Gajim - 2017-02-07

  1. activate Maybe for them the Windows version works better
  2. Link Mauve You should use Gajim master, it uses gobject-introspection and thus latest Farstream.
  3. lovetox Link Mauve, but audio/video doesnt work there
  4. Link Mauve Audio at least works, I tested that the other day.
  5. lovetox no on windows
  6. Link Mauve Video doesn’t, but that’s because I use Wayland and Gajim hardcodes X11 there.
  7. Link Mauve Oh, but activate doesn’t use Windows.
  8. lovetox but his friends
  9. activate True, but most of my colleagues do. Only one uses OS X
  10. activate And most have iPhone as well.
  11. Link Mauve lovetox, what is missing for audio support on Windows?
  12. activate So hoping ChatSecure cooperates nicely ;)
  13. lovetox i dont want to promote a feature that nobody maintains and nobody can help with
  14. Link Mauve activate, I don’t know any audio/video client on that platform, maybe try Jitsi Meet.
  15. activate Jitsi desktop works better for that I guess
  16. Link Mauve On iOS?
  17. activate ChatSecure is iOS right?
  18. Link Mauve It doesn’t do audio/video.
  19. activate Well, as long as the desktop client does it
  20. activate So far for Android the only working one I found is Talkonaut
  21. Holger activate: Jitsi works okay for me, *if* the server offers STUN/TURN (or the Jitsi Videobridge, which is especially nice if you want to do video conferences).
  22. activate And only with 2x same client
  23. Holger activate: Otherwise it will usually fail as soon as NAT is involved.
  24. Link Mauve Heh, I installed JVB just last week on JabberFR. :)
  25. activate I already downloaded that videobridge but not really sure what the advantages are
  26. activate I can install it with ejabberd right?
  27. Link Mauve It was surprisingly easy to setup all of that on ArchLinux against Prosody.
  28. Holger activate: Video conference support, it multiplexes the streams of the participants.
  29. Link Mauve activate, nothing really involving the server, just standard component configuration.
  30. Holger activate: And yes I use it just fine with ejabberd.
  31. Holger activate: With ejabberd I'd also enable the built-in STUN support (and configure appropriate DNS records), plus TURN if you store plaintext passwords.
  32. Holger (STUN/TURN authentication unfortunately won't work against scram-hashed passwords.)
  33. activate I can look into that. So enabling STUN/TURN will also improve audio/video conferencing?
  34. activate Or just the server in general?
  35. Holger It will help negotiating A/V streams behind NATs/firewalls.
  36. activate Don't a lot of routers use UPnP these days? Or is that just the consumer stuff?
  37. Link Mauve I wonder if Gajim uses UPnP.
  38. activate It's in the features
  39. activate If you install the needed python package :P
  40. Link Mauve Oh, ok.
  41. Link Mauve I see it, thanks.
  42. activate I guess I'll go download the gajim-master now to see how far I get with the audio
  43. activate For me audio is much more important than video
  44. Holger activate: Do they? I don't have the impression that UPnP is broadly available.
  45. Link Mauve Holger, the box provided by each big ISP in both France and the UK have it enabled by default.
  46. activate Well, I guess most routers I have seen have the option but it's still disabled per default mostly
  47. activate Which seems silly honestly
  48. Link Mauve I don’t have any data about other countries.
  49. activate My data is from the Netherlands
  50. Holger It's available but deactivated in one of the most common consumer routers in Germany.
  51. activate But I have to admit that it's mostly the hardware provided by ISP's that have it disabled
  52. Holger So whatever the exact numbers are, you want STUN + TURN support if you want it to work in all environments.
  53. activate Ok, I will make that my next task. Thanks for all the info.
  54. activate Is there any option to set the timestamps to 24h instead of 12h btw?
  55. Link Mauve activate, I think that’s up to your locale.
  56. activate Oh ok.
  57. Link Mauve Change LC_TIME if you prefer something else.
  58. activate Ok, lemme give that a shot
  59. lovetox_ there is a config value
  60. lovetox_ called time_stamp
  61. lovetox_ in the advanced config editor
  62. lovetox_ under preference -> advanced
  63. activate Awesome :)
  64. activate Saves some screenspace
  65. activate I used the advanced config editor btw
  66. lovetox_ if you have a problem with the feature tell me, because i think you are the first guy who uses that :D
  67. lovetox_ i just tested some gtk3 themes on master
  68. lovetox_ looks awesome
  69. lovetox_ i think we will ship the windows version with a nice theme
  70. lovetox_ then people dont complain about looking old :)
  71. Holger lovetox: Changing the timestamp format to [%H:%M] is one of the first things I do whenever installing Gajim, and I've been asked by more than one co-worker how to do that :-)
  72. lovetox to what do you change it usually?
