Gajim - 2017-03-02

  1. zak lovetox: I think two remarks, that an incoming message is unencrypted are not needed: ‎Received plaintext message! Your next message will still be encrypted! ‎...: **Unencrypted** Hello.
  2. zak The first one could be omitted, or what do others think?
  3. zak In my opinion it doesn't even have to be in bold, a simple [unencrypted] should suffice.
  4. lovetox i agree that the ui is terrible, there should be a lock icon next to each message
  5. lovetox i will get to that hopefully in the gtk3 version soon
  6. zak Ah okay. No rush, just stumbled upon this.
  7. SaltyBones Actually, given the current ecosystem I'm fine with this.
  8. SaltyBones Usually if somebody is sending unencrypted they either have a client that doesn't support omemo so if you send encrypted it will fail or they have made some other mistake.
  9. SaltyBones Anyway your crypto is broken and it should be somewhat prominent.
  10. steff Hi. Is there any trick for the arch installation of Gajim? When I'm starting Gajim I get some error messages. Hopfully anyone can help me out.
  11. lovetox are you using a package?
  12. lovetox
  13. steff I installed it from the official arch repo.
  14. lovetox if you installed it from AUR and there is a error you should report it to the package maintainer
  15. lovetox what is the error you see?
  16. steff Not from AUR from the offical repo which you posted.
  17. steff Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 512, in <module> interface = Interface() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/", line 2926, in __init__ connection_zeroconf.ConnectionZeroconf(gajim.ZEROCONF_ACC_NAME) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 68, in __init__ CommonConnection.__init__(self, name) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 150, in __init__ self.gpg = gpg.GnuPG(gajim.config.get('use_gpg_agent')) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 36, in __init__ gnupg.GPG.__init__(self, gpgbinary=GPG_BINARY) TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'gpgbinary'
  18. lovetox ah
  19. lovetox uninstall gnupg
  20. lovetox install python-gnupg
  21. lovetox that are the names of the packages on pypi
  22. lovetox i dont know if arch has packages for it
  23. lovetox are you using gpgp?
  24. lovetox are you using gpg?
  25. steff gnupg and python-gnupg are installed
  26. lovetox yeah but they are incompatible to each other, you can only use one
  27. lovetox gajim uses python-gnupg
  28. lovetox if you dont need gnupg deinstall it
  29. lovetox if you need it
  30. steff Additional I have installed "python2-gnupg-isis 2.2.0-1"
  31. steff a modified version with security patches.
  32. steff Later on I would lilke to use gpg for mail encryption. So actually I need it.
  33. lovetox do you need it in gajim?
  34. steff nope actually not
  35. lovetox i can direct you to the code line where you could disable it
  36. lovetox then gajim should work
  37. steff that would be pretty nice.
  38. steff The question is why doesn't it work out of the box.
  39. lovetox because python2-gnupg-isis 2.2.0-1 took the same python import name then python-gnupg
  40. lovetox python always loads python2-gnupg-isis first
  41. lovetox but its incompatible to python-gnupg
  42. steff I removed "python2-gnupg-isis 2.2.0-1" now it seems to work.
  43. lovetox a pretty dick move by the devs, you cannot have both libs installed now ..
  44. lovetox if you want to disable that gajim imports the lib
  45. lovetox
  46. lovetox change the import name to something not on your system for example "notonmysystem"
  47. steff Okay. When I'm using "python-gnupg" Gajim starts without any error.
  48. steff Looks like it's fixed. :)
  49. steff Pretty cool. Thanks you very much lovetox!
  50. lovetox np
  51. steff Now there is another issue. Cant' see any plugins under Plugin. hmm
  52. lovetox hm
  53. lovetox can you start gajim from the conole
  54. lovetox with gajim -l gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG
  55. steff 'gajim.plugin_system' isn't a valid debug level said the console.
  56. steff w8
  57. lovetox plugins_system
  58. lovetox then
  59. steff OUTPUT: "gajim.plugin_system No module named gi.repository"
  60. steff Hmm. I can only install from .ZIP
  61. steff got it with plugin(s)
  62. steff but no output.
  63. steff Perhabs it works with Arch in a diffenrend way? I now with Ubuntu you have all Plugins listed there.
  64. lovetox can you look into the gajim install directory
  65. lovetox there should be a folder named "plugins"
  66. lovetox is a there a folder called "plugin_installer"
  67. steff yep, found it: ’/usr/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer/’ looks all good.
  68. lovetox there is a manifest.ini in there
  69. lovetox open it and tell me what version
  70. lovetox is in it
  71. steff yes
  72. steff looks like it isn't activated... I'll seach for a possibility to activate it via console.
  73. lovetox what
  74. lovetox there is none
  75. lovetox please tell me the version
  76. steff version: 0.17
  77. lovetox yeah thats wrong
  78. lovetox please delete the folder
  79. lovetox and restart gajim
  80. lovetox see if it works then
  81. lovetox it seems there is a wrong plugin packaged into
  82. lovetox if that does not work
  83. lovetox download this here
  84. lovetox
  85. lovetox extract it to the same location
  86. lovetox indeed they packaged the wrong plugin
  87. steff I cloned this repo:
  88. lovetox yeah thats wrong
  89. steff named it plugins and now I see some plugins. Is this repo okay?
  90. lovetox dont do this
  91. lovetox delete all that
  92. steff but it wokrs.
  93. steff okay, why?
  94. lovetox extract only this plugin
  95. lovetox because we have a plugin installer
  96. lovetox that installs plugins
  97. lovetox we have more than one repo
  98. lovetox for different versions of gajim
  99. steff Okay, works like a charm!
  100. steff :)
  101. steff One last question (hopfully) do you know the original axolotl link (git repo). I've to install a package and would like to make sure I'm using the right one.
  102. steff For OTR I need a crypto modul as well. puh, Don't know how to.
  103. steff Can't activate ether OMEMO nor OTR currently.
  104. lovetox you should install the omemo plugin from AUR
  105. lovetox it handles all dependencys
  106. lovetox OTR needs pycrypto
  107. steff perfectly fine. With the "gajim-plugin-omemo 1.0.3-1" package runs OTR and OMEMO now. Fantastic!
  108. steff Thank you so much lovetox for your time and your support!
  109. steff bye bye and have a nice day. Now I can fully switch to gajim. :)
  110. lovetox =)