be activated on every device on which I use gajim?
  17. ssweeny gandogar, yep
  18. ssweeny or at least every device on which you want to share conversations
  19. gandogar Ok, I will check this option on the other device, too.
  20. gandogar I'm using gajim in version 0.16.7 on linux mint. I did not see a checkbox for this option on the general tab yet. But it doesn't matter, if I can set this option in configuration editor.
  21. ssweeny it's on the general tab for "modify account" not preferences
  22. ssweeny it says "Receive conversations from other resources (if server supports it)"
  23. gandogar @ssweeny: I got it! In "modify account" (Ändern Konten) I found that option you described on general tag (in german language "Unterhaltungen von anderen Ressourcen empfangen (erfordert Serverunterstützung)". Thank you.
  24. ssweeny gandogar, sure thing
  25. ivucica Ping. That reference to "hg pull && hg update", can someone log it in a bug report system so I don't have to open any accounts?
  26. lovetox ivucica, where is that reference
  27. arune > Quick report: It looks like, after the switch to git, Download->Source page has only partially been cleaned up. > > There's a reference to "hg pull && hg update". lovetox: ⬆️
  28. lovetox damnit :D i thought i found all references, thanks
  29. Link Mauve lovetox, ugh, Gajim is sending a ton of the same request to its private storage. :o
  30. Link Mauve The <iq type="get"> <query xmlns="jabber:iq:private"> <roster xmlns="roster:delimiter" /> </query> </iq>
  31. Link Mauve It also does the same for storage:metacontacts and urn:xmpp:blocking.
  32. Link Mauve This is an up to date master branch.
  33. lovetox thanks for telling, i look into it when i have time
  34. Link Mauve It sends a ton of them in a single packet, with <a/> inbetween.
  35. lovetox hm not for me
  36. lovetox but i think i saw once something like that
  37. lovetox i have exactly one request send out for delimiter
  38. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *9fa31e9d* <> Remove hg reference
  39. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 7 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *2e026335* <> Simplify appending new line in history window ConversationTextview provides an abstraction for adding text with tags. Use it instead of directly accessing its backing text buffer. *d9a22515* <> Highlight all paragraphs of a search result in the history window A single message may span multiple paragraphs. Highlight all paragraphs of a search result because a keyword could be in any of them. Every message already has the 'eol' tag on its newline character. Highlight from the start of a search match up to the next 'eol' tag. *65c6a1e7* <> Remove unnecessary code in message highlighting in the history window The message to be highlighted is searched via an already formatted timestamp, and the match contains the whole timestamp with any preceding characters (like "["). Therefore, calling backward_char on the start iterator of the match just goes back to the previous line and is not needed. *66589886* <> Remove dead code in method get_search_results_for_query The method get_search_results_for_query provides a means to search via a passed in SQL query. This feature has been unused and dead since its initial commit back in 2005 (commit e542fff69f56), so just remove it. *d75ebd95* <> Rework message highlighting in the history window to not use timestamps Search results in the history window to are scrolled to and highlighted once the user clicks on one of them. Messages are searched by text in the log database, but then looked up in the history text buffer via a visible or invisible timestamp obtained from the database record. Timestamps in the history text buffer, depending on user configuration, may only have a coarse granularity. Philipp Hörist discovered that this may lead to the highlighting of the wrong line in the history text view and proposed an alternative solution that is implemented in this patch. Timestamps are abolished as a means of searching messages. Instead, add a mark with the unique message id (log line id) at the start of every message in the history text buffer when the conversation is loaded. After fetching the search results from the database this id can be used to unambiguously find the corresponding message in the history text buffer. *deebe384* <> Prevent unnecessary reloading of conversations in the history window Do not reload the conversation in the history window when the user selects another search result from the same day. Just clearing the previous highlighting is enough. This prevents flickering and provides a much more pleasant user experience. *1b975172* <> Merge branch 'history-highlighting' into 'master' Highlight all paragraphs of a message in the history window See merge request !46