Gajim - 2017-02-10

  1. Alex Hey guys! Just got a question I was wondering if someone could clarify?
  2. Alex I've got Gajim on my desktop and Conversations on my phone and I started a chat with myself just to test every thing out. But it looks like my phone now shows up on Gajim as what looks like a contact and I can't seem to remove it. Is this just to show what devices I'm online on?
  3. anotheragency alex: i didnt understand that
  4. alex anotheragency: Okay, so I'm logged on on both my phone, and my desktop. In Gajim's roster view under my account is 'me' (as in my phone). It appears outside of my contacts list. I'm just wondering if this just a feature to see all of my current connections, or if I've accidently (sp?) added myself as a contact because I can't remove it.
  5. anotheragency same account?
  6. alex anotheragency: Yeah, same account.
  7. anotheragency alex: pm me your account, ill try to add you and see what happens
  8. alex anotheragency: ''. Not actually on my PC anymore but I'll check when I get back.
  9. SaltyBones good morning guys!
  10. SaltyBones why can I minimize some mucs to my roster and others warn me that I will leave them?
  11. SaltyBones I can't see any difference in the bookmarks dialog btw.
  12. arune lovetox_: can we use svg for the icons?
  13. arune SaltyBones: right click the tab and select if you want close or minimize
  14. arune Stupid if you ask me
  15. SaltyBones does seem like a somewhat unnecessary option
  16. arune SaltyBones: if you use minimize there's no obvious way to actually leave the chat ☺
  17. SaltyBones huh?
  18. SaltyBones I can right click disconnect in the roster
  19. lovetox alex, this self contact shows up if you are online with another device of yours
  20. lovetox you can disable that if you want
  21. lovetox and please dont test things with yourself
  22. lovetox arune, about svg why would we want to use svg icons?
  23. arune lovetox: to be able to scale them?
  24. lovetox i dont think gtk scales vector graphics
  25. lovetox otherwise i would not have different folders for different sizes of icons in the gtk installation i think :)
  26. lovetox hm but i have to look into it, never did something with icons
  27. lovetox could be that it works that way, svg should be supported at least
  28. lovetox but just to say this, for changing icons you just have to put the icons into the icons folder of your gajim installation
  29. lovetox if you found good icons just tell me, then i can include them into the next installer
  30. alex lovetox: That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks!
  31. kaliko _o/
  32. SaltyBones _o\
  33. SaltyBones \
  34. SaltyBones \
  35. SaltyBones /\
  36. SaltyBones /\
  37. kaliko Can gajim notify MUC messages the same way it notifies private messages in Gnome3 ?
  38. kaliko Currently I got the minified gajim icon in the systray blinking, is it possible to have a notice in the notification area?
  39. Link Mauve kaliko, you have the notify_on_all_muc_messages knob in the ACE, maybe there is a more user-friendly way too but I don’t know.
  40. kaliko It's already on, I guess it's how i got the blinking icon. But no message in the actual notification area.
  41. Hiker Hi - using Gajim 0.16.7 - but it seems not to work with GnuPG 2.1.18. Three times the password isn't accepted. Any help?
  42. Hiker Coming later on
  43. Hiker Hi - using Gajim 0.16.7 under Windows 7 - but it seems not to work with GnuPG 2.1.18. Three times the password isn't accepted. Any help?
  44. Hiker No help?
  45. lovetox hi
  46. lovetox you have to use python-gnupg 0.4
  47. lovetox Hiker
  48. Hiker But python-gnupg is installed...
  49. Hiker Gajim 0.16.7 and GnuPG 2.1.18 - passphrase is not accepted
  50. zak Hiker: What is the output of "dpkg -s python-gnupg | grep Version" ?
  51. Hiker Sorry, I am under Windows 7
  52. zak Then I don't know how to check the version of python-gnupg there. It's different to GnuPG
  53. lovetox em windows hm
  54. lovetox is GnuPG a PGP agent?
  55. Hiker python-gnupg 0.4.0
  56. lovetox you have that on widnows, its not the issue then
  57. lovetox wait let me download GnuPG
  58. Hiker So GnuPG is correctly called to list available keys in account settings.
  59. lovetox so you see your keys
  60. lovetox and then you select choose key
  61. Hiker Yes I see the keys and can set one. Then the connection restarts and the window comes up to insert the passphrase
  62. lovetox and then its wrong
  63. lovetox and can you test if it works somewhere else?
  64. lovetox are we sure the pass is correct?
  65. Hiker Pass is absolutely correct - checked several times
  66. Hiker After the first try when it is not accepted the PinEntry Window from GnuPG opens and asks for a Pass - but not from the set key but from the default key - very very strange.
  67. lovetox for me only the pinentry window opens
  68. lovetox can you click in account window
  69. lovetox use pgp keymanager
  70. lovetox or whatever it is called in english
  71. Hiker btw error message in gajim.log
  72. Hiker I tried with manager - then it tells me that it isn't installed
  73. lovetox did you install
  74. Hiker No, it's 2.1.18
  75. lovetox then isntall that
  76. lovetox if you go to
  77. lovetox and browse to download
  78. lovetox it shows that for windows
  79. lovetox i will try with the other one
  80. Hiker GnuPG 2.1.18 for Windows is here
  81. lovetox yeah but try with gpg4win
  82. lovetox i use it and it works without problems
  83. Hiker Why - all other applications using GnuPG are working with 2.1.18 - like Thunderbird, ClawsMail, TheBat, gpa.exe ...
