Gajim - 2017-02-23

  1. MattJ Howdy. Is it expected that Gajim 0.16.7 includes a <delay> element in every outgoing MUC message?
  2. arune What, 0.16.7 is released? How did I miss that?
  3. arune It's not announced in here and no message on planet jabber
  4. lovetox MattJ what version of nbxmpp are you using?
  5. lovetox arune its announced in the topic
  6. lovetox MattJ, its a bug but i think only in nightly
  7. lovetox so if you use nbxmpp 0.5.5
  8. lovetox you should be fine
  9. lovetox or update to latest HEAD on nightly
  10. lovetox then its also solved
  11. arune lovetox: I dont even see topic in conversations ☺
  12. MattJ lovetox, not sure actually, it was someone else in a MUC I was in that was sending them, not me
  13. MattJ Good to know it's fixed, thanks :)
  14. MattJ The 'from' attribute on the stanza was also "None"