Gajim - 2017-02-09

  1. jubalh I today got this when i signed in gajim: A message from a non-valid JID arrived, it has been ignored.
  2. jubalh how can this occur? also without actually telling me the jid this message is quite unhelpful isnt it?
  3. Ge0rG jubalh: looks like Gajim doesn't like robots. I sent a message from the nickname 🤖 to prosody-MUC yesterday.
  4. jubalh ah :) so it was you?
  5. Ge0rG jubalh: probably yes. If I join this MUC now, I'll probably make very many people very sad.
  6. jubalh :D
  7. Ge0rG OTOH, this is something that should be fixed, and annoying developers is a good way to get things fixed.
  8. Asterix if nickname is not allowed, then it's the MUC serverthat should allow you to use it
  9. Asterix some git / gitlab help? I forked a git repos, and did some code in it, now I want tosync with the original repos. how can I do that?
  10. 🤖 Hi!
  11. Ge0rG Asterix: do you have write access to that repo? usually you need an ssh:// url to write
  12. Asterix yes I have write access to both repos
  13. Asterix it's the Gajim one :)
  14. Asterix I need to add a remote?
  15. Ge0rG Asterix: if you have forked it under your own account, you should have two remotes in your local git, origin and asterix.
  16. Nothing4You i just got a message that i received a message from an invalid jid, is there any way i find more info about that invalid msg other than opening xml console and hoping for it to appear again?
  17. Ge0rG Asterix: if you want to push to the origin, you need to make sure that your origin in .git/config is the ssh:// URL
  18. Asterix git remote show only shows origin
  19. Ge0rG Asterix: `git remote -v`
  20. Asterix only origin that points to asterix/gajim.git
  21. Ge0rG Asterix: ssh or https?
  22. Asterix git@, so ssh
  23. Ge0rG Asterix: awesome. Then you can just push your master to it, or any other branch, or push your master as an experimental branch
  24. Ge0rG if it is a mirror repo, just "git push origin" and it will have everything important
  25. Asterix yes no problem with that, what I want to get the commits that were done in gajim/gajim to be synched with my asterix/gajim repos
  26. Asterix I added a remote named gajim, and git pull gajim seems to be what I needed
  27. Ge0rG Asterix: aaah! then you need to "git remote add gajim ssh://...gajim/gajim, "git fetch gajim"
  28. Ge0rG Asterix: git pull might make a merge, which is not always what you want
  29. Asterix yep ok
  30. Asterix yes indeed. Too late :)
  31. Ge0rG Asterix: you can just go one commit back ;)
  32. Ge0rG Nothing4You: I was the perpetrator, and the sender is a Robot Face.
  33. Ge0rG This is probably a bug in how Gajim/Windows handles Unicode characters beyond 0xffff
  34. Nothing4You ah
  35. Asterix Ge0rG: I don't think so
  36. Asterix I have the same under linux
  37. Asterix so I think it's rather a forbidden nickname char, or a bug in our stringprep (I doubt it)
  38. 🤖 I'm not forbidden?
  39. Ge0rG can you even see the message?
  40. Ge0rG Asterix: it seems to be valid according to nodeprep, and the server accepted it anyway.
  41. Ge0rG So I claim this is a bug in the client.
  42. Asterix no, invalid JID
  43. Ge0rG Asterix: you are just robophobic!
  44. Ge0rG Asterix: if it was an invalid JID, the MCU service would reject it or prep it into a valid one.
  45. Ge0rG actually, is very clear
  46. Ge0rG Asterix: my reading is that a resourcepart must correspond to PRECIS OpaqueString, and that it is allowed to contain FreeformClass characters, which can be any assigned Unicode characters minus Old Hangul and control characters
  47. Asterix >>> from stringprepare import resourceprep >>> resourceprep.prepare(u'🤖') Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "", line 114, in prepare self.check_unassigneds(result) File "", line 144, in check_unassigneds raise UnicodeError("Unassigned code point %s" % repr(c)) UnicodeError: Unassigned code point u'\U0001f916'
  48. Asterix same thing in py3
  49. Ge0rG Asterix: that's a lie.
  50. Ge0rG Asterix: the codepoint has been assigned post-stringprep, and stringprep has been obsoleted by PRECIS in RFC 7622
  51. Asterix that's what python tells me ...
  52. Asterix maybe a too old python version or I don't know what ..
  53. Asterix I know about precis, but Gajim still use stringprep
  54. mathieui Asterix, where is that stringprepare from ?
