Gajim - 2017-01-17

  1. Tobias gajim only supports jingle file-transfer at version :3, right?
  2. Link Mauve Tobias, right.
  3. Tobias Link Mauve, so there's probably little harm in changing XEP-0300 to specifically call out base64 encoding and update the current jingle ft version :4 to use base64 in the examples instead?
  4. Link Mauve Right.
  5. Link Mauve How many other clients are there?
  6. Tobias Swift, Conversations (but it currently doesn't send hashes or handle them in any way, so can be ignored for this issue)
  7. Tobias is there more code doing jingle ft?
  8. Link Mauve I have a branch for slixmpp, but never really published it and not upstream, so it’s not a problem.
  9. Link Mauve Maybe on the web clients side?
  10. mathieui oh, you have one too?
  11. Link Mauve mathieui, you too?
  12. mathieui for xep-0300, yeah
  13. Link Mauve I’m pretty sure I sent you mine, it’s not exactly rocket science anyway so push whichever you want.
  14. Tobias send a mail to standards with the suggestion on how to fix XEP-0300 and Jingle File-Transfer
  15. Tobias feel free to comment
  16. mathieui Tobias, hm wait, conversations doesn’t do integrity checking at all then?
  17. Tobias mathieui, according what daniel said to me in xsf@ last week, it doesn't
  18. Tobias luckily SIMS will REQUIRE it
  19. Tobias mathieui, maybe it does when exchaning encrypted files?
  20. Tobias through encryption rather than the jingle FT hash
  21. mathieui yeah, encryption should provide enough integrity guarantees