Gajim - 2017-01-18

  1. anotheragency Filed over 50 issues and suggestions with the current new strings
  2. anotheragency I made a bad suggestion and cant change it, something about entry password for room
  3. tm How can I use gajim master branch together with plugins? Currently I am getting version mismatch errors: "plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: > 0.16.9"
  4. linus tm: use the gtk3 branch of the plugins repo
  5. tm linus, thanks!
  6. tm I want to fix some minor issues I have with omemo plugin, at what branches should I be looking at? I suppose that gajim master branch together with gtk3 branch of gajim-plugins are correct ones . On the other hand the omemo plugin on gtk3 branch seems to lag behind master.
  7. andrey.g lovetox: understood.
  8. andrey.g tm: I'm working using gajim_0.16 and gajim-plugins master.
  9. Asterix anotheragency: thanks, I got the 50 mails :)
  10. Asterix tm: omemo is more developped in master branch (so gajim_0.16) it has been ported to GTK3, but fixes are in default are not yet in the gtk3 branch or plugins.
  11. tm Asterix, so what would be the best way to help: change omemo on gajim_0.16, or port it to gtk3 and change there?
  12. eons my not related accounts are now merged
  13. eons how do I unmerge them?
  14. eons I do not know how they became merged suddenly :(
  15. Asterix tm: I don't develop this plugin at all. But if you create a MR that gets the commits from master to GTK3 branch, that would help for sure!
  16. Asterix eons: in accounts window, there is a checkbox
  17. eons oh
  18. eons bless you!
  19. eons thank you so much
  20. eons gajim is my favorite windows Jabber Texting app
  21. cippaciong Asterix, hi, do you think it would be possible to have plugins zip files released with their version number (possibly keeping older version)? I maintain the aur (archlinux) package for the omemo plugin and since we don't have proper releases anymore, distributing the package has been quite hard.
  22. andrey.g cippaciong‎, I'm also wondering, if it would be possible to get plugins via git tag <version> instead of git HEAD (by placing manifests out of plugins repo and point gajim to download from there), to let most people use latest release and others to try out current development snapshot in an easy way.
  23. andrey.g Even better, if user could choose to install an arbitrary previous version of plugin.
  24. Asterix that means a LOT of zip file. There is a version per commit ...
  25. Asterix I don't really understand what a plugin package could be
  26. Asterix as you install the package, and Gajim automatically install updates
  27. Asterix so package version is not used anymore
  28. cippaciong >that means a LOT of zip file. There is a version per commit .. I was thinking about a zip per release rather than per commit
  29. cippaciong > I don't really understand what a plugin package could be Let's take omemo for example, it requires some additional dependencies to work properly. With a package I can check that everything is working fine on my specific os and then share the package with others. In this way dependencies are installed automatically
  30. cippaciong And I follow closely the development, so if new dependencies are added in the future, I update the package as well
  31. Asterix there is a release per commit. On every commit we update the version so that Gajim can detect a new version and download it.
  32. Asterix cippaciong: indeed it's usefull for dependencies. I agree.
  33. cippaciong what do you mean that the version is updated on every commit? It doesn't seem like that for omemo (don't know about the others)
  34. cippaciong about the number of files, a hitory of 2 or 3 version would be fine by me, just to make sure that user installing the package in the lapse of time between the upstream release and my package update can download the previous latest version
  35. cippaciong about the number of files, a history of 2 or 3 version would be fine by me, just to make sure that user installing the package in the lapse of time between the upstream release and my package update can download the previous latest version
  36. Asterix cippaciong: for OMEMO, version number is updated on every merge request (on every push to the repos)
  37. Asterix this is not as easy as it is now (we have to detect which file to keep and which file to remove based on version number. writing that is bash isn't that simple)
  38. Asterix itt's not as easy as clone the repos, zip every folder, remova all previous files in dest folder and replace with new one
  39. cippaciong If you want I can try to think about it a bit and see if I can come up with a reasonable solution
  40. Asterix yep
  41. cippaciong Ok! I'll let you know, thanks :)
  42. Asterix keepinf last 2 or 3 version isn't problematic. That's not very big.
  43. Asterix for GIT tags, it's not very convenient as all plugins are in the same repos
  44. cippaciong Yeah, I know. We could probably get a list of files modified by the latest commit
  45. andrey.g > as all plugins are in the same repos Yeah. Does it come from times there were only a couple of plugins?
  46. tm running different profiles at the same time is not possible on gtk3 version?
  47. tm btw, how submitting PR works? I signed in to and tried to fork the project, but that failed with "Limit reached Personal project creation is not allowed. Please contact your administrator with questions". Though, I am not even sure if this is right way to proceed.
  48. cippaciong Asterix,
  49. cippaciong let me know if this might be a valid approach
  50. arune tm: one of the devs needs to approve forking, I'm not sure the how the workflow should be
  51. andrey.g lovetox: "... Theoretisch kann man Gajim mit OMEMO auch unter Windows benutzen, das ist jedoch eher umständlich. ..." I can't believe it is really so bad in order to start using OMEMO on Windows (MinGW installation, git, compiling). I supposed gajim-0.16.6-1.exe brings already all needed dependencies (or installs them along with OMEMO plugin), doesn't it?
  52. kalkin andrey.g: Hanno is just being stupid, like always
  53. kalkin andrey.g: the exe brings all the dependencies.
  54. kalkin The guy just doesn't know how to do his homework
  55. andrey.g kalkin‎, thanks for clarifying.
  56. Asterix tm: you have to change a line in src/ Change org.gajim.Gajim to somthing else. We are looking for a solution for that, we have ideas.
  57. Asterix tm: you have to request to be developper to be able to fork
  58. Asterix cippaciong: this way you get the plugins that got commit since last git pull. That doesn't mean there was a new release. I think we have to parse manifest file to see if version changed ...
  59. Asterix and BTW this script is run on every push to the repos, and we get as arguments the orig commit id and last commit id
  60. Asterix andrey.g: lovetox is in holidays for a week. I'm also quite sure Gajim has all needed deps in installer
  61. Asterix tm: you can now fork
  62. cippaciong > think we have to parse manifest file to see if version changed I'm already grepping manifests
  63. andrey.g Asterix‎, thanks for confirmation.
  64. Asterix cippaciong: yeah ... manifest has been chaged .. not sure it's a new release ...
  65. tm Asterix: forking still fails with the same error message (even after loging again)
  66. Asterix or ... we generate all zip files with version number in it, and we compare folders?
  67. cippaciong >not sure it's a new release right..
  68. Asterix tm: ho wait, you registered early at gitlab, before we changed policy.
  69. Asterix now you can
  70. tm Asterix, thanks. What would you say about addressing problem with multiple instances as follows:
  71. cippaciong Asterix, I added a command to check if there was a version change
  72. t2d hello. I'm trying to open a new issue in your gitlab, but it is discarded as spam. What am I doing wrong?
  73. Asterix t2d: I don't think you did something wrong... maybe too much URLs in the comment so it's considered as SPAM
  74. cippaciong This can and probably should be improved comparing -version and +version
  75. t2d Asterix: there is not a single url in it
  76. Asterix I tagged it as HAM
  77. Asterix re-try to see?
  78. t2d Asterix: What do you want me to retry? Opening an issue?
  79. Asterix yes
  80. t2d thx. it works now.
  81. Asterix tm: this sounds exactly what we wanted to do. Thanks. I'll let lovetox or Link Mauve have a look as they did the GTK Application port.
  82. Asterix cippaciong: nice
  83. cippaciong :)
  84. cippaciong I'll try to get something working then