  84. lovetox but not the python-gnupg lib
  85. lovetox
  86. lovetox or you go back to an older version of gnupg
  87. lovetox could be the issue
  88. lovetox but maybe its another issue
  89. Hiker So python-gnupg works only with version 1 or version 2.0.x?
  90. lovetox it seems they changed something regarding passwords
  91. lovetox Pinentry is used for inputing a password and console input of passwords is allowed only after a configuration change in GPG
  92. lovetox how do you use gnupg 2.18
  93. lovetox its installed i dont see a UI
  94. Hiker gnupg has no UI
  95. lovetox yeah i tried with it doesnt work it seems
  96. lovetox having the same problems
  97. Hiker But I found a hint in the linked page above - I will try it - so I will leave and will come back
  98. Hiker Back - no change...
  99. lovetox but i feel we could this make work, i dont think its a problem of python-gnupg that we cant get the pass
  100. Hiker In the linked article the was a not that it worked with GnuPG 2.1.15 - perhaps I could try this... But going back in versions is not really a good thing IMHO
  101. Hiker I'll check it - see you later
  102. Hiker Back - no change. With 2.1.15 passphrase input fails.
  103. Hiker BTW Where python-gnupg searches for the GnuPG binary? Registry or Path?
  104. lovetox nowhere
  105. lovetox it just issues commands on the commandline
  106. lovetox like you
  107. lovetox and reads the output
  108. Hiker And is there a log where these commands can be seen?
  109. lovetox it seems you get a warning on sign
  110. lovetox and python-gnupg doesnt handle the warning on sign
  111. lovetox i try to find out what happens
  112. Hiker The output from GnuPG is stored in a log?
  113. Hiker The list of available keys is generated by GnuPG without problems - so the "communication" between Gajim and GnuGP seems to work then.
  114. lovetox no, its hard to debug it from a windows gajim client
  115. Hiker no log?
  116. lovetox no python modules dont make logs
  117. Hiker puh
  118. lovetox i see what i can find out
  119. lovetox ahh: y default, passphrases cannot be passed via streams to gpg
  120. lovetox thats the problem here i think
  121. Hiker btw with GnuPG version 1.4 it worked before...
  122. lovetox we have to make a config setting
  123. lovetox but i think it will work then
  124. lovetox i have to find out where
  125. lovetox read this
  126. lovetox
  127. lovetox the issue says also that its impossible to create a detached signature with 2.1
  128. lovetox exactly what we do
  129. lovetox so i think we have to wait until python-gnupg catches up
  130. Hiker GnuPG 2.0.x EOL end of this year - would be really important to fully support GnuPG 2.1.x
  131. Hiker ok bye
  132. Hiker and thanks
  133. lovetox Hiker
  134. lovetox i got it running
  135. lovetox i had to remove all keys from gajim
  136. lovetox then create a key with 2.1.18
  137. lovetox i could use this key then
  138. lovetox i think the problem is that the key was not added to the keyring of gnupg for some reason
  139. lovetox or not in the right way i dont know
  140. lovetox if i create a key with gnupg now i can use it without problem
  141. Hiker Hi - found a workaround with GnuPG - installed gpg.exe version 1.4 into Gajim binary folder - and this works ;-)
  142. Hiker Version 1.4.20 to be exactly....
  143. lovetox but how is this a workaround
  144. lovetox i told you that it works with older versions
  145. lovetox i have to make a version where we can get gpg debug output
  146. lovetox to see where the problem lies for you
  147. Hiker Because version 1.4.20 is now ONLY for Gajim - all other applications which supporting GnuPG are using the standard installation Version 2.1.18
  148. lovetox and how did you make gajim use this version?
  149. Hiker As described above ! I installed an old version 1.4.20 INTO the \bin folder of Gajim.
  150. lovetox i think you dont have to go back so far
  151. lovetox i used gpg4win without problems and it used 2.0.30
  152. Hiker 1.4.20 is very simple (one file) and there is no problem to copy it into \bin folder. Ii don't want 2.0.30 on my system - it is a huge installation with a lot of files and a copy not possible.
  153. activate I am having problems connecting to this room with the account from my own server. But I can for instance connect to the ejabberd room.
  154. Hiker As said - with this workaround it's ok for now. Bye.
  155. lovetox Hiker
  156. lovetox i found a way to see logging
  157. lovetox start gajim with "-l gajim.c.gnupg=DEBUG"
  158. lovetox this should put a log out into appdata/gajim folder
  159. lovetox we should see what the problem is then
  160. lovetox activate, look at the xml console
  161. lovetox and see what the problem is
  162. activate lovetox, I just checked ejabberd.log and saw this.
  163. activate lovetox, And this is output from the XML Console
  164. activate In the end I get a dialogue saying it does not exist.
  165. lovetox hm no idea, probably a server 2 server issue
  166. lovetox maybe ask the ejabberd guys
  167. hiker Ok thanks. Will try tomorrow.
  168. activate Yeah, will do that.
  169. activate Then I can also ask them about my one way audio SIP problem. And why I don't see the presence for SIP users.