Gajim - 2017-02-05

  1. activate I am having some trouble with audio/video support. My system uses a newer farstream lib but I have installed the old one as well together with python-farstreamer. But when I check it in Help, Features it is not enabled.
  2. activate Anything I should check or still need to install?
  3. activate Any timeline when the audio/video feature will upgrade to latest farstream?
  4. xfc Gajim 0.16.6, group conference, the server has support for MAC. History is not synced. It is a problem of gajim?
  5. arune xfc: gajim does not support muc mam, if that is what your asking
  6. xfc :(
  7. rougerabbit xfc: I'm sorry
  8. xfc Yeah, I don't know why it happened.
  9. lovetox zak
  10. lovetox you should deactivate OTR for the contacts you use omemo with
  11. zak Hi lovetox. I tried yesterday, but OTR always got automatically enabled, even though I ended the OTR sessions again.
  12. lovetox thats not enough, go into a chatwindow with the contact
  13. lovetox clikc advanced menu button
  14. lovetox otr
  15. lovetox settings/fingerprint
  16. lovetox there second tab
  17. lovetox disable "use default"
  18. lovetox then disable the last checkbox
  19. zak I have to check tomorrow, I am already in bed right now.
  20. lovetox k, actually you can uncheck all checkboxes in that menu
  21. zak I will come back to you sometime about this. But in the end, I really don't care about OTR but wanted to know why the OMEMO messages didn't come through to my contact.
  22. zak Let's debug that some other time.
  23. lovetox could also be about OTR, i dont now what happens when those two are activated for one contact