  55. Ge0rG Asterix: maybe you shouldn't be warning your user loudly about unicode encoding problems with things entered by evil people on the other end of the Internet, then.
  56. Asterix mathieui: I got it from twisted, and it's now in python-nbxmpp
  57. mathieui yeah, so it’s probably tied to that and not python
  58. Asterix Ge0rG: could you stop your bot please?
  59. Ge0rG Asterix: sorry. It was not a bot but my mobile client, and that mobile client is currently 0198-zombie. I restarted prosody to kill the session, so maybe it will get bounced now.
  60. Asterix do you know a not allowed nickname for example to test the way I try to use precis?
  61. Ge0rG Asterix: pick one from
  62. ingrimmsch Hello, I set an option to reopen a room when I start gajim. Now I want to disable automatic reopen but I do not find where to change this option. Can anyone help?
  63. Asterix ingrimmsch: action -> join group chat -> manage bookmarks
  64. ingrimmsch Asterix: I got it! Thank you.
  65. Ge0rG Asterix: from xsf MUC: >>> print(precis_i18n.get_profile('NicknameCasePreserved').enforce('🤖')) b'\xf0\x9f\xa4\x96'
  66. johannes lovetox: short notice on the mac appmenu branch: keeps getting nicer, however one thing: some changesets earlier "quit" was correctly assigned cmd-q, now (current HEAD of lovetox/appmenu) it is crtl-q which is not correct with regards to the user's expectations.
  67. johannes could you revert that back such that is is cmd-q again?
  68. johannes ctrl is used really seldomly, an "option" or "alternate" function / "right click equivalent" would normally be assigned the alt-key
  69. lovetox_ i look into it, actually there was no hotkey set before for the quit action
  70. lovetox_ maybe gtk assigned it automatically on each system
  71. lovetox_ but i can only do this for "quit"
  72. johannes most likely
  73. johannes the others were interestingly correct as well
  74. lovetox_ what do you mean? its on cmd?
  75. lovetox_ the others?
  76. johannes or at least, using the expected shortcuts
  77. johannes correct = cmd
  78. lovetox_ i set it to ctrl expecitly
  79. johannes accounts and prefernces i guess
  80. lovetox_ interesting, maybe thats changed on mac
  81. johannes also, preferences should be on cmd-,
  82. lovetox_ what do you mean it should
  83. lovetox_ is it now or isnt it?
  84. johannes the orthodox osx interpretation places a very strong emphasis on consistency of ui usage and consistency in terms of shortcuts...
  85. johannes the first "layer of shortcuts" should be cmd, "alternatives" should be alt aka "option"
  86. johannes and only then ctrl comes
  87. johannes where command basically is known as super on linux
  88. johannes or "the windows key"
  89. lovetox_ yeah i know, but i want to know what is it now for you?
  90. johannes currently gajim shows ctrl
  91. johannes it should show cmd
  92. lovetox_ yeah k, i have to look into it how we do this
  93. johannes the same goes for "change tabs" and "navigate across word boundaries in text-fields"
  94. johannes it's very irritating
  95. johannes maybe the aforementioned osx ux guide can give you more detailled information which conventions are expected to be followed
  96. lovetox_ its not about no knowing
  97. johannes maybe gtk gives one a nice way to adhere to the specific conventions of the various platforms
  98. lovetox_ its about gtk
  99. lovetox_ in gtk you can set a shortcut for a menu entry
  100. lovetox_ maybe i can set more, but it would be definitly a pain to build menus manually depending on each system
  101. johannes on jvm-land there very platform-"strategy"-patterns some time earlier
  102. johannes were instead of very
  103. johannes or maybe rather decorators
  104. johannes also could someone handle the PR to the plugins of the one guy in github? even a "nah, we don't like that" probably gives him the impression that his contribution was seen and considered
  105. SaltyBones github?
  106. SaltyBones gajim doesn't use github
  107. lovetox_ url again please
  108. lovetox_ johannes
  109. lovetox_ we talked to him in a issue on gitlab
  110. johannes this
  111. lovetox_
  112. lovetox_ you can close it with link to the open issue on gitlab
  113. johannes lovetox: are you able to write comments in github as well, technically?
