Gajim - 2017-02-26

  1. maiheu hi / salut j'aurais besoin d'aide avec un problème de video/audio sous gajim svp, sous debian testing, la partie est grisée dans les préférences, quelqu'un saurait pourquoi svp ?
  2. maiheu hm, semble que j'ai un prob d'affichage aussi o_O
  3. maiheu t'être un prob de lag en fait, bref :D
  4. maiheu (english version: I need help with video/audio on debian testing, please, I don't know why but I can't select any dev :/)
  5. Link Mauve maiheu, this room is English-only, sorry. :)
  6. maiheu ok, no prob
  7. Link Mauve Anyway, Debian removed the old farstream-0.1 from their repository.
  8. Link Mauve You will have to use Gajim’s master branch which works with farstream-0.2 (at least audio, I haven’t tested video).
  9. Link Mauve Hopefully they’ll backport this version at some point.
  10. maiheu # apt-cache policy libfarstream-0.2-5 libfarstream-0.2-5: Installé : 0.2.8-2 I've tryed with the daily snapshot, but audio and video are still in « grey » (can't select anything)
  11. Link Mauve Check Help > Features > Audio/Video, maybe you forgot another package.
  12. Link Mauve The dependencies changed a lot between 0.16 and master, mostly due to python3 and gobject-introspection.
  13. maiheu hm, can't find any « farstream » with python :/ maybe that's why?
  14. Link Mauve There is no need for any python-* anything anymore, thanks to gobject-introspection.
  15. Link Mauve This is also why farstream-0.2 couldn’t be used with 0.16.
  16. maiheu ok, I'll try with the daily snap and check for « help / feature / audio/video », brb, ty :)
  17. maiheu re
  18. maiheu « Possibilité de démarrer une conversation audio et vidéo. Nécessite python-farstream et gstreamer-plugins-bad. » still talking about python-farstream, description wasn't updated?
  19. maiheu and it's in grey too, can't select it
  20. Link Mauve Hmm, the translation may be old, here it says “Requires gir1.2-farstream-0.2, gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0, gstreamer1.0-libav and gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly.”
  21. Link Mauve Are you sure you are using the master branch?
  22. Link Mauve What does Help > About say, as a version?
  23. maiheu Gajim 0.16.7
  24. Link Mauve Then you are not using the master branch.
  25. Link Mauve It should say 0.16.10 or something.
  26. maiheu ok
  27. maiheu I've tried « hg clone gajim » but seem's to not work
  28. maiheu $ hg clone gajim abort: HTTP Error 500: repository /home/hg/repos/gajim/ not found
  29. Link Mauve It’s not using hg anymore, they switched to git.
  30. maiheu oh
  31. Link Mauve git clone
  32. maiheu ty
  33. Link Mauve But apparently you can just add the Debian repository and install gajim-nightly instead.
  34. maiheu ok, I'll try that, thx
  35. jillian Hi. I'm using Gajim 0.16.7. How can disable incoming status messages?
  36. arune jillian: what do you mean with incoming status messages?
  37. jillian I see a message everytime someone is marked as away
  38. jillian or returns from away
  39. ssweeny You mean you see a desktop notification?
  40. jillian Not a desktop notification
  41. jillian I mean these: Status is now: Not Available: (Not available as a result of being idle more than 15 min)
  42. jillian But I'm on my phone a lot, so they appear constantly on my Gajim. On Conversations, I can disable them from showing up. Can I do that with Gajim?
  43. ssweeny In the advanced configuration editor there's an option called "print_status_in_chats" that looks promising
  44. ssweeny Similar for mucs
  45. jillian Oh that's perfect!!
  46. jillian Thank you :)
  47. jillian 😊
  48. lovetox maiheu, why did you think we are on hg?
  49. lovetox where did you read that?
  50. Link Mauve lovetox, at
  51. lovetox ah
  52. lovetox k thanks
  53. Link Mauve Do you have access to this page?
  54. Link Mauve lovetox, did you find a fix for the roster issue in the end?
  55. lovetox yeah i think its fixed
  56. lovetox it was a endless loop in one of the cellrenderers of the treeview
  57. Link Mauve What about an alpha release then? :)
  58. Link Mauve This user from earlier wanted Jingle audio/video, and it’s currently only available in master for Debian users.
  59. lovetox i dont care to be honest, gajim is a chat client for me, i would never use such a feature, if i want to hear someone i call him on the phone. So i will not invest any of my time into making it work or fixing bugs. if someone wants to maintain this feature he/she is welcome to do it.
  60. Link Mauve No, it works.
  61. Link Mauve I tested it.
  62. lovetox great then :)
  63. Link Mauve What doesn’t is the same feature on a recent Debian on the 0.16 branch.
  64. Link Mauve Because they removed python-farstream from their archive.
  65. lovetox yeah i heard that
  66. lovetox yeah so lets make a alpha release, next time asterix comes on
  67. lovetox :)
  68. Link Mauve This is yet another reason to speed up the release.
  69. arune Good news!
  70. arune Let's clear the issuetracker and start over with this new alpha ☺☺☺
  71. Link Mauve arune, wut?
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  73. lovetox i think most of the issues are both branches though^^
  74. lovetox so website changed
  75. lovetox i think it needs some time to reflect on the website
  76. Link Mauve lovetox, not that it’s “git”, not “GIT”.
  77. lovetox is it then not also "hg"
  78. lovetox not HG
  79. Link Mauve Technically hg is only the command, the VCS is called Mercurial.
  80. lovetox so "Tarball and git"
  81. lovetox looks weird
  82. lovetox can i write Git
  83. lovetox or is that also wrong :D
  84. arune Sure issues are on both branches. But a cleanup would be nice ☺
  85. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, Git is also used.
  86. Link Mauve git would be the command, Git the VCS.
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