Gajim - 2017-01-20

  1. zak Is that true? (german comment) Short: SSLEAY32.DLL with OpenSSL 0.9.8l included in Windows Gajim package.
  2. Martin Is "python-farstream" still necessary for Gajims audio/video function?
  3. Link Mauve Yes.
  4. Martin Too bad :~(
  5. Martin For some reason python-farstream has been removed from Debian (unstable and testing). The upcoming Debian release 9 (stretch) will not have it.
  6. Martin Sounds like I need to re-introduce it.
  7. Flow Martin: I would first research *why* it was removed
  8. Martin Of course! :~)
  9. Flow I'd assume that debian did it for a reason
  10. zak
  11. zak Reason: ROM; obsolete, unused
  12. Martin They suggest farstream-0.2 instead.
  13. Martin But I can't see Python bindings there.
  14. Link Mauve Martin, oh right, farstream-0.2 is the one used in the current master branch, 0.1 is for the legacy 0.16.
  15. Martin Ah, they have GI stuff.
  16. Martin OK, that sounds better :~)
  17. Martin That still means gajim will not support jingle in the next Debian release, but there is hope :~)
  18. Link Mauve I think so, yeah.
  19. Link Mauve If the backport team does their work, it should be available at some point.
  20. Link Mauve Do you know how many people use backports at all, btw?
  21. Martin Yes, I myself packaged gajim 0.16.6 for Jessie backports and I believe it is used because that way one gets OMEMO and other nice stuff.
  22. Martin We will package Gajim for stretch backports as soon as its ready (and maybe even for jessie).
  23. Martin stretch = Debian 9, to be released soon, jessie = Debian 8, released two years ago
  24. Link Mauve I’m not sure how long it will take though, you may want to test the master branch right now, but it still lacks a ton of polishing.
  25. Martin Sure, good stuff takes time!
  26. Martin It would be nice to have good and out-of-the-box jingle support.
  27. Link Mauve 0.16 has that already.
  28. Link Mauve Well, not in the next Debian then. :/
  29. zak Too bad :(
  30. Martin Only via backports, sorry.
  31. Martin It was premature to remove farsight-0.1 from Debian until all clients moved to farsight-0.2, but now it is too late.
  32. Martin Do many Gajim users use Jingle? Does it work well?
  33. zak Martin: Are you from the debian team?
  34. Martin I tried it today and it did not work.
  35. Martin Yes, I'm
  36. zak Nice. But sad, that it apparently can't be restored?
  37. Link Mauve Martin, I don’t know, I don’t even use Gajim myself. :)
  38. Link Mauve And I know it doesn’t have any statistics gathering/uploading.
  39. Link Mauve That would be very useful to know which features people use, in which configuration, etc.
  40. Martin poezio probably doesn't have jingle support, being a console client, right?
  41. Link Mauve It doesn’t, but not for that reason.
  42. Link Mauve Just because nobody bothered implementing it.
  43. Martin zak: No, but maybe one can just install the packages from the current stable to the next one. For me, the installation worked, but trying to connect to another person did not work.
  44. zak Ok, I guess I'll have to try that then later with stretch.
  45. Martin If you need a testing peer, you can try to connect me.
  46. Martin I'm curious, too.
  47. zak I'm still on jessie.
  48. Martin OK, so no problem for you :~)
  49. zak Yeah, until stretch is released...
  50. zak I guess I will do a complete re-install of my system some time then.
  51. zak I saw Wine 2.0 is almost final, but unfortunately only 1.8.6 will be in stretch, correct?
  52. zak I guess they were too late :-/
  53. Martin After the release is before the release! :~)
  54. zak It is, yes. I must admit I wouldn't mind Debian being a little bit of a rolling distro in some cases.
  55. zak At least with Firefox it works :-)