Gajim - 2017-01-16

  1. Asterix anotheragency: Hi, I see there are 2 suggestions in the norwegian translation. Is it intended?
  2. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *6386a6a1* <> Fix language list
  3. anotheragency Asterix: yes, couldnt quite decide on those
  4. anotheragency Asterix: There are a whole heap of issues and errors in the source language, do you want me to send suggestions via pootle for those?
  5. Asterix anotheragency: hmm I Don't think you can send suggestions on the source language. But yes don't hesitate to send suggestions. You can do that via the translators ML for example, so it can be discussed with all translators
  6. anotheragency I really dislike mailinglists, and the gajim one left me hanging
  7. anotheragency I sent on on pootle where it said pgp is supposed to be PGP, don't know who gets those
  8. Asterix anotheragency: how did you do that?
  9. Asterix ha there is a link "Report problem with a string"
  10. anotheragency Report a problem with this string <>
  11. anotheragency Now if i go there and say it should say "Ad hoc", who gets the report?
  12. Asterix no idea who gets that mail ...
  13. anotheragency "If you are not sure what a particular error means and how to fix it properly, use "Report a problem with this string" link at the top of the unit. The managers will try to assist you as soon as possible."
  14. anotheragency is "manager" an account type?
  15. Asterix no idea, I Asked the developper
  16. Asterix ho according to mail logs, it's sent to
  17. Asterix which of course doesn't exist!
  18. anotheragency There is probably a place to configure that
  19. anotheragency However it looked to me as if it worked just fine
  20. anotheragency Which means either mails are spooled, or a lot of effort is lost. Should get that set up, and fix it in pootle
  21. anotheragency Pootle devs are very nice, you too :)
  22. Asterix ok now I get the mail for suggestions
  23. anotheragency Asterix: did you get the one i sent previously, about pgp → PGP
  24. Asterix anotheragency: no, the one sent previously were lost
  25. Asterix send to a non-existing address
  26. anotheragency oh ok, should let that be known in the next translators digest
  27. Asterix it's the first time I use pootle, so I learn it ..