Gajim - 2017-01-31

  1. lovetox wooohooo
  2. lovetox Link Mauve im on GTK 3.22.7
  3. lovetox on windows :D
  4. Link Mauve Congrats!
  5. lovetox wow gajim looks so different
  6. Link Mauve How does the modern world feel to you? :p
  7. lovetox you could nearly say, it looks modern
  8. Link Mauve :D
  9. lovetox and it was so easy the whole time
  10. lovetox do you know msys?
  11. Link Mauve The port of pacman?
  12. lovetox yeah and it uses mingw
  13. Link Mauve I prefer the original. :p
  14. lovetox i can just install gtk from there and run gajim
  15. Link Mauve Makes sense.
  16. lovetox wow did you see our new shortcut window?
  17. Link Mauve pacman is a package manager, with which you can install packages.
  18. Link Mauve Hmm, nope.
  19. lovetox then fetch head and click shortcuts menu :D
  20. lovetox now i have to just package this into a windows installer, this will take ages ^^ but its worth it
  21. Link Mauve Oh, itโ€™s cute.
  22. oRecalcitrant hooray for modernity
  23. oRecalcitrant steam windows users thank you, @lovertox
  24. oRecalcitrant (only use it for certain non osx steam games)
  25. petmos I received an Omemo encrypted ZIP file. When I try to Download it always my Browser opens, but the file is still encrypted. How can I Download such files?
  26. mimi89999 petmos:
  27. petmos mimi89999: thank you very much.
  28. sergio Hello guys, can someone upload an image of the new look of gajim with gtk3?
  29. lovetox
  30. lovetox color of the head banner in chat is wrong for some reason
  31. Link Mauve lovetox, oh, it is wrong?
  32. Link Mauve Itโ€™s always been like that here.
  33. lovetox it should be have blue background so the white has good contrast
  34. lovetox but thats one of the deprecation warnings
  35. lovetox background blabla
  36. lovetox and the new way to set all this is with css
  37. sergio lovetox: thanks
  38. lovetox but i didnt have time to look into that
  39. lovetox Link Mauve does it look similiar on linux?
  40. lovetox i mean the whole app
  41. Link Mauve Yes, except for the top-left icon with the menu.
  42. lovetox yeah i dont have that on ubuntu also
  43. Link Mauve Also fonts are somewhat bigger.
  44. lovetox could it be because of the chosen theme?
  45. Link Mauve And also there is no minimize or maximize icons at the top-right of the windows.
  46. lovetox ah no its because ubuntu has global menu
  47. lovetox windows doesnt
  48. lovetox im not to happy with that
  49. lovetox it is not obvious to click there
  50. Link Mauve I think users get used to that.
  51. arune lovetox: nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  52. arune Awesome work!
  53. zb hi everyone!
  54. zb short question: i'm using gajim 0.16.6 on windows in single window mode. on both computers i'm using it - both have multiple displays - gajim comes up veeeery wide, spanning about two whole screens. is this a known bug or should it be reported? i couldn't find a corresponding one on
  55. lovetox this should be already fixed i thing zb
  56. lovetox try using gajim 0.16.7 from
  57. lovetox it can be that you have to resize it once so it saves it correctly
  58. lovetox i think the problem was that the window worked on first start, but then got bigger and bigger with every following start
  59. lovetox corresponding fix was here
  60. lovetox
  61. zb lovetox, thanks, i'll try that!
  62. zb lovetox, excellent - that seems to fix the issue!
  63. Link Mauve lovetox, I tested your appmenu branch btw, it removed support for the ^Q shortcut and makes the menus appear on top of their label when I click them, instead of one line below.
  64. Link Mauve But then I have the same icon and menu as yours.
  65. lovetox_ Link Mauve, i dont understand what you mean
  66. lovetox_ you removed a shortcut and now it looks different?!
  67. Link Mauve Which part?
  68. Link Mauve No, I checkouted your branch and it looks different, but removed a shortcut.
  69. lovetox_ ah ok
  70. Link Mauve Oh actually, even without it the menus have the wrong position.
  71. Link Mauve So this is not a regression.
  72. lovetox_ can you make a screenshot
  73. lovetox_ i quite dont know what you mean
  74. lovetox_ with wrong position
  75. Link Mauve lovetox_, btw, when I click the quit button at the top-right of the window, I get: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 1457, in on_response self.possible_responses[response_id](dialog) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 1778, in on_response_ok self.user_response_ok(self.is_checked()) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 2440, in on_ok self.on_quit_request() TypeError: on_quit_request() missing 2 required positional arguments: 'action' and 'param'
  76. lovetox_ every other menu is broken because of the patch
  77. lovetox_ because i use actions now
  78. lovetox_ and all the other menus are not connected until now
  79. Link Mauve lovetox_,
  80. Link Mauve This kind of position issue.
  81. lovetox_ yeah though its noting i set (the position) i just add these GMENU entrys to the application menu bar
  82. lovetox_ could this be a problem specific to your setup?
  83. Link Mauve Maybe, it also happens on master and I remember it didnโ€™t happen a few weeks ago when I last tried Gajim.