Gajim - 2017-01-28

  1. lovetox Link Mauve are you awake :)?
  2. Link Mauve Yes.
  3. Link Mauve But watching anime right now, sorry.
  4. lovetox hm k when you finshed maybe you have a minute :)
  5. visitor hey there, how can i get gajim logs on windows?
  6. visitor not the xml console, i'm looking for logs for the program itself
  7. Link Mauve lovetox, ^
  8. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, Iā€™m not currently watching anime!
  9. visitor for some reason i suddenly can't connect to one server anymore and it just tells me to check the connection
  10. lovetox start gajim with "-v" switch
  11. visitor where do i find the logs then?
  12. lovetox in your UserApp dir there should be folder called Gajim
  13. visitor yep found it
  14. visitor Logs.db?
  15. lovetox no
  16. visitor oh nvm
  17. visitor gajim.log / gajim.exe.log
  18. lovetox yeah
  19. lovetox but the xml console could also help in finding the problem
  20. visitor i don't even get to connecting
  21. lovetox because maybe the server tells you via xml stanza whats the problem
  22. visitor so it doesn't help
  23. visitor server doesn't show the connection attempt in the logs
  24. lovetox and its only for once server?
  25. lovetox and its only for one server?
  26. visitor yes, one server works, another one doesn't
  27. visitor it's not a server issue either as my phone works fine
  28. visitor brb
  29. visitor the dns resolver id fucked up somehow
  30. visitor 28.01.2017 14:56:37 (D) gajim.c.resolver: resolve _xmpp-client._tcp.myhost type=srv 28.01.2017 14:56:37 (D) gajim.c.resolver: Starting to resolve _xmpp-client._tcp.myhost using <common.resolver.HostResolver instance at 0x03969530>
  31. lovetox and then it hangs?
  32. visitor then it gets 28.01.2017 14:56:37 (D) gajim.c.resolver: Resolving result for _xmpp-client._tcp.myhost: []
  33. visitor which is wrong
  34. lovetox yeah seems a problem with dns
  35. visitor then tries to connect to myhost:5222
  36. lovetox am tell me your dns entrys
  37. visitor if i try to resolve via dig (win10 linux subystem) it resolves properly
  38. Link Mauve lovetox, speaking about resolvers, what about making an alpha of the default branch soon-ish so people can start testing it, and report their issues?
  39. Link Mauve Maybe with a list of known-broken things.
  40. lovetox yeah im all for it :)
  41. Link Mauve Do you know anything about the process of releasing alpha/beta/rc for Gajim?
  42. lovetox only for windows, not for linux, and i also have not that much access to the server
  43. lovetox i hope asterix comes online soon
  44. lovetox i want a release 0.16.7 also since start of the week
  45. lovetox i hope we can automate the releasing in the future with gitlab ci
  46. lovetox though the nightly is also available already for linux
  47. lovetox visitor
  48. lovetox could you solve the problem?
  49. visitor no
  50. lovetox can you show me your dns entrys of the server?
  51. visitor nslookup doesn't work for me and it hasn't before since i set up dnscrypt-proxy
  52. visitor dig works fine in linux subsystem
  53. visitor other software works fine
  54. lovetox but gajim uses nslookup
  55. visitor it worked until today though
  56. lovetox it seems your xmpp entry targets another host
  57. lovetox did you try under Accounts -> Connection
  58. lovetox to put in that host and port
  59. lovetox under Hostname
  60. visitor thanks, forgot about that feature
  61. visitor just don't get it though why it was working until today
  62. lovetox it works for me
  63. lovetox if i put in your domain it connects and tells me wrong password
  64. visitor yes that works for me aswell
  65. visitor i meant it was working until today without manually specifying it
  66. lovetox no it works for me without manually specifing it
  67. visitor also, my nslookup doesn't work at all
  68. visitor not just for SRV
  69. lovetox oh yes it works for me when i put in the domain you send me
  70. lovetox i think the issue is with your maschine
  71. lovetox not with the server
  72. visitor that's what i confirmed before as my phone works fine
  73. lovetox and now we confirmed that its not gajim :)
  74. lovetox i think if you find out why nslookup doesnt work
  75. visitor except other software on my machine works fine
  76. lovetox you find the problem
  77. visitor dig works
  78. visitor firefox works
  79. visitor ts works
  80. lovetox what do you get when using nslookup
  81. lovetox ?
  82. visitor *** wurde von UnKnown nicht gefunden: No response from server.
  83. lovetox no nslookup works for me
  84. lovetox maybe a problem with your dns server?
