Gajim - 2017-02-08

  1. SaltyBones is there a firefox equivalent of the chrome web store apps?
  2. SaltyBones that's what somebody else suggested :)
  3. zb hi guys, are the discussions here archived somewhere?
  4. mrDoctorWho read the subject
  5. zb oops, sorry - thanks!
  6. SaltyBones zb, but you can also just ask again ;)
  7. mrDoctorWho is there a way to manually load mam archives?
  8. mrDoctorWho the thing is, I get tons of messages that were received with mam sometimes when I run Gajim
  9. mrDoctorWho those aren't offline messages, they were received by Gajim on another PC
  10. mrDoctorWho this morning I was talking to my friend via conversations and I don't see any history in gajim for today
  11. mrDoctorWho my server has mam enabled
  12. SaltyBones What does a * in front of a tab mean?
  13. zb SaltyBones, have i asked before? :)
  14. zb problem is i'm getting 404s all over the place - e.g.
  15. SaltyBones zb, not sure what happened there
  16. SaltyBones but if you just insert the room name again it works
  17. SaltyBones needs to be muc_log/gajim/date
  18. zb nice, thanks! should've spotted that myself
  19. gw Hi, I just started to look at the gajim code , and tried to start it with the, which tells me "Gajim needs python-nbxmpp to run." , which i have install with pip, so my question is how do i start a nbxmpp server ?
  20. gw Hi
  21. gw Hi
  22. Ge0rG gw: you don't need a nbxmpp server, but if you have both python2 and python3, you need to get the right python-nbxmpp package installed.
  23. gw Hi, I just started to look at the gajim code , and tried to start it with the, which tells me "Gajim needs python-nbxmpp to run." , which i have install with pip, so my question is how do i start a nbxmpp server ?
  24. Ge0rG that was really strange.
  25. spicewiesel I get many of those errors while working in Gajim Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/", line 4230, in on_roster_treeview_row_expanded self.tree.expand_row(path, False) TypeError: could not convert path to a GtkTreePath any idea what's wrong or if this a unkown bug I could open a ticket for?
  26. gw HI
  27. gw help
  28. gw Hi
  29. gw Hi again.
  30. SaltyBones spicewiesel, I think this is known.
  31. SaltyBones Some problem with the roster that people have been trying to figure out for a while.
  32. spicewiesel ah, okay.
  33. spicewiesel I think I get them sometimes when I open a new message windows by clicking on a contact in the roster
  34. spicewiesel I am on single-window
  35. SaltyBones I vaguely remember that it may sometimes help to delete some config or such.
  36. gw Hi, i tried to build gajim from source and run it , but i get "Gajim needs python-nbxmpp to run." how to run that ?
  37. gw sry. i am stupid, didnt install the python3 version.
  38. SaltyBones That happens to me all the time. I now recognize the error immediately but I still install the python2 version of everything first. :p
  39. Link Mauve lovetox: Randomly got this traceback yesterday: Traceback (most recent call last): File /home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-git/src/gajim/src/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File /home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-git/src/gajim/src/, line 1268, in _nec_presence_received self.transport_signed_in(obj.jid) File /home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-git/src/gajim/src/, line 1247, in transport_signed_in _jid = model[row][0] File /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gi/overrides/, line 801, in __getitem__ aiter = self._getiter(key) File /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gi/overrides/, line 781, in _getiter raise IndexError("row index is out of bounds: %d" % key) IndexError: row index is out of bounds: -1"
  40. SaltyBones hah
  41. SaltyBones just opened gajim on a different installation
  42. SaltyBones 753 new messages from one guy
  43. SaltyBones something is clearly not working right :p
  44. SaltyBones how does gajim get messages from 26 days ago?
  45. lovetox it didnt get it
  46. lovetox did you switch between different gajim installations maybe?
  47. SaltyBones definitely
  48. SaltyBones I have 3 of them...
  49. SaltyBones On different PCs, though....
  50. lovetox maybe your .cache folder was deleted
  51. SaltyBones but why would the server resend old messages
  52. SaltyBones or some other client
  53. lovetox nobody sent something
  54. SaltyBones I don't know who
  55. lovetox gajim holds a cache of which messages it did display to you and which are "unread"
  56. SaltyBones hm.
  57. lovetox and there is a bug that triggers, that gajim thinks all those messages are still unread
  58. lovetox and displays them again
  59. SaltyBones I don't think the cache changed but it might have gotten old messages due to mam...?
  60. lovetox i have to find out why this happens
  61. lovetox no its a cache thing you didnt receive these messages
  62. SaltyBones what do you mean by "I did not receive them"? :)
  63. lovetox when you started today gajim
  64. lovetox you didnt receive 753 messages
  65. SaltyBones hm...
  66. SaltyBones I'll just believe you. ;)
  67. lovetox also MAM messages dont trigger a notification, as everything that is in the MAM storage, is already received by another device, so its not "new"
  68. lovetox was this on a linux machine
  69. SaltyBones yeah
  70. lovetox does linux clear the .cache folder from time to time ?!
  71. SaltyBones shouldn't
  72. SaltyBones and I didn't get alle the messages from that time again
  73. SaltyBones only up to something like 20 days ago
  74. lovetox look at your history
  75. lovetox you will see the messages are not doubled
  76. lovetox gajim pulls messages out of the db and marks them as unread for some reason when something happens
  77. lovetox i dont know why i have to look into it
  78. SaltyBones :)
  79. lovetox what you can do instead of clicking everycontact
  80. lovetox na forget it
  81. lovetox you cant do anything :/
  82. SaltyBones it s not that bad