  73. Holger [%H:%M]
  74. lovetox yes seconds are not needed most of the time
  75. Holger Yes, no seconds and 24 hour format.
  76. activate Would be nice if that was just an option in Preferences
  77. activate 12 or 24 hour with optional seconds
  78. lovetox there are a million settings in the advanced config editor
  79. lovetox that would be nice as a ui option
  80. activate Maybe it's easier to make an Advanced Features UI plugin? :P
  81. lovetox :D
  82. Link Mauve lovetox, Adwaita is quite good-looking imo, have you found even better ones?
  83. Link Mauve Hmm, it doesn’t use 24h format by default if you use a 24h-based locale?
  84. lovetox yes link mauve for me it does use 24 by default
  85. lovetox i dont know why for holger it doesnt
  86. lovetox on windows it doesnt look winowsy
  87. lovetox
  88. lovetox thats better
  89. lovetox still not what i would call really good
  90. lovetox but better then windows standard gtk3
  91. Link Mauve The font looks quite hard to read and pretty blurry here.
  92. lovetox yeah its really small
  93. fphome what about breeze?
  94. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, I have a bug with your appdata branch on a high density screen, the icon is very small.
  95. lovetox yeah i know a mac user told me
  96. lovetox but i dont know how to fix
  97. lovetox
  98. Link Mauve Also half of the images are pixellated, while the other half is fine.
  99. Link Mauve I have absolutely no idea what the standard Windows user would find pretty, tbh.
  100. lovetox i think the last one now
  101. lovetox this is very window10y
  102. Link Mauve It looks very plain, without too many colours, though.
  103. Link Mauve IIRC Windows always had tons of saturated colours.
  104. lovetox yeah we need a CSS designer god :)
  105. lovetox the only thing is that appmenu
  106. lovetox i think i have to change the icon to a gear-wheel
  107. lovetox or something like that
  108. lovetox because nobody in windows world is every clicking on that gajim icon
  109. Link Mauve Oh?
  110. Link Mauve Maybe make it a proper button, with the outline?
  111. lovetox yeah but i think we can only make that with css
  112. lovetox i dont know how well this than translates to using other themes, but i look into it
  113. Link Mauve The GtkHeaderBar is just a container, you can place whatever you want there.
  114. lovetox hm
  115. lovetox ok have to read up on this
  116. lovetox i go to bed
  117. lovetox n8
  118. Link Mauve I need to eat something, I’m getting quite weak, but pizzas never arrived. :(
  119. activate Is the Send Image (XHTML_IM) compatible with OMEMO?
  120. arune hi, how do I debug carbons? a user of mine does not get carbons to work in gajim, not with 0.16.6 or with default branch (snaps)
  121. arune the config parameter is set to enable
  122. Ge0rG arune: does the server support carbons?
  123. arune Ge0rG, yes, we are using the same corporate internal server
  124. Ge0rG arune: the carbons config parameter is present globally and per-server in ACE. Are all of them enabled?
  125. arune Ge0rG, I'll tell him to check, I have only a parameter per account, not globally
  126. Ge0rG probably the per-account one should suffice though
  127. arune I let him have the xml console open and then login, I checked the xml console log and carbons were enabled by gajim and the server acked
  128. Ge0rG arune: does his other client support carbons as well?
  129. arune its conversations
  130. Ge0rG arune: alright; because it's not always easy to sell which client will receive the message and which one the carbon
  131. arune oh, he now checked xml console when sending something from conversations and he does get the carbon copy in gajim xml console, but not in the chat window!!
  132. arune this is default branch, he will now test the same on 0.16.6
  133. arune ok, same problem in 0.16.6
  134. arune any good debug parameter to enable consolewise? he's on windows
  135. arune setting log level to DEBUG, all he got was this: 2017-02-07 09:50:34 (D) gajim.c.ged: stanza-received Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.StanzaReceivedEvent object at 0x0A4C1D70>,) 2017-02-07 09:50:34 (D) gajim.c.connection_handlers: MessageCB 2017-02-07 09:50:34 (D) gajim.c.ged: raw-message-received Args: (< object at 0x0A4C1930>,) 2017-02-07 09:50:34 (D) gajim.c.ged: message-received Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.MessageReceivedEvent object at 0x0A4C1C10>,) 2017-02-07 09:50:34 (D) gajim.c.ged: decrypted-message-received Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.DecryptedMessageReceivedEvent object at 0x0A4C1710>,)
