Gajim - 2017-02-11

  1. praveen
  2. praveen also how do I install omemo plugin in gajim git version? gtk3 branch
  3. praveen plugin installer does not list omemo, it just has 3-4 plugins
  4. lovetox from here praveen
  5. lovetox
  6. praveen lovetox, thanks
  7. praveen lovetox, it says archive is malformed
  8. lovetox delete your logs.db
  9. lovetox but this will delete your history
  10. lovetox you should not switch between the two branches, it seems to cause problems in generell
  11. lovetox you can also just run both along each other
  12. lovetox if you start the master branch with "-p profile -s"
  13. lovetox this will separate it completly from the gtk2 branch
  14. lovetox Link Mauve, thanks for the MR
  15. lovetox although about pep8 intendation, tecnically gajim follows not pep8 on that, its documented on one of the wikipages
  16. lovetox but i think we should follow it, but have to discuss with asterix
  17. mrDoctorWho hi. I've set up gajim on my friend's windows machine and I couldn't find how to enable the panel under the text enter field (with the text formatting, history, room configuration, etc buttons). Where I can enable it?
  18. lovetox for some reason you are in compact mode
  19. lovetox preference -> generel
  20. lovetox uncheck compact mode
  21. mrDoctorWho oh, yeah, I've just checked my version. It seems I got it missed because it was in a foreign language. Thanks!
  22. Hiker lovetox - here log with GnuPG 2.1.18, there are really errors
  23. lovetox_ utf8 errors
  24. lovetox i will add a option to change the encoding in a future version
  25. lovetox then it should work
  26. Hiker So I was the first one who uses Gajim with GnuPG 2.1.18 ? ;-)
  27. lovetox on windows probably
  28. lovetox on linux i think we have no problems with the encoding
  29. Hiker On my Linux 16.04 there is GnuPG Version 1 standard - not Version 2 ... don't know why.
  30. Link Mauve lovetox, you can just drop this commit if you prefer.
  31. Link Mauve Each one should be fairly isolated.
  32. lovetox i dont prefer it
  33. lovetox i also want to use pep8
  34. lovetox not a formatting scheme where i dont know if its correct, because i dont have pylint who can tell me
  35. lovetox also i think it should be easy to contribute, so contributors should no have to learn formatting schemes that the can only use in gajim
  36. Link Mauve Yes, and they should get told when they introduce potential issues, hence CI stuff.
  37. lovetox so i think we do a merge an discuss later on that one :D
  38. lovetox also it touches many files, i want this out of the way or i have to rebase and have merge issues on everything i start now
  39. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 17 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *b8c928c2* <> Autogenerate a pylint configuration file. *e2901f09* <> pylint: Tweak the configuration file a bit. *51eb62bb* <> Replace some wildcard imports with explicit ones. *07716dae* <> Use staticmethod decorator where it makes sense. *289d82fa* <> Remove unused imports. *5f91455f* <> common.dh: Reformat to follow PEP-0008. *fb221a69* <> Remove wrong usage of the list(range(…)) pattern. *b6b1a7a0* <> ACE: Remove unused constants. *2fbadc91* <> Use Enum or IntEnum instead of range() constants. *a7349dc6* <> common.connection: Fix indentation. *381a8f2b* <> Remove unnecessary semicolons. *1f9ac730* <> Replace long() in remaining python2 code with int(). *57fb80f1* <> Remove every default argument using [] or {}. *ad9370af* <> Fix a bunch of issues in common.jingle*. *eb51184a* <> Fix a few things in common.connection_handlers_events. *a4387e84* <> Use “… is not …” everywhere instead of “not … is …”. *26aa0382* <> Merge branch 'pylint' into 'master' Add a pylint configuration file and fix a few of the issues found See merge request !54
  40. lovetox i think with CI control and easier to learn for new contributors, that are 2 major arguments for getting asterix on board :)
  41. hermann Hi , today I've noticed that my Gajim 0.16 (Linux ) can't chat with another, specific device anymore (with Conversations 0,13.x installed). When I send something in Gajim, in Conversations nothing is arriving. The problem is only with OMEMO enabled. Unencrypted chat works. I revoked the fingerprint in Gajim, removed the key in Conversations and update Conversations to the latest version, but no change. Has someone an idea what the problem might be? In the last couple of month I didn 't have any problem here. I suspect that probalbly a Gajim OMEMO plugin update caused this.