  114. lovetox_ you mean into the merge request?
  115. johannes yeah
  116. lovetox_ yeah i could write but i cant close it
  117. johannes i see, wait shortly
  118. johannes lovetox, I've invited you to the github team, could you please check for the invitation? then you should be able to close the PR yourself
  119. johannes and comment on it
  120. lovetox_ are you sure i see no invitation
  121. lovetox_ but my email seems to be down
  122. lovetox_ so lets wait a bit
  123. johannes i've sent it to the github account called lovetox, whatever that is coupled to - hopefully you
  124. johannes you should also be able to see the invitation once logged into github
  125. johannes if you go to the pr's url / organizations page
  126. lovetox_ still cant close the pr
  127. johannes can you try again please?
  128. lovetox_ yeah works now
  129. lovetox_ you know its incredible pain in the ass that mac trys to innovate everything
  130. johannes thanks :)
  131. lovetox_ evertime i sit on a mac i fucking hate what they did to the keyboard
  132. lovetox_ the most annoying thing is
  133. lovetox_ @ that
  134. johannes well, technically they're the last incarnation of nextstep
  135. lovetox_ on alt + L
  136. lovetox_ or whatever
  137. johannes in case you're using the german keyboard: switch to the us-keyboard layout, it's much better
  138. lovetox_ cant i dont have a mac, its mostly when i sit on friends pcs :)
  139. lovetox_ now they made away the F keys
  140. johannes they're still there for me
  141. lovetox_ so does probably mean i should not map them to anything in gajim :D
  142. johannes one can switch to them using the f-keys or permanently using a system setting
  143. johannes and don't get me started on what apple did to osx with those 2016 models [...]
  144. lovetox_ in my opinion they should stop to try develope the hardware
  145. lovetox_ they had good hardware, no need to change keyboard layouts and shit
  146. lovetox_ just write good software
  147. lovetox_ and people will come
  148. lovetox_ but they need "new" hardware to sell stuff, software probably runs even on 2011 macbooks :D
  149. johannes I'd be happy to pay a few bucks for the os if I could use it with the hardware I like
  150. johannes they even gave up the glorious maglock and I have no clue why one would do that
  151. lovetox_ i think they have a meeting: so we need something new for our macbook
  152. johannes only to have third party manufacturers come up with "there i fixed it"-style maglocks
  153. lovetox_ but its good the way it is
  154. lovetox_ no we NEED something new
  155. lovetox_ :D
  156. johannes the good part is that you can now have maglock on non-apple devices the bad part well..."there i fixed it"
  157. lovetox_ :D
  158. SaltyBones you can have maglock on non-apple devices?
  159. SaltyBones whatwhatwhat?
  160. SaltyBones that's seriously the best feature of apple hw
  161. lovetox_ was the best feature
  162. SaltyBones I clearly missed some sort of development. :p
  163. SaltyBones [17:15:53] ‎error while sending What's happening? ( The room is currently overactive, please try again later ) <- dafuq
  164. lovetox_ MUC spamcontrol
  165. SaltyBones It's clearly overreacting.
  166. SaltyBones And gajim doesn't even have "arrow-up"
  167. lovetox_ whats arrow up?
  168. lovetox_ you mean ctrl+arrowup?
  169. SaltyBones And gajim doesn't even have "arrow-up"
  170. SaltyBones And gajim doesn't even have "arrow-up" do i?
  171. SaltyBones And gajim doesn't even have "arrow-up" do i? I DO NOT!
  172. SaltyBones you know, shell arrow-up, last input ;)
  173. azrael hi! since recently, i cannot open the context menu from the gajim tray icon anymore, on KDE
  174. azrael using archlinux
  175. Asterix yes it's what I'm using. I'll try to continue this evening
  176. lovetox_ SaltyBones, you have to do 2 times, ctrl+arrow up
  177. lovetox_ then you get your last input
  178. lovetox_ once ctrl+arrow up, is correcting last message
  179. lovetox_ actually you can go through your whole inputs with keep pressing ctrl+arrowup
  180. SaltyBones lovetox_, how do you know this? There is no way to discover this feature, is there? :)
  181. lovetox_ help-> keyboard shortcuts
  182. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 8 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *05566a63* <> Close Feature Window with ESC *91bb0183* <> Close Bookmark Window with ESC *9b0d7222* <> Close Service Discovery Window with ESC *5dff9bb0* <> Close Archiving Preferences Window with ESC *ad936b8d* <> Close XML Console Window with ESC *fa542371* <> Close Privacy Lists Window with ESC *1ad087e5* <> Close Plugins Window with ESC *d6ceca83* <> Merge branch 'keypress' into 'master' Close Windows with ESC Key See merge request !53
  183. lovetox_ johannes, shortcuts should now work again for you
  184. johannes lovetox_ on the shortcut issue: yup, good again
  185. johannes at least in the menu
  186. johannes once i actually press the shortcuts given in the menu, nothing happens...