  136. SaltyBones
  137. SaltyBones This dialog doesn't do what I want. :)
  138. SaltyBones 1. I never want to connect via an insecure connection.
  139. SaltyBones 2. Even if I tick remember and click cancel it doesn't remember.
  140. SaltyBones Connecting insecurely should be something that you turn on in the ACE.
  141. Link Mauve +1
  142. Link Mauve SaltyBones, if you nuke your configuration, it will do what you want.
  143. SaltyBones Ah, so it's a leftover from my .5?
  144. Link Mauve We should remove the previous configuration element and use a scarier one too imo.
  145. Link Mauve Yes.
  146. SaltyBones So what do I have to set in the ACE to make it do what I want? :)
  147. SaltyBones I only find "warn_when.." which I could turn off
  148. Link Mauve Look for plain, and remove plain.
  149. SaltyBones there is action_when_plaintext_connection but I don't know the possible values
  150. Link Mauve I can’t find it anymore in the ACE. :/
  151. SaltyBones I can't find it either. Scrolled through all of it.
  152. Link Mauve SaltyBones, for my older accounts, I have e.g.: = tls plain
  153. Link Mauve And for the newer ones: = tls
  154. Link Mauve This option should imo be totally dropped, it’s an extremely bad idea to have.
  155. SaltyBones +1
  156. Link Mauve That way it would default to tls, and if the user really wants to connect insecurely we introduce another option which will always be False by default.
  157. SaltyBones connecting insecurely should be harder than manually adding a cert :)
  158. Link Mauve I’d argue for “should be impossible”, but I know some people like Holger seem to want it.
  159. unclechu hey guys, how could i disable user status updates notifications in PM chat?
  160. unclechu i guess it's 'print_status_in_chats' key in 'advanced configuration editor'
  161. SaltyBones that might only be for mucs
  162. SaltyBones but I don't know
  163. SaltyBones does it bother you that much? ;)
  164. unclechu yes, pretty much
  165. unclechu and not only me
  166. SaltyBones interesting
  167. testik Hello, I updated one translation file, can I send it to someone (it probably should be merged with the one from the newest gajim version before using)?
  168. Link Mauve testik, hi, have you read the instructions at ?
  169. testik The slight problem is I did the translation before the website was introduced. I have it all in a .po file.
  170. Link Mauve Then you can probably just send the patch file (or maybe the po file itself if you don’t know how to make a patch) to the mailing list there.
  171. testik Is that it? Just send the file?
  172. Link Mauve Yeah, a patch would be even better since it shows exactly what changed, if you are in a git repository you can obtain that using `git diff > po.patch`.
  173. testik What is the .mo file for?
  174. Link Mauve It’s the compiled version, what Gajim will actually use to display translations.
  175. Link Mauve But it’s not human readable.
  176. testik I sent the mail.
  177. Link Mauve Great, Asterix will probably merge it as soon as he comes back online then. :)
  178. Link Mauve He’s generally around during evenings in CET.
  179. SaltyBones
  180. SaltyBones can anybody view that?
  181. SaltyBones hm. seems fine. must be omemo that screws it up in other cases.
  182. SaltyBones annoys lovetox.
  183. lovetox ?
  184. lovetox whats the problem
  185. arune lovetox: nice screenshots you posted tonight!
  186. lovetox yeah i have to try to package the newest gtk version for the installer and include one or two nice themes
  187. arune lovetox: looks great, except for the little figure that shows online/away/...
  188. mimi89999 SaltyBones: I see it as a link in Conversations
  189. arune I really think those icons should be replaced with just flat dots colored green/yellow/etc
  190. lovetox SaltyBones, its probably because your server doesnt have a valid cert
  191. activate Them certs... :P
  192. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, could you also ship a dark theme maybe?
  193. lovetox of course if we find a good one
  194. Link Mauve I just heard someone complain that Gajim (current, so gtk2) doesn’t work with dark themes.
  195. Link Mauve But she probably just didn’t know she has to change the gtk2 theme.
  196. lovetox do you have to chose a theme for every software on linux?
  197. lovetox i thought you can only chose one for the whole system
  198. lovetox or can we ship one that overrides the current system gtk3 theme
  199. lovetox but would we want that?
  200. Link Mauve No, in general people will just use a single theme per toolkit.
  201. lovetox yeah i thought so, and if they use a shitty theme, gajim will look shitty
  202. Link Mauve Linux people generally prefer homogeneity of look, from what I’ve seen.
  203. Link Mauve Unlike Windows where every software wants to look like a special snowflake.
  204. Link Mauve lovetox, if they use a shitty theme that’s their choice.
  205. lovetox yeah i know, though do they know it was their choice ^^
  206. JKing wishes Windows was more consistent.
  207. Link Mauve I remember someone posting some horrible screenshot with every text aliased and bright green on black background, and they really liked it.