  85. lovetox did you configure one in your rooter or somewhere?
  86. lovetox
  87. lovetox is this correct?
  88. lovetox should it not be
  89. visitor configured on my machine
  90. visitor erm
  91. visitor same error though
  92. visitor *** wurde von UnKnown nicht gefunden: Unspecified error.
  93. visitor er
  94. visitor different
  95. visitor but unspecified
  96. visitor so really useful
  97. visitor i'm running dnscrypt-proxy on localhost
  98. lovetox maybe deactivate and see if the problem is gone
  99. lovetox im not to knowledgeable on all that dns stuff :/
  100. Link Mauve I just updated Wikipedia to not link to Trac or HTTP anymore, fyi.
  101. lovetox thanks
  102. lovetox so i updated the privacy list implementation
  103. lovetox blocking is now 100% combatible with xep191
  104. lovetox in the future if we create a simple ui that can display the blocking list and we can delete and add jids there, we can even make 191 the default used xep
  105. oRecalcitrant will there still be xep-0016 joy?
  106. rougerabbit I like Joy
  107. lovetox for now yes
  108. oRecalcitrant I am such a fan of jou, rougerabbit
  109. oRecalcitrant and i like joy, too
  110. denny I installed 0.16.6 on Win 10, installed the OMEMO plugin and wanted to install URLImagepreview. The available plugin list is empty however. :-( Please help
  111. lovetox so how did you install the omemo plugin when the plugin list is empty?
  112. lovetox denny
  113. denny well, it wasn't empty right after install
  114. denny but after adding OMEMO the list became empty
  115. lovetox interesting
  116. denny i tried to reach the ftp in a browser: that works
  117. lovetox can you browse to the gajim install dir
  118. denny yes
  119. lovetox \Gajim\plugins
  120. lovetox tell me if there is a "plugin_installer"
  121. lovetox folder in it
  122. denny yes
  123. lovetox hm ok
  124. denny but it's the only folder there
  125. lovetox C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gajim
  126. lovetox browser there
  127. lovetox and see if there is a xx.log file
  128. denny nope
  129. denny not there
  130. lovetox hm ok can you start gajim with the following parameter attached "-l gajim.plugin_installer=DEBUG"
  131. lovetox do you know how to do that?
  132. denny i unistalled gajim and then reisntalled
  133. denny still an empty list :s
  134. denny nope
  135. lovetox do you have a gajim shortcut on the desktop?
  136. denny i don't know
  137. denny yes
  138. lovetox do you speak german?
  139. denny no
  140. denny well, a little
  141. denny :(
  142. lovetox ok right click the shortcut
  143. lovetox preferences
  144. lovetox or i dont know how its called in your language
  145. denny properties
  146. lovetox then there is a field with the path to the .exe file
  147. denny yes, under target
  148. lovetox at the end of that field insert "-l gajim.plugin_installer=DEBUG"
  149. lovetox without ""
  150. lovetox and start gajim with the shortcut
  151. denny dine
  152. denny done
  153. denny ok
  154. denny brb
  155. denny back
  156. lovetox now go back to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gajim
  157. lovetox and see if there is a log file
  158. denny no
  159. denny there is not
  160. denny :o
  161. denny should it be run as admin ?
  162. lovetox no
  163. lovetox right click the shortcut and check if its still there
  164. denny then it's behaving weird
  165. denny yes it is
  166. denny i checked
  167. lovetox btw you can start a second instance of gajim you dont have to go offline with the first instance
  168. denny oh
  169. denny didn't know that
  170. denny :(
  171. denny :)
  172. lovetox "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gajim\build\gajim.exe" -l gajim.plugin_installer=DEBUG
  173. lovetox check if thats in the field
  174. lovetox the path is maybe different
  175. denny "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gajim\bin\gajim.exe" -l gajim.plugin_installer=DEBUG
  176. denny that
  177. denny s what i have
  178. lovetox ok next approach
  179. lovetox write this into the field
  180. lovetox "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gajim\bin\gajim.exe" -v
  181. lovetox and start
  182. lovetox see if there is now a logfile
  183. denny second instance running
  184. denny still no log
  185. lovetox are you sure you start gajim with double click on that modifed shortcut?
  186. denny yes
  187. lovetox thats fucking impossible haha
  188. lovetox wtf
  189. denny well
  190. lovetox ok another try
  191. denny i'm afraid it's true :s
  192. lovetox go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\plugins
  193. lovetox is there the "omemo" folder
  194. denny ha
  195. denny yes
  196. lovetox delete it
  197. lovetox is there another folder?
  198. denny and url_image_preview