Gajim - 2017-02-22

  1. Redfox Hi there
  2. Redfox Hi there
  3. lovetox hi
  4. Redfox Windows defender says gajim installer is a virus :D
  5. Éfrit Damned
  6. lovetox from where did you download it?
  7. lovetox hope from the gajim website :)
  8. Redfox your website
  9. lovetox today?
  10. Redfox yes
  11. lovetox portable or normal
  12. Redfox normal
  13. lovetox can you try if it also happens with this installer
  14. lovetox
  15. Redfox lovetox, that's fine
  16. Redfox lovetox, windows defender doesn't say nothing about this file
  17. lovetox does it tell you just the exe
  18. lovetox or does it name a particular file in between installation?
  19. Redfox exe
  20. Redfox I couldn't download it to the end until i deactivated it
  21. lovetox you couldnt even download the file ?
  22. lovetox i thought it complains when instlaling
  23. Redfox No
  24. Redfox It detects it as a trojan
  25. SaltyBones O_o
  26. Redfox can I give you a screenshot?
  27. Redfox (Spanish but I think you can understand it. Anyway I can translate it)
  28. lovetox yeah, i tested with avira, but it does not complain
  29. lovetox i actually cant use defender for some reason
  30. Redfox Element detected: trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl
  31. Redfox file: ...\gajim-0.16.7-1.exe
  32. Redfox lovetox, Microsoft hates you :D
  33. lovetox SaltyBones do you have windows and windows defender?
  34. lovetox could you test this also
  35. Redfox I'm on windows 10
  36. Redfox home
  37. Redfox 64bits
  38. Redfox I dont know if that's important
  39. Redfox snapshot you gived me and portable are fine. normal installer = Trojan
  40. lovetox could you upload the exe file here
  41. lovetox
  42. lovetox it tells me its fine
  43. lovetox antivir also says its fine
  44. lovetox i dont know why your defender says that
  45. Redfox it's just a microsoft fault
  46. lovetox but wouldnt that fault than not be on every windows computer the same?
  47. Redfox lovetox, yes...
  48. Redfox lovetox, someone tested it yet?
  49. lovetox also i would not generelly say its a microsoft fault, gajim server can be hacked and malicious software could be uploaded
  50. Redfox lovetox, well, I hope I'm safe
  51. Redfox lovetox, do you recomend me unistall it or something?
  52. Redfox lovetox, do you recomend me uninstall it or something?
  53. lovetox i thought defender didnt let you download it
  54. lovetox you installed it?
  55. Redfox yes because I deactivated it
  56. Redfox when I activated it again, It was deleted
  57. lovetox i dont think a uninstall would remove a viurs, that would be pretty stupid ^^
  58. Redfox you're right
  59. Redfox :D
  60. lovetox but you could scan your harddrive
  61. lovetox because if win defender knows the virus as exe file, it should also find it if its now somewhere else..
  62. Redfox I'm scaning right now
  63. lovetox i would be interested in feedback from other windows users
  64. devnull yeah that's weird; I downloaded and installed gajim just yesterday
  65. lovetox i sadly dont have access to the folder where the file is on the server
  66. devnull nothing from windows defender
  67. Redfox anyway, if I try to download it, it still happens
  68. lovetox maybe spanish windows defender is different ^^
  69. lovetox can you run a update on windows defender?
  70. Redfox It's updated
  71. Zuglufttier I installed gajim on windows 10 pro a few days ago and there was no problem. Also not using special anti virus software.
  72. lovetox ok thanks
  73. Redfox Yeah, I installed gajim two days ago in another computer with Windows 10 Pro and everything were ok
  74. Redfox I reinstalled Windows 10 in my computer and... well, you know
  75. Redfox Today
  76. lovetox just to be sure, what do you think is the gajim homepage ^^
  77. Zuglufttier Scanned the exe with sophos on win7 enterprise, no problems.
  78. lovetox thanks Zuglufttier
  79. Redfox
  80. Zuglufttier So clicking on this link will yield an error?
  81. Redfox Zuglufttier, I can't finish the download. Windows defender delete the file
  82. Zuglufttier OK, so your defender is the error :D
  83. Zuglufttier For whatever reason...
  84. Redfox Kaspersky online says file is safe, so...
  85. mrDoctorWho probably some malware is being packed with py2exe and some cheap antiviruses are trying to block anything that was made with py2exe
  86. mrDoctorWho everything*
  87. lovetox mrDoctorWho, yeah but it makes no sense that windows defender would do this only on one system
  88. mrDoctorWho I can't share the link, but virustotal says detection ratio is 2/55
  89. mrDoctorWho yup, that's right
  90. devnull yeah usually if a file is a virus, virustotal will flag with a majority (40+) of AVs
  91. devnull but most of the time something normal will still flag a couple
  92. mrDoctorWho No, I actually can. Just a proof of my words about VT
  93. lovetox puh ok then thanks to all, and lets go and do something else, crisis over !
  94. Redfox yeah guys, I'm the only one being spyed. Don't worry about it :D
  95. lovetox :D
  96. Redfox Full scan completed with windows defender. It says I'm safe
  97. Redfox I don't know if I should trust him :D
  98. ossguy I'm writing a component that uses ibb for file transfers (it does not advertise or support s5b) - it seems that when Gajim sends a file to my component, it (a) only sends the first <data/> block and (b) sends the Jingle sid in the <close/> (instead of the transport sid) when I forcibly stop the transfer
  99. ossguy as far as I can tell, my component is setting up the connection correctly, so I was wondering if this seemed at first glance like a bug in Gajim, or if I should look harder at my component
  100. ossguy (this is Gajim 0.16.6 as shipped with the latest Debian stretch)
  101. Asterix I could be a Gajim bug indeed. IBB is not tested a lot
  102. ossguy might I be better off advertising s5b support and then forcing a fallback to ibb?
  103. Asterix hmmm no, if you only announce IBB it should work. If there is a bug in Gajim we have to fix it
  104. ossguy well I'll still need my component to work with versions of Gajim that are out in the wild
  105. ossguy including in Debian stable, which might not receive a non-security update like this
  106. ossguy (I mention the s5b fallback "solution" as it seems in some testing I did a while ago that this method did not trigger the same Gajim behaviour I mentioned above)
  107. Asterix that could be a workarround, if it works. But That doesn't prevent us to fix the bug correctly
  108. ossguy ok, are there any further details you need about how to reproduce the bug?
  109. Asterix yes, if you could open an issue with at least the XML logs, and if we can access your component that would be nice to debug
  110. lovetox it would be great if you could add a quick issue report on
  111. lovetox also so we can stay in contact once we are getting to fix it
  112. ossguy sounds good; I will add that issue report within the next day or so
  113. ossguy my component does not have open registration so it's probably easiest if those who want to access it can provide me with their JIDs so I can add them for testing purposes
  114. ossguy (it is a gateway)
  115. ossguy you can review my gateway's source code at if you like
  116. ossguy anyway, I'll include all this in the ticket when I get around to creating it
  117. lovetox thanks
  118. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/https-pinning_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *58fbe785* <> [plugin_installer] letsencrypt CA pinning *8beb5d4b* <> [plugin_installer] SSL hardening Only TLS >= v1.2 allowed, with no compression (we don't need it, as we are only downloading zipfiles) *f22b093a* <> WIP: plugin security can be degraded *925fcfd2* <> [plugin_installer] Use idle_add to show dialogs in a thread. Fix downloading plugins