Gajim - 2017-02-12

  1. jillian Hi.
  2. jillian I'm trying to enable audio/video in 0.16.7 but it requires python-farstream, which is not available for ubuntu 16.10.
  3. jillian The error I get is that is depends on libfarstream, which itself then depends on libgstreamer-plugins-good. None of these seem to be available either
  4. jillian :(
  5. jillian So... I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?? :)
  6. activate jillian, I think the only idea is to build the newer Gajim but that is easier said then done, for me atleast
  7. activate I tried but I'm getting errors from nbxmpp
  8. jillian Hi activate - I have the nightly build installed...
  9. jillian Is the build even newer?
  10. activate Well, not sure which one I have. But when I check for Audio/Video and what it needs for me it says
  11. activate Requires gir1.2-farstream-0.2, gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0, gstreamer1.0-libav and gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly
  12. activate
  13. jillian that's definitely higher than mine
  14. jillian Gajim 0.16.7
  15. jillian I'll try those, tho
  16. activate But as I said, it's not working for me. nbxmpp errors and not getting a connection
  17. activate ymmv ofc ;)
  18. lovetox jillian, i dont think video is working on 0.16.10
  19. lovetox activate, thats because you have to install python3-nbxmpp
  20. activate lovetox, I have. But perhaps the wrong version
  21. lovetox it would tell you that
  22. lovetox so what is the error you are getting?
  23. activate
  24. lovetox seems you have your certfile encoded not in utf8
  25. lovetox open it and save it with utf8 encoding
  26. activate Erm, the one on the server or a local one?
  27. lovetox local
  28. activate And any reason why 0.16.6 does not complain about it?
  29. activate Or perhaps I am just missing some other python3 thing?
  30. lovetox no you are missing nothing
  31. lovetox your certfile is not encoded in utf8
  32. lovetox 0.16.6 is python2
  33. lovetox python2 did a lot of things different with encodings
  34. lovetox i dont think there is a reason to have a certfile saved in a different encoding than utf8
  35. activate lovetox, It's running now :)
  36. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *aaef09fc* <> Remove old gtk2 code *2a599d1e* <> Fix constants usage in history manager *eec1a69e* <> Merge branch 'history-manager' into 'master' History manager fixes See merge request !57
  37. jillian Ty lovetox
  38. jillian Does it work in 0.16.7? That's my current version, but it depends on python-farstream, which I also can't seem to install
  39. lovetox yeah it should work if you have the libs
  40. lovetox but its not skype
  41. lovetox gajims maingoal is also not video to video chat
  42. lovetox if you want that maybe try jitsi
  43. activate lovetox, Getting when trying to connect to my account. Is that also something local?
  44. lovetox which version of nbxmpp you are using?
  45. activate python3-nbxmpp-0.5.3-1.mga6
  46. lovetox can you update to 0.5.5?
  47. lovetox run again post me agian the error if it comes
  48. activate Hmz, can I force that with pip3? When I want to install it says already satisfied. Or do I just need to install my distro's version first?
  49. activate Last install should be uninstall ;)
  50. lovetox pip3 install python-nbxmpp --upgrade
  51. activate lovetox, With 0.5.5 it works
  52. lovetox thats good :)
  53. activate Well, and starting 0.16.10 from cli also told me I had my SRV records for STUN/TURN setup wrong ;)
  54. activate Glad to have that corrected, also adjusted my SIP records so that might just work a bit better as well
  55. zak Hi there. Is it possible that I have to restart Gajim in order to detect previously marked inactive keys again?
  56. zak So, a friend goes online after some time again with a certain device, and messages are not immediately encrypted for that device.
  57. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *d24bed12* <> Dont try to select iter if there is none *50514393* <> Fix key error on removing account *09f54f97* <> Use platform identifier with better granularity Fixes #8542 *1b2324ca* <> Merge branch 'small-fixes' into 'master' Small fixes Closes #8542 See merge request !58
  58. lovetox they should be immediatly encrypted to the active device again
  59. lovetox but this depends on gajim getting that info
  60. lovetox so it can happen depending on server and client, that it will take some time to get the information
  61. lovetox also gajim is missing a feature
  62. lovetox which enables a inactive device automatically if we get a message from it
  63. lovetox which probably would solve your problem also
  64. zak > also gajim is missing a feature > which enables a inactive device automatically if we get a message from it I guess that's it what we need, yes.
  65. lovetox theoretically you wouldnt need it, the server of your contact should tell you the devicelist or an update of it immediatly
  66. lovetox but in practice, thats not happening always for different reasons
  67. zak he uses, I use
  68. zak I agree, it should work. But as I said. We just exchanged some messages for some time and then he told me it was only received on Conversations.
  69. lovetox yeah i see that i add it
  70. zak Then I restarted Gajim and afterwards it worked.
  71. zak What would Gajim be without you lovetox? :-) Thank you.
  72. lovetox =)
  73. zak By the way, is there a difference between OMEMO keys trust=false and trust=undecided ?
  74. zak Ideally a contact should not have to send a message to everyone of his contacts to announce "Hey, I just booted up my laptop again after 2 weeks, please let messages arrive here now as well again." But I don't know if that is possible.
  75. lovetox you misunderstanding something
  76. lovetox 1. trust = false means: we receive no messages, and we dont send messages
  77. lovetox turst = undecided means: we can receive but not send
  78. lovetox but this has nothing to do with inactiv devices
  79. lovetox if you got a key that is undecided
  80. lovetox it means its new
  81. lovetox it never existed before
  82. lovetox a inaktiv key is not new, you already made your trust decision, its just inactive
  83. lovetox hence grey color
  84. lovetox if it gets active again, it takes your latest trust decision on it
  85. lovetox it doesnt get undecided again
  86. zak Ah, okay. No I didn't mean that in the context of the problem, just a general question.
  87. lovetox then i dont get your last sentence
  88. lovetox also a device doesnt get inactive after a certain period
  89. lovetox devices only go inactive if the user clears his devicelist willingly
  90. zak Isn't there a feature in Conversations which automatically does that sometimes?
  91. zak Nevertheless for some reason the key was not active anymore and messages were not encrypted for his laptop.
  92. zak Sorry... BRB
  93. zak So, I'm back. I really don't know what the reason was. Fact is that messages weren't encrypted for the device, although trust was set some time ago. Only after a restart.
  94. activate Just got this message,
  95. Gnucchi plugin_installer 12.1 for Windows doesn't work, no plugin are displayed 11.40 did before update to 12.1
  96. lovetox thanks activate
  97. lovetox Gnucci i cant reproduce this
  98. lovetox although i heard it from someone else
  99. lovetox also
  100. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *2e413819* <> [omemo] Set devices active after receiving a msg Inactive or not known devices are added to the list of possible receiving devices after we receive them with a PreKeyWhisperMessage or WhisperMessage This is so we dont have to rely only on devicelist updates from the server *1503d1f1* <> [omemo] Update CHANGELOG & manifest.ini *deede80f* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' Version 1.0.3 See merge request !21