  42. lovetox hermann
  43. lovetox "removed key in conversations"
  44. lovetox this sounds bad
  45. lovetox probably you banned the key forever
  46. lovetox you cant just remove keys in conversations, it means "untrusted and never ask me again about it"
  47. hermann lovetox, hm - I didn't know. I thought - It doesn't work, OMEMO seems to be the culprit and thats why I did it. Even though I'm a tech person I couldn't image the implication of what I'm doing. Wouldn't it be a good Idea to warn the user with a pop-up or so before he removes the key?
  48. hermann key=fingerprint
  49. lovetox conversations does that
  50. hermann actually I could trust that fingerprint again after I revoked it. At the moment it it shows green in Gajim
  51. lovetox you are talking about gajim
  52. lovetox thats a different story
  53. lovetox in gajim you can delete fingerprints and keys as long as you want you can always get it back
  54. lovetox but if you delete a fingerprint in conversations its gone
  55. hermann ah, ok.
  56. hermann 😪
  57. lovetox so try to get the fingerprint back into conversations
  58. lovetox without that it can never work
  59. hermann lovetox, uff , it looks like I have to reset all the OMEMO identities completely for all contacts in Conversations in order to trust this one device again. Removing/re-adding the contact in Gajim and Conversations didn't help. :-( I don't quite understand why it's so hard in Conversations to trust a device again when the fingerprint was remove accidentally.
  60. lovetox you get warned though, but i stepped into the same trap once
  61. lovetox but no you just have to generate a new key on the gajim device
  62. lovetox thats it
  63. lovetox you can do this with deleting omemo_yourjid.db
  64. hermann but that would change it for all contacts in Gajim , right?
  65. lovetox all your contacts have to trust that device again
  66. hermann hm, ok.
  67. lovetox you have the same process when you get a new device
  68. lovetox its unfortunate, but a rather standard process
  69. hermann or I see if I have a Conversations backup I can restore
  70. lovetox if you are going that way, i would ask inputmice, where the "banned devices" are stored in the sql table
  71. lovetox and just remove it from there manually
  72. lovetox should not be too hard if your device is rooted
  73. hermann you think a restore of a backup wouldn't work well and I still have to deal with sql?
  74. lovetox no i think restoring a backup will causer much trouble with encryption with many contacts of yours
  75. hermann ok.
  76. lovetox so i would just go the sql road
  77. lovetox backing up is only useful if you try to transfer to a new device
  78. lovetox basically if you dont write any message after the backup was done
  79. lovetox because with the old backup you will have all session be invalid, and it really depends on the clients if they can get out of that invalid state
  80. lovetox its definitly something that has not been tested much and is not a normal process
  81. lovetox so i wouldnt do this
  82. hermann ok, many thanks lovetox. I'll check with inputmice
  83. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *f5eb35cb* <> Use more gender neutral language *c8e03993* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' Use more gender neutral language See merge request !55
  84. lovetox Link Mauve
  85. lovetox
  86. lovetox thoughts?
  87. Link Mauve lovetox, just reviewed it, nice!
  88. lovetox thanks
  89. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 10 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *819bee12* <> Handle some commandline options only locally *e30527f8* <> Move Gajim startup code into do_startup *f9269d5c* <> Save log file into config dir when frozen *4bf65a40* <> Handle version option in Gtk.Application *2ea30b3d* <> Move nbxmpp import test into do_startup *5215641c* <> Move GajimApplication into *271af708* <> Update Authors *5789c8a8* <> Start Interface after remote cmdline handling Because otherwise we would lose log information from Interface, because logging levels are set after startup *33c9a1c5* <> Simplify module import *7814f07b* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' Refactor Gajim startup See merge request !56
  90. Link Mauve lovetox, I just tried cProfile on Gajim’s startup, why are there two time.sleep(0.1) somewhere?
  91. Link Mauve It’s wasting one fifth of a second for every single startup?
  92. lovetox if i search for this i find time.sleep
  93. lovetox but nowhere concerning the startup
  94. lovetox its only in test.pys
  95. Link Mauve “time.sleep(0.1) # prevent 100% CPU usage” in nbxmpp, at nbxmpp/
  96. lovetox ah nbxmpp
  97. lovetox ..
  98. Link Mauve I mean, what, who could ever think this is a good idea?
  99. lovetox why should the exception cause 100% CPU Oo
  100. Link Mauve No idea.
  101. lovetox this is in it since the initial commit