Gajim - 2017-02-24

  1. Redfox Hi!
  2. Redfox I just want to say Windows defender doesn't say nothing about gajim.exe now
  3. lovetox thanks for the info :)
  4. lovetox i dont get the use of logging levels
  5. lovetox or at least i only understand 2
  6. lovetox either i only want to see errors
  7. lovetox or i want to see everything because i try to debug something
  8. lovetox but there are like 3 log level in between
  9. lovetox info, warning, etc
  10. lovetox but this is probably more for servers or something like that
  11. lovetox i dont see a reason why i shoudl start gajim with info level
  12. lovetox either there is something to debug or i dont need a log at all
  13. zak lovetox: WARN is something, that is not right, but the application can go on. ERROR is something, where something really didn't work and failed. INFO is no problem but just an informational message. DEBUG is something, that only a developer may interest.
  14. zak At least I handle it that way.
  15. lovetox i know what is intended with the level, but i dont see a reason why i should start a application with something inbetween error and debug
  16. lovetox i mean its probably intended for a application that puts out a ton of log information
  17. lovetox and you have to filter
  18. lovetox but you can also already filter for the special module you want to log, like gajim.plugin_system, would only put out log info about plugin system
  19. lovetox it just seems overkill for me for most applications
  20. zak Well... DEBUG is only for developer information of course and activated for these purposes. A user should by default enable WARN or ERROR, to see when something is going wrong. I agree, INFO is probably only for more console applications.
  21. zak ERROR should be minimum, WARN only when the user is more interested if everything is alright.
  22. lovetox yeah if i think about it now, its probably only INFO that makes at least sense
  23. lovetox but there is even another one
  24. lovetox CRITICAL
  25. zak yeah... that's for really bad problems, I guess only relevant for more applications close to hardware.
  26. lovetox *the least sense i mean
  27. zak I would use WARN for errors like "File not found, but should be there, created new one"
  28. zak or "Configuration parameter not found, but should be set, using default..."
  29. lovetox yeah or that some recommended module is not there and a fallback used
  30. zak yes
  31. lovetox the thing is though, nobody starts applications like that or? everybody just uses the application with no logging level at all
  32. lovetox then when a problem happens
  33. lovetox the will activate the max logging because you dont know what level you will need
  34. zak Hmm... in case of Gajim I would log ERROR messages to a default file in .local/config/ or something like that. By default.
  35. lovetox we do this only on windows
  36. zak And somewhere there should be a setting where someone who needs it can change the loglevel to WARN or DEBUG
  37. lovetox is this usual for linux applications?
  38. lovetox that they automatically log stuff
  39. zak You do what on windows only? log to a file?
  40. lovetox yeah
  41. zak Hmm... It depends on the application I think, and what might be logged.
  42. zak If there is a chance, that Gajim might pollute the logfile with hundreds and thousands of ERROR messages, it might be bad, because the user wouldn't now.
  43. zak You can disable this altogether probably. But I would keep an option to activate file logging.
  44. zak For example if I want to find out something about a problem, I don't want to start Gajim in a console every time. (And if I am not careful and close the window all messages are lost.)
  45. lovetox yeah i wanted to make a UI for easy enabling logging for a long time
  46. lovetox its a pain to tell everyone how to get logging going
  47. zak Don't waste your time on that, if it will take too long.
  48. zak Just a config file, and someone should uncomment a line "#ENABLE_LOGGING=1" or something like that.
  49. zak Personally I really like text file based configuration very much.
  50. zak It's easy and can be as complex as anyone wants. All the bells and whistles ;)
  51. ssweeny I'm having an issue with the OMEMO plugin... I use a combination of gajim + conversations, and my wife only uses conversations. Our conversations instances can see each others' OMEMO keys, and my gajim instances can see my other devices' keys, but my gajim instance can't see her conversations key nor can she see my gajim keys. Looking at the debug logs in gajim I see stuff about enabling the UI for her but no device list for her
  52. ssweeny I do see keys for other contacts but they're not on my server
  53. fphome ssweeny: did you try to send an encrypted message from gajim before? maybe key fetching must be triggered manually this way
  54. ssweeny fphome, yeah it just says I can't send a message before trusting her key
  55. ssweeny My understanding was that the keys are published through PEP and some structure with them should arrive when I log in
  56. fphome ssweeny: does it show her key after this try?
  57. ssweeny fphome, nope
  58. fphome ssweeny: does restarting gajim help?
  59. ssweeny fphome, not so far
  60. ssweeny I sometimes wonder if doing it with specific timing would help, like restart then have her sign out and back in...