  187. johannes with focussed chat window
  188. johannes once the roster is focussed, the shortcuts actually have an effect
  189. lovetox_ thats intended
  190. lovetox_ these are roster shortcuts
  191. lovetox_ actually not all of them
  192. lovetox_ preference and quit should be application
  193. lovetox_ i have to add them globally
  194. SaltyBones lovetox_, is there steady source for windows nightlies or is nobody working on those anyway?
  195. lovetox_
  196. lovetox_ we dont work on "windows" or on "linux"
  197. lovetox_ all code is the same
  198. lovetox_ maybe i fix a problem related to linux, but the code is still in the linux nightly and vica versa
  199. lovetox_ maybe i fix a problem related to windows, but the code is still in the linux nightly and vica versa
  200. lovetox_ with newest gtk version the windows client looks awesome with the right theme
  201. lovetox_ i had no time to package that into the nightly though
  202. Asterix Ge0rG: arg, RFC7622 isn't easy to implement. the profile to apply to Resourcepart depends on the context. If it's in a MUC it's not the same profile as for a resource of a JID. Gajim currently apply the same profile for both currently. I'll have to do more changes. for the domainpart, there is no precis profile, so I'll have to test another way (can't look now, and I'm off for a week from tomorow)
  203. SaltyBones lovetox_, I suppose portable default sounds best
  204. lovetox_ yeah i would use that :)
  205. lovetox_ though in default some plugins may not work
  206. lovetox_ omemo works
  207. lovetox_ but url_image_preview and httpupload may not work as good
  208. SaltyBones how come?
  209. lovetox_ because i had no time to port them to gtk3
  210. SaltyBones one really has to port everything these days :p
  211. SaltyBones "Log encrypted chat session"
  212. SaltyBones "[..] Please note that when using End-to-End encryption the remote party has to agree on logging, else the messages will not be logged."
  213. SaltyBones This seems wrong.
  214. SaltyBones oh cool I can copy this...
  215. SaltyBones [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:600)
  216. lovetox_ on plugin installation?
  217. SaltyBones yup
  218. lovetox_ yeah plugin installer is also not up to date
  219. lovetox_ i guess if you want plugins its not really usable except omemo
  220. lovetox_ you can install plugins manually
  221. SaltyBones which is what I would have to do with omemo?
  222. lovetox_
  223. lovetox_ yeah
  224. lovetox_ just extract the zip into
  225. lovetox_ appdata/gajim/plugins
  226. lovetox_ ah no on portable its
  227. lovetox_ folder/userdata/plugins
  228. SaltyBones ah..was about to ask ^^
  229. SaltyBones pluginsconfig
  230. lovetox_ though i have to say right now you dont really have value from using default branch on windows
  231. lovetox_ no
  232. lovetox_ create the folder plugins manually
  233. SaltyBones it crashed :)
  234. lovetox_ after restart?
  235. SaltyBones yeah after creating plugins and dumping an omemo folder in there
  236. lovetox_ hm that should not happen
  237. lovetox_ can you see in gajim.log
  238. lovetox_ what it says
  239. SaltyBones uh sorry I just deleted the folder...I may have put things in the wrong place
  240. lovetox_ then it shouldnt crash also..
  241. SaltyBones I know but I already deleted everything.
  242. SaltyBones Well, it pretends to have installed omemo. :)
  243. SaltyBones a bit slow
  244. SaltyBones hm...
  245. SaltyBones it also seems to be having a bit of a party with font sizes :)
  246. arune > with newest gtk version the windows client looks awesome with the right theme lovetox_: new icons to replace the colored torso?
  247. lovetox_ hm no, but didnt have time to search for icon packs