  208. lovetox i love the windows 7 look since years
  209. lovetox in my opinion linux is not there yet, doesnt matter what theme
  210. lovetox i also find windows 10 not as pretty, actually it goes more into the direction of some linux desktops
  211. Link Mauve I find GNOME’s aesthetics really well done, tbh.
  212. testik lovetox, check kde 5 or newest gnome dark.
  213. testik I love everything black and green text :D
  214. JKing I should try recent GNOME sometime.
  215. lovetox can you provide a screenshot?
  216. lovetox or pricture from the web?
  217. lovetox i would love to see it
  218. testik
  219. testik this is old gnome though
  220. testik new gnome is nicer
  221. Link Mauve testik, the bottom one isn’t a default GNOME, there is no left bar for example.
  222. testik well, everything else is default
  223. testik plus kde 5 looks better white
  224. SouL Lovely Plasma
  225. SouL I got it dark :P
  226. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, if you want to do some theme testing, press Ctrl-Shift-i in Gajim and go to the Visual tab.
  227. Link Mauve Oh, there is even a win32 theme installed by default here.
  228. lovetox what is ctrl shift i does nothing for me
  229. lovetox are you talking about gtk2?
  230. Link Mauve It should open the GtkInspector.
  231. Link Mauve No, gtk3.
  232. Link Mauve lovetox,
  233. Link Mauve Oh, you have to change the settings first, or set an environment variable before starting Gajim.
  234. lovetox k i have to install that
  235. lovetox if i want to switch theme in gtk3, i edit settings.ini in some gtk3-0 folder
  236. Link Mauve It’s shipped by default in gtk3 though.
  237. Link Mauve No need to install anything.
  238. SaltyBones no, the cert is fine it's just ca-cert and many people don't have that
  239. SaltyBones but when I get the file it is corrupted
  240. lovetox my google chrome browser doesnt recognice it
  241. lovetox so i doubt python can validate it
  242. lovetox that means the link is not downloaded
  243. lovetox with what do you upload the pic?
  244. lovetox gajim httpupload?
  245. SaltyBones yes
  246. SaltyBones and I can open it with gajim
  247. SaltyBones which will open it in the browser
  248. SaltyBones but complain that it does not work
  249. SaltyBones but...since it's omemo that is to be expected and I'm a moron
  250. SaltyBones stupid bloody omemo file links
  251. lovetox if you use url_image_preview, it should decrypt it and show it to you in chat
  252. ben /part
  253. lovetox Glib.Variants kill me
  254. lovetox want to see the code i need to get the equivalent of a python list with 4 items
  255. lovetox
  256. lovetox Link Mauve
  257. lovetox either im missing something here or this is insane
  258. Link Mauve lovetox, not just GLib.Variant('ssss')?
  259. lovetox s must be a string
  260. Link Mauve Oh, you want at most four items?
  261. lovetox i need it to be a string or none
  262. lovetox yeah
  263. Link Mauve Err, maybe types are terrible.
  264. lovetox also if i do GLib.Variant('ms')
  265. lovetox it tells me "not implemented"
  266. Link Mauve Anyway, bbl.
  267. Link Mauve What is m?
  268. lovetox maybe string
  269. lovetox im sure this can be done easier someway, but i hate it how much time i have to invest to give a list of 4 to the next methode
  270. lovetox lol
  271. lovetox i solved it better now
  272. lovetox :)
  273. Link Mauve How did you do it?
  274. lovetox
  275. lovetox i made a array of string: variant dict
  276. lovetox and then i just dont add it to it if my value is none
  277. Link Mauve Makes sense.
  278. lovetox and in the receiving method i just check if the key is in the dict
  279. Link Mauve Is that for dbus?
  280. lovetox so i circumvent having to build maybe types that can contain None
  281. lovetox i think it will be usable for dbus, if i build a menu, and the menuitem has to have some context like a "account" or something that it makes an action on, then i have to pass this value in form of a GLib.Variant to a GAction
  282. Link Mauve Ok.
  283. lovetox i think all the GActions i define that menus now use and call, will also be callable over dbus
  284. Link Mauve Yup. :)
  285. Link Mauve Since that’s what a GAction is.
  286. SaltyBones Somewhat offtopic but maybe one of you knows...
  287. SaltyBones If I want to build a somewhat crossplatform program with GUI these days what do I use?
  288. lovetox dont do it :D
  289. SaltyBones So I take it gtk is not the super amazing option? ;)
  290. lovetox there is no amazing option, or else every software would be avaiable on all platforms ^^
  291. lovetox i think it depends on what language do you want to write
  292. lovetox there is GTK, QT, i think there is something from java that also runs on all platforms
  293. lovetox
  294. lovetox its not that the gtk is bad
  295. lovetox its that people of all plafforms expect different things, different style etc of your application
  296. lovetox then comes the packaging, this is missing on that system , and this on the other
  297. lovetox its best you have a dev for each system