  61. ssweeny like if I'm somehow missing the PEP being published
  62. ssweeny What would be nice is if OMEMO devices could share trusted keys with each other
  63. ssweeny so if I've trusted her key on my phone then my desktop would get that info
  64. fphome ssweeny: from gajim to conversations this is possible via qrcode, but not the other way around ... this error sounds weird.
  65. ssweeny hmm
  66. zak ssweeny‎: Did you actually trust any keys? Or are there none visible?
  67. ssweeny zak, I trusted her key from conversations
  68. ssweeny but I can't see it at all from either of two gajim instances
  69. zak Hmm... maybe wait until someone else is around who can help.
  70. zak All plugins (OMEMO) are up to date?
  71. ssweeny omemo is 1.0.3 from the plugin manager
  72. zak Hm... that's the latest, okay.
  73. zak And if she writes a message to you, you only receive it on your Conversations device?
  74. zak And in her Conversations account, only your Conversations key is visible?
  75. ssweeny right
  76. zak Sorry... no further idea. Maybe something went wrong when the Gajim key should have been published on the server for your contacts.
  77. zak Just wait some more for others to help.
  78. ssweeny sure. Thanks for trying
  79. ssweeny hm.. it might actually be prosody's fault...
  80. ssweeny but that doesn't explain why it works on conversations
  81. lovetox sweeny
  82. lovetox i need the debug logs
  83. lovetox start gajim with gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  84. lovetox wait 20 seconds
  85. lovetox and post me the lopg
  86. lovetox its probably a problem with your server
  87. lovetox ssweeny‎
  88. lovetox and it probably doesnt work with conversations too, it just did for one second sometimes probably. once the keys are exchanged you dont ever need the server anymore, so you dont see when something breaks on your server regarding PEP
  89. ssweeny lovetox, one sec let me grab that log
  90. ssweeny lovetox, is the log. No mention of my wife's JID (maybe since she's offline right now) but if I open a tab for conversation with her I do get "Adding OMEMO ui for <her JID>"
  91. ssweeny I don't get a devicelist for her even when she is online
  92. lovetox so thats the problem
  93. lovetox we dont receive a devicelist
  94. lovetox try to quit conversations
  95. lovetox and restart it
  96. lovetox on your wifes phone
  97. lovetox this should trigger a new publish of the keys
  98. lovetox afterwards you should get them on login
  99. lovetox it should not matter if she is online or not, just for your info
  100. lovetox second idea i have, is that for some reason you dont have correct subscription to her jid
  101. lovetox right click on her contact in gajim
  102. lovetox -> manage contact -> subscription
  103. lovetox first 2 positions should be greyed out
  104. lovetox if both things dont help, i would try to go to servers log
  105. lovetox and see what happens when she restarts conversations
  106. lovetox does your server get the publised keys, is he saving it?
  107. lovetox you could find help in the prosody channel about that
  108. lovetox sadly jabber servers are not easy to setup at the moment, it takes a lot of knowledge to get everything working
  109. lovetox it is though weird that we add a UI for her contact
  110. lovetox this would mean we have gotten a device list in the past i think
  111. ssweeny yeah that's what I don't get, like part of the info is getting through, or maybe gajim sees that it's getting carboned OMEMO messages and makes a decision based on that?
  112. lovetox did it ever work?
  113. lovetox if you see the omemo button, could you deactivate encryption for her
  114. lovetox then restart gajim
  115. lovetox tell me if it still adds the UI
  116. ssweeny aha, now I get no OMEMO UI for her
  117. lovetox did you ever delete fingerprints from the config menu?
  118. lovetox maybe for other contacts?
  119. lovetox like did you use that function at all
  120. ssweeny no, I've only trusted fingerprints from that menu
  121. ssweeny actually I think in that particular menu I've only activated trust for my own devices. I've never revoked and for other contacts I've trusted via the prompt
  122. lovetox thats really weird, it could be that there is a combination of bugs at work
  123. lovetox though without receiving a devicelist at start, i dont think its useful to investigate the gajim plugin, im pretty sure the method that receives devices is bug free
  124. ssweeny OK
  125. ssweeny when she gets home I'll steal her phone and play around with it some more :)
  126. lovetox my guess is a restart of conversations fixes this :)
  127. lovetox but in the long run its important that you make sure that your server really stores the published keys forever
  128. lovetox like also on restarts etc
  129. lovetox updates, ..
  130. lovetox also if you really want to go forward with hosting your own server, you should definitly join the prosody channel
  131. ssweeny oh I'm already there, I asked here because gajim is where the symptoms of the problem show up. If it's really a prosody bug I'll pester them next :)