Gajim - 2017-02-20

  1. mrDoctorWho Hi. I use Gajim on several machines and also I'm using conversations on my phone. I have a problem with gajim that it does synchronize the logs, but it takes days for both gajims to have all the history. My server has MAM. Is there any fix for this issue?
  2. kimsehic3 Is it possible to invoke the xml console from a linux terminal?
  3. Link Mauve Using the default branch and some dbus invokation, I think so.
  4. Link Mauve But I don’t know exactly how.
  5. Link Mauve Use d-feet to inspect Gajim’s exposed methods.
  6. gandogar Hello, I can not start a group chat with OMEMO encryption. I found as necessary conditions: room has to be non-anonymous, members-only and all contacts must be in roster. This conditions are satisfied, but omemo encryption is disabled. Any idea?
  7. SaltyBones gandogar, I had similar problems but somehow got it to working after restarting or rejoining or such.
  8. SaltyBones It seem it doesn't work reliably yet.
  9. gandogar hello saltybones, I restartet gajim an reentered the room many times, but without success.
  10. SaltyBones gandogar, I assume you'r also using conversations?
  11. gandogar Yes, I tried gajim and conversations, but gajim - gajim, too. Same problems.
  12. SaltyBones Well, what I actually did was turn it on in conversations...
  13. SaltyBones And then at some point..and I don't know what exactly I did...the omemo button was enabled in gajim as well.
  14. gandogar Mh, ok. I will try. .. Which room properties has to be set to make it a non-anonymous room?
  15. SaltyBones so in conversations...
  16. SaltyBones you go to conference details
  17. SaltyBones and set it to "private, members only conference"
  18. SaltyBones and "non-anonymous"
  19. lovetox the most easy way where you dont have to think about anything
  20. lovetox is just create a group conversation with conversations
  21. lovetox it always configures the room exactly for what is needed
  22. gandogar saltybones: ok. Hm, I use gajim/conversations in german language. There's no property "non-anonymous" or similar. I am not sure which property is meant in german languabe.
  23. SaltyBones lovetox, but that screws up the room name
  24. SaltyBones gandogar, if you open the settings
  25. SaltyBones so under conference details click on the little gear
  26. SaltyBones it's the first and the last entry ;)
  27. SaltyBones what are they called in german?
  28. gandogar saltybones: the first entry is "Raumname" (room name), the last entry ist "Sperrliste" (forbidden jabber-id or similar)
  29. SaltyBones nononono
  30. SaltyBones what the hell O_o
  31. SaltyBones can you take a screenshot? ;)
  32. SaltyBones googles.
  33. gandogar I try ...
  34. lovetox no i think what is missing is
  35. lovetox there is a point that says
  36. lovetox "present jabber ids to: "
  37. lovetox and there you have to select "anyone"
  38. lovetox then rejoin the channel
  39. lovetox that should do it
  40. lovetox ah yeah and click the "make room persistent" so the room is not gone if you leave it
  41. SaltyBones
  42. SaltyBones If you created the room there will be a little gear next to "Publicly accessible conference".
  43. Link Mauve SaltyBones, your server’s certificate is invalid, fyi.
  44. SaltyBones maybe
  45. SaltyBones why?
  46. lovetox mrDoctorWho‎, i dont think gajim has a problem with syncing mam
  47. SaltyBones Link Mauve, I mean what's the reason?
  48. lovetox but you can easily observe at start, in the xml console
  49. lovetox what gajim querys from mam
  50. lovetox and what it gets
  51. SaltyBones
  53. SaltyBones gandogar, that's the settings....
  54. gandogar saltybones: Sorry, I looked in gajim (windows). I can not try on smartphone in this moment.
  55. lovetox gandogar please follow my advice i gave above
  56. Link Mauve SaltyBones, note that I use Nightly, so it may take some time to reach your Firefox contacts.
  57. SaltyBones Link Mauve, ah...yeah...I've seen that before myself. It's weird.
  58. lovetox in chrome your cert is also invalid
  59. SaltyBones gandogar, indeed try to follow lovetox's advice
  60. SaltyBones this should work in gajim somehow
  61. Link Mauve SaltyBones, oh also, you are using CACert, which pretty much no bundle ship.
  62. SaltyBones Link Mauve, I know but if it's only that then I don't mind.
  63. SaltyBones But yeah fixing that and getting a letsencrypt cert is on my todo list...but pretty low...I like manual confirmation. :)
