Gajim - 2017-02-18

  1. andrey.g Now, I removed the second virtual network bridge (which I added recently), thus only 1 local network interface remained and only 1 transport candidate. Now jingle ft works between test accounts again. Nice, that this bug is pretty reproducible. So this parallel try of two candidates seems to be not well managed for now.
  2. lovetox_ nice :)
  3. lovetox_ would be nice if you open a issue for it to document it
  4. andrey.g ok
  5. activate My account in gajim was disconnected. I then opened the Accounts window and disabled the account. A dialog opened about the 2 open MUC's and if I wanted to close them. I then chose no. From that point I would get an error message that kept coming back no matter what I chose. I had to kill gajim. This was the error that appeared:
  6. mrDoctorWho I think you better report it to the issue tracker
  7. activate I can do that :)
  8. activate Issue created
  9. activate Oh, forgot to add gajim version :/
  10. Oko Hello. Lovetox, always interested by the issue with bosh on linux version. where windows version work fine.
  11. lovetox_ you can start gajim with "v" switch and provide the full log
  12. lovetox_ "-v"
  13. Oko done,
  14. lovetox_ yeah there seems to be a SSL error
  15. lovetox_ the ssl connection is closed
  16. lovetox_ for some reason
  17. Oko k
  18. Oko but work with windows
  19. lovetox_ would be interesting what the server says in his logs at the same time
  20. lovetox_ do you have that possibility?
  21. Oko no possibility :(
  22. lovetox_ hm keep the log around, i hope asterix is here next week maybe he has an idea why this would happen
  23. lovetox_ does it also always happen after the receiving of the roster?
  24. Oko k, great, thank you. yes, always happen.
  25. Oko for additional information, it works with pidgin on linux
  26. jh lovetox_: hi, where and how is the name of the logfile?
  27. lovetox_ system?
  28. jh ubuntu
  29. lovetox_ there is none
  30. lovetox_ you have to start from console and redirect into a logfile
  31. jh ah ok
  32. lovetox_ start gajim with -v to see debug output in console
  33. jh ok
  34. jh thanks
  35. Willly ping
  36. mimi89999 Willly: Pong