Gajim - 2017-01-13

  1. lovetox_ cippaciong, mrDoctorWho, could you please test the httpupload plugin from my repo
  2. lovetox_
  3. lovetox_ cippaciong, please try it without your fix
  4. cippaciong Sure, I'll try tomorrow. Thanks
  5. mrDoctorWho lovetox, now it works fine, thanks a lot
  6. vanitasvitae Hi! Is it a known bug, that the quick-reply notification opens even if the chat window has focus? Im using gnome-shell on debian testing and gajim 0.16.6.
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  10. lovetox what is a quick reply function
  11. lovetox i never seen this
  12. vanitasvitae A popup notification with an input field
  13. lovetox i dont think we programmed this delibaretly
  14. lovetox at least i never seen the code for that
  15. lovetox but maybe im wrong i have to look into it if i have time
  16. SaltyBones my little otr shield said active and authenticated but my partner says they are getting "the following message was not encrypted" or such
  17. vanitasvitae I dont know, whether this is part of gajim, or of some plugin (or maybe even gnome?)
  18. SaltyBones looking at the xml stream it is actually unencrypted
  19. SaltyBones do I need something else for otr?
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  24. lovetox SaltyBones, can you access the plugin config in the plugin manager?
  25. lovetox are you using OMEMO at the same time?
  26. SaltyBones I'm not trying to use both for the same contact but I am using omemo for other people.
  27. SaltyBones It's set to enable, advertise and automatically start OTR.....
  28. lovetox and omemo is deactivated for the same contact
  29. lovetox and what does the chatwindow say
  30. lovetox nothing about starting an encryption?
  31. lovetox are you aware that your contact has to be online to establish a session
  32. lovetox also your contact should not support omemo at all
  33. lovetox if he supports it i cant guarantee if the shield symbol is valid
  34. lovetox its used by omemo also in another way
  35. lovetox best would be to deactivate omemo and see if it works
  36. SaltyBones lovetox, it says it started a secure but unauthenticated otr session.
  37. SaltyBones and after questions
  38. SaltyBones [14:13:14] ‎[OTR] SMP verifying succeeded ‎[14:13:14] ‎[OTR] authenticated secure OTR connection
  39. lovetox then it should work :)
  40. SaltyBones yet apparently all my messages are sent in the clear
  41. lovetox yeah give me a minute we can test this
  42. lovetox can you add me
  43. lovetox
  44. mrDoctorWho lovetox, are you going to push your changes in httpupload to the upstream?
  45. lovetox yes today
  46. mrDoctorWho ok, thanks
  47. SaltyBones Well, I can't turn off omemo right now. It might screw up too many of my conversations.
  48. lovetox no wait
  49. lovetox i have to restart
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  52. cippaciong lovetox, I tested the httpupload plugin; works perfectly :)
  53. lovetox nice
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  56. Marzanna When I correct a message which is not received yet, red cross stays on the right, but green mark appears on the message.
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  58. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 11 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *447cdb6a* <> [httpupload] Automatic Glade 3.18.3 changes *debcfe7f* <> [httpupload] Set Position in UI file *f0dc86b9* <> [httpupload] Dont use geometry_hints It creates Problems with various WindowManagers *478d46f3* <> [httpupload] Catch UploadAborted exception *eddbe04b* <> [httpupload] Raise exception in correct thread *07af0f43* <> [httpupload] Refactor error stanza handling *66566194* <> [httpupload] Set parent for progresswindow *c472ed21* <> [httpupload] Refactor destroying progresswindow *4f850fe3* <> [httpupload] Set progresswindow title in UI file *ef53098b* <> [httpupload] Update manifest.ini *1a5b58b7* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 0.4.3 See merge request !11
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