Gajim - 2017-02-15

  1. arune
  2. arune lovetox_, ^ see at 8:42 there was one message with small font
  3. Marzanna arune: I think it's fixed in latest nbxmpp
  4. Marzanna At least my messages are displayed in normal font in Gajim.
  5. arune aha, cool
  6. arune lovetox_ does a great work!!
  7. lovetox_ no
  8. lovetox_ i dont think it has to do something with nbxmpp
  9. lovetox_ i didnt do anything about that issue
  10. lovetox_ but i look into it now
  11. SaltyBones anybody else know this problem that you restart gajim and mucs are broken?
  12. lovetox SaltyBones, what do you mean with broken
  13. SaltyBones Cannot send to channel, context menu in tab does not work
  14. SaltyBones Probably doesn't even receive stuff
  15. lovetox then you are not in the channel
  16. lovetox probably the server has issues
  17. lovetox right click in roster on the channel and disconnect
  18. lovetox and try to join again
  19. lovetox or your own server has s2s issues, could also be
  20. lovetox i dont think thats a issue with gajim