  64. Link Mauve SaltyBones, you have weird fetishes.
  65. SaltyBones Link Mauve, well the whole ca system is a mess so...
  66. Link Mauve But yeah, in the meantime your contacts won’t be able to display these images.
  67. Link Mauve SaltyBones, have you tried DANE?
  68. SaltyBones no
  69. SaltyBones I don't even know how it works. :)
  70. SaltyBones Anyway if you guys have this all set up nicely for your server I would be happy about some instructions.
  71. SaltyBones Simple instructions to follow would lower the hurdle a bit. :)
  72. Link Mauve SaltyBones, you may be interested in that:
  73. Link Mauve (It’s only for server to server, but the setup is the same for clients.)
  74. SaltyBones I'm running ejabberd.
  75. SaltyBones Still looks somewhat useful, though.
  76. Link Mauve The instructions for DNS setup and further readings are the same.
  77. SaltyBones Thanks
  78. gandogar saltybones, lovetox: I will try later, in this moment I can not use my smartphone. Thank you.
  79. SaltyBones gandogar, lovetox was giving instructions for gajim.
  80. lovetox you dont need to use your smartphone..
  81. Link Mauve SaltyBones, it’s currently the best solution to get out of the CA scheme.
  82. lovetox this was for gajim
  83. SaltyBones Link Mauve, well I'm not sure how this DANE works exactly.
  84. SaltyBones But DNS is not under my control so I'm not sure how this would improve the situation.
  85. SaltyBones I mean I can change the settings but eventually my hoster controls DNS.
  86. Link Mauve Well, DANE can only work with DNSSEC, so if you can’t do that then you won’t be able to use anything but a well-accepted CA.
  87. gandogar saltybones: ok, I will try it.
  88. SaltyBones Link Mauve, my point is....doesn't DNSSEC/DANE just shift the problem from CAs to domain registrars?
  89. Link Mauve Yes.
  90. SaltyBones I mean you can argue that you have to trust your hoster anyway, I suppose. :)
  91. Link Mauve Which you are supposed to be in control of.
  92. mathieui SaltyBones, but you’re switching from an "absolute trust pool" to a hierarchical system
  93. SaltyBones fair point
  94. gandogar lovetox, saltyBones: I got it! The point was - as described from lovetox, to set "present jabber-id to everyone". Thank you.
  95. SaltyBones ah :)
  96. SaltyBones that's what conversations calls non-anonymous, I believe
  97. lovetox yes
  98. lovetox exactly
  99. gandogar yes, by changing this property I got a message "This room is not anonymous any more ..."
  100. SaltyBones I actually have no clue how anonymous, anonymous rooms really are. :)
  101. lovetox in anonymous rooms you cant see the JID of the participant
  102. lovetox for omemo we need the jid because i have to query the server of the contact for the keys
  103. gandogar in gajim per default JID in chat rooms are only presented to moderators.
  104. gandogar I have to pay attention to this property when I want to use omemo in chat rooms. Now I know ... ;-) Thanks. Have a nice day.
  105. ArnaudJ Hi everybody
  106. lovetox hi
  107. ArnaudJ Is it possible to send images with Gajim ?
  108. Marzanna ArnaudJ, if your server has support for http_upload
  109. ArnaudJ thank you Marzanna‎ ! I will look for that
  110. ArnaudJ Marzanna‎, do I need to install the HttpUpload plugin inside Gajim ?
  111. Marzanna ArnaudJ, yes, you do
  112. ArnaudJ Marzanna: Looks like I need to install the "Url image preview" plugin too if OMEMO encryption is activated
  113. ArnaudJ Gajim is a great software, but I think you have to install too much plugins just for basic features
  114. ArnaudJ as a beginner it's not easy to find that you have to install "HttpUpload" and "Url image preview" to send and receive images
  115. ArnaudJ is there a reason why it's not activated by default ?
  116. lovetox yes there is
  117. lovetox http upload maybe could be activated by default, but url image preview is too unsecure to make it defualt
  118. lovetox also there are not many people developing on gajim
  119. lovetox basically me, and i have only time a few hours per week
  120. lovetox so dont expect a all in one whatsapp deal hear, software like that needs a lot of work :)
  121. ArnaudJ Hi lovetox‎, thank you for you answer
  122. ArnaudJ Gajim is already quite good as it is
  123. ArnaudJ but well... I actually try to bring back some friends from whatsapp to more "open" solutions
  124. ArnaudJ that's the reason why I'm looking for easy things, that would satisfy the average user
  125. lovetox for mobile, conversations is quite good
  126. lovetox there are also nice webclients, like
  127. lovetox but not that feature rich
  128. ArnaudJ lovetox‎: thank you and congratulations for your work on Gajim!
  129. ArnaudJ bye