Gajim - 2017-02-16

  1. SaltyBones Well, reconnecting always helps
  2. SaltyBones But I never have issues if I keep gajim running but put the machine in stand-by or connect from a different network
  3. SaltyBones It "seems" like a gajim issue to me
  4. lovetox standby is a issue
  5. lovetox if you are not on linux
  6. lovetox on windows we dont recognice when we go to standby, nor when we come back
  7. lovetox there is a timer in the background that reconnects you after x minutes of no connection
  8. lovetox but if you wake up from standby and instantly switch to a group chat
  9. lovetox it could well be that no reconnect happened
  10. lovetox but you didnt say something about standby
  11. lovetox you said "restart gajim"
  12. lovetox and if you have issue with a muc on a fresh restart of gajim
  13. lovetox its most definitly a server issue
  14. SaltyBones Hm. Conversations seems to work fine.
  15. SaltyBones Is there anything I can do to debug?
  16. SaltyBones I mean no matter what the server does gajim shouldn't show a window for a muc if it couldn't connect, right?
  17. jh hello, gajim not start value_error, ŵhere can you change value. ubuntu 16.04
  18. jh hello, how can one gajim restart if an incorrect configuration?
  19. jh i have the value in changed but the error remains
  20. lovetox jh what value?!
  21. lovetox why are you changing stuff in the py file
  22. lovetox with config there is meant the "config" file in your config directory
  23. lovetox not the python file
  24. jh lovetox: i purge newly installed. the error is still here. value u always_roster
  25. lovetox delete the config file in your appdata folder
  26. lovetox appdata/Gajim
  27. jh where ist the location of appdata under ubuntu
  28. jh ah
  29. lovetox .config
  30. jh works. many thanks. my pc has not me as .config displayed
  31. jh Muc_restore_lines -1 and muc_restore_timeout -1 are not effective. Perhaps not only with omemo? Can that be?
  32. lovetox this are not valid values
  33. lovetox hm
  34. lovetox but it says so in the config editor
  35. lovetox wtf
  36. lovetox do muc_restore_timeout 0
  37. lovetox ah no
  38. lovetox sorry
  39. lovetox this is muc
  40. lovetox what do you mean with not effectiv?
  41. lovetox it only restores line from your already received history
  42. lovetox ah no
  43. lovetox muc restore lines works differently
  44. jh It is bad translated. Lower omemo, no news but without are displayed. then it is safe to omemo
  45. lovetox it just means thats how much we request from the server on join
  46. lovetox there is no way to display old muc history in the window
  47. lovetox like in 1:1 chat
  48. lovetox with omemo it only works in specific situation
  49. lovetox with omemo you can never receive a message twice
  50. lovetox so on first join you get all new messages in the chat
  51. lovetox but if you leave and join again you will not get them again
  52. lovetox because they cant be decrypted
  53. lovetox and you will only see the messages in the history window
  54. jh my server has muc_mam, in historie is completly
  55. jh I have changed the values on 1000, but it still does not work.
  56. lovetox because gajim doesnt support mam for muc
  57. jh A pity, but that was soon? But if it is present in the history, it had to be but also in the area of work?
  58. lovetox mucs support history fetching without mam
  59. lovetox but only a limited amount
  60. lovetox thats what you can configure with muc_restore lines
  61. lovetox you request now 1000 messages history on every join
  62. lovetox but the server will only give you 20 or something like that, because he is configured that way
  63. jh I now have 20 messages and 1000 minutes, even the text of a few minutes ago is no longer after opening the window. The muc values on the server are very high. na ok, some is not yet, but it is a great program
  64. jh It is the only instance in the monitor. If the query is answered with "no", this instance is not closed. You get this not open. You can only end in tsaskman but not open again. For what do i need a second instance if i had and the only one not show again.
  65. lovetox how can it be the only instance in the monitor if gajim is already running?
  66. lovetox that makes no sense
  67. lovetox you run gajim
  68. lovetox then you have one instance in the monitor
  69. lovetox you run gajim a second time, now you MUST have 2 instances in the monitor
  70. lovetox if you click no, you have only one instance again
  71. lovetox ah i know the problem, you need the appindicator plugin
  72. lovetox download it, then you see a icon in your icon bar
  73. lovetox from there you can open gajim again
  74. lovetox if you minimize it
  75. lovetox if you minimize gajim dont click on the appbar to show it again
  76. jh ok lovetox i am testing tomorrow
  77. lovetox this is a unfortunate problem that only exists on ubuntu, that if you minmize gajim it goes into oblivion
  78. lovetox but with the plugin you can get it open again from the iconbar
  79. lovetox which is probably more natural anyway for most people