Gajim - 2017-01-25

  1. mrDoctorWho lovetox: this very room
  2. schoppenhauer hello. how can I activate MAM in gajim?
  3. schoppenhauer (my server should support it)
  4. Link Mauve schoppenhauer, given your question in prosody@, I’d say Gajim doesn’t support MAM on MUC, sorry.
  5. schoppenhauer Link Mauve, the question here is regarding MAM for normal conversations
  6. schoppenhauer Link Mauve, not for multi-user-chats
  7. Link Mauve Ah, I think it is enabled by default, but I’m not too sure, I’m not a Gajim user myself.
  8. schoppenhauer ok
  9. tristank Is it possible to set "restore_timeout" to "-1" and "restore_lines" to "-1" to get a infinite chat history?
  10. arune tristank: wouldn't that send a lot of messages at each reconnect?
  11. arune tristank: oh, I got your question wrong
  12. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *32085e8b* <> update po files
  13. lovetox_ tristank in the next version it will be available
  14. lovetox_
  15. lovetox_ timeout = 0
  16. lovetox_ but for lines you will still have to put in a number
  17. lovetox_ its not wise to load unlimited amount of messages
  18. lovetox_ also you dont want to search through scrolling in a big history
  19. lovetox_ i understand this feature to get the messages from some days back, to take a quick look
  20. lovetox_ but if we are talking about searching something a year back
  21. lovetox_ you want to use the history search methode
  22. lovetox_ so i see no reason to have ALL history in the chatwindow
  23. Éfrit in server, there is a service called Biboumi XMPP-IRC gateway
  24. Éfrit but when I try to look for room list of this service with Gajim, it it loading for ever
  25. louiz’ I get “DNS resolution failed” when trying to send something to it
  26. Éfrit mmh
  27. Éfrit but in the same time i can execute commands, as ping, and the server answers
  28. louiz’ ?
  29. Link Mauve louiz’, maybe it disallows s2s?
  30. louiz’ maybe
  31. Éfrit yes
  32. tm what is the reason for limiting cert validation (in plugin installer) to == 'nt'? I know there is a work in progress MR for cert pinning, but still.
  33. lovetox_ tm: which branch
  34. tm gtk3
  35. lovetox_ this is just old and has not been ported to the recent status
  36. lovetox_ back then there was a ftp connection used
  37. lovetox_ the ftp lib in python doesnt support cert validation out of the box
  38. lovetox_ i tried to do it, but only succeeded for windows
  39. lovetox_ but this is all old
  40. lovetox_ because the plugin installer has been ported to pull the plugins from https
  41. lovetox_ and uses urllib for it, which has no problems validating certs
  42. lovetox_ so this has to be ported to gtk3
  43. tristank lovetox_, thanks for answering my question. Which values would you recommend before the new release?
  44. lovetox_ for restore timeout set 1000000
  45. lovetox_ so that basically says go forever back
  46. lovetox_ for restore_line, i dont know what you think is good, but for example i dont think you will go back more than 500 messages
  47. lovetox_ in that case history window should be your choice
  48. RedFox hi
  49. RedFox does gajim support XEP-0308?
  50. RedFox I can't find info about it
  51. Link Mauve RedFox, yes, press Ctrl-Up after having sent a message.
  52. RedFox Nice, thank you
  53. pvoigt I figured out that "systemctl reload prosody.service" is not sufficient to re-read server certificate after a certificate renewal. What can I do to make prosody read a new server certificate without having to restart prosody?
  54. Asterix pvoigt: I reload tls and http modules
  55. pvoigt Asterix, ah, thanks, good point. Can I do it from the console module? I am asking because it is currently still very limited.
  56. pvoigt Asterix, yes, it is possible, I just found the corresponding command.
  57. Asterix I do it that way: { echo "module:reload('tls')"; sleep 1; echo "module:reload('http')"; sleep 1; } | telnet localhost 5582
  58. RedFox hi
  59. RedFox how does the change theme work?
  60. RedFox I click but nothing happens