Gajim - 2017-02-13

  1. activate <-- is that a Gst issue?
  2. lovetox probably im not into audio/video i really cant help you there
  3. activate I'll just have to be patient a bit and use Jitsi for audio/video in the meantime. And SIP also supports video so that's kind of nice too.
  4. activate Will the desktop sharing be added to Gajim too later on?
  5. lovetox if someone comes a long who wants to implement that :)
  6. lovetox im not planning to
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  8. Marzanna Why does Gajim display my messages with smaller font sometimes?
  9. Marzanna It happens only in MUCs
  10. lovetox does it happen when you join
  11. Marzanna lovetox, last my messages displayed in small font
  12. Marzanna And this one too
  13. lovetox i have to look what it means
  14. lovetox i think normaly if we query chat history its in a maller font
  15. arune Maybe due to s2s for a muc being down for a while? Or your connection to your own xmpp server being down?
  16. arune And gajim doesn't support smacks right? So a reconnection takes a little while
  17. lovetox arune gajim supports smacks fully
  18. lovetox or better, nbxmpp supports smacks fully
  19. lovetox but that only helps you if you are on a bad connection, gajim is mostly used on desktops so if you close gajim the session is ended
  20. lovetox and is not resumed later like when your connection drops
  21. lovetox also i dont think you can really feel the difference between a resume and a normal connect on a desktop with a decent internet line
  22. lovetox also i think its not about reconnection speed
  23. lovetox its about traffic that counts for mobiles
  24. arune Right, I guess the problem most often is the server or s2s connection
  25. lovetox with what? i dont get how you come to s2s?
  26. lovetox because gajim displays messages in small font
  27. lovetox ?
  28. Link Mauve lovetox, erm, Gajim is also very much used on laptops, where connectivity can be bad.
  29. arune lovetox: yes, sometimes gajim displays text in small font
  30. lovetox but why were you talking about s2s connection problems?
  31. SaltyBones lovetox, I just got gajim on windows to [Not responding] because I clicked a contact and it decided I had over 2000 new messages from him....
  32. arune lovetox: gajim muc is on another server then mine, so there could have been s2s interruptions
  33. lovetox SaltyBones, you had gajim started
  34. lovetox and got no notification
  35. lovetox but when you clicked the contact
  36. lovetox you saw 2000 messages?
  37. SaltyBones when I started it it showed a new messages icon for some contacts
  38. SaltyBones all magical unread old messages
  39. lovetox and you get that so often? i have this only if i jump between gtk3 and gtk2 version etc
  40. lovetox are you sure you are not running different versions of gajim sometimes?
  41. SaltyBones I totally am sure that I do that.
  42. SaltyBones Not on the same machine though.
  43. lovetox yeah i mean on the same machine
  44. Marzanna I restarted my XMPP server but Gajim still displays my messages in small font :/
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  46. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *279ec6b8* <> Fix smacks delayed tag addition. Only add delayed tag to stanzas saved into smacks queue, not to the ones send out directly. *027b7a30* <> Fix bug in failed smacks resumption Extract correct h value when session resumption failed. Add some more logging output. *ed4a9e05* <> Merge branch 'smacks_rev_1.5' into 'master' Fix smacks delayed tag addition